The Genocide of Battered Mothers and their Children

Monsters In The Closet—and Some Angry Monsters Are Pissed Off- They are as you would expect, woman hating, self entitled typical wife beaters and child abusers— well done dude’s

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Abusers really have nothing better to do than to ‘act’ (as we all know) OHHHH soooooooooooo sincere.

I always lock or put all on moderation as they— yes, the Monsters always have terrible things to say about dead mothers dead children.

Since they all sat around and were all — upset w verzions childs view—just their abuser view and distoration – ya know the child? ya man that—

Thought I’d share a few of these LOVELY daddys , mens, abusers rights – fathers rights,entitlement folks non public but when they don’t get what they want— well… comments about the fear of children. Yes violent men- we know its all supposed to be about you—look up narcissistic yup-

its all in the sociopath — they are sooooooo not sweet.. to EVERYONE cept when the cowards close the doors of the prison of home…

It is a BELIEF SYSTEM, ENTITLEMENT, OWNERSHIP…. and a blatant hatred to all women.

CHEERS – wife beaters and child beaters keep on posting….

my answer to all you poor monsters that do not want to be nothing but the perfect good guy—all survivors know this… is

WHEN THE CEMETARIES START FILLING UP W DEAD MEN LIKE THE DO DEAD MOTHERS AND CHILDREN— then we can talk— about all those evil wives—IMO should all be buying guns teaching their daughters and protecting themselves.

less dv i assure you—and well still no dead men. funnny how that works.

till then…. keep on whining crying and go home and beat the hell out of your family—since your all such GOOd men.

Monsters In the Closet – Domestic Violence From a Child’s View


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  • fuck you cunt

    pismostroch 1 week ago


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  • This is fucking misandric bullshit.Most child abusers are womans.

    pismostroch 1 week ago


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  • There are violent women (I know – I was married to one) but you never hear about them in the press.

    Weapons and the element of surprise are great equalizers, but getting the courts to prosecute a violent woman takes an act of god, and a father getting custody of his kids takes a miracle.

    deadboltdad 2 weeks ago


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  • Well done.The vast majority of abuse against children is perpetrated by women. This video helps to cover that up and helps female pedophiles and child-murderers get away with it.

    Without your work and the work of Verizon some of this poor innocent abuser women could even get a slap on the wrist and we couldn’t have that.

    With your continued support we can make sure that many more children can be harmfully abused by women and we can make sure that those women get away scot-free. Hate on men

    anontwelve 1 month ago


  • I reported this video for being anti-male and discriminatory. This video is no better than a KKK video! It is full of scare tactics against all males, and is far from true. This video is saying that all males(fathers and brothers) are monsters and that girls have to be scared of them. What a bunch of BS! You can take this feminism and stuff it! (this one made me laugh KKK? insanity is running deep)

    jacobew2000 1 month ago


  • I had to hunt this video down….. Shame on Verizon! They removed it from the internet as much as they could. But thank you for making it accessible. I am glad I got a chance to see it. It does depict the feelings,,, however it doesn’t seem to be as frightening.. walking on egg shells.. wondering what he will be like when he came home after work. When most people couldn’t wait for the weekends…. I was relieved when Monday came around!

    tinap610 1 month ago

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  • @tinap610 I know. Me too.

    ANGELFURY1212 1 month ago

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  • This only says "She" sees abuse, and that it is the "Dad" that abuses them, and only says that the "Brother" will become an abuser. This basically says only Men abuse, and only Women are victims. Do break the cycle of silence, and say that Men are abused too.

           AngelusTheSheikh 1 month ago


  • This video is NOT a one sided attempt by a major telecommunications corporation to influence the minds of a bunch of complete and total morons to promote an organization that influences irresponsible and entitled women to irrationally fear, hate and be angry of men.

        cragmac1000 2 months ago


  • Men get abused too, why would u agree with this bias video?

       TheOutspokenman1 2 months ago


  • They fortunately pulled these misleading ads

    anikinippon 2 months ago


  • Thanks so much for posting this video. I work at a domestic violence and sexual assault agency and this video says it all. 

    MsPsycho10 2 months ago


  • Why did you remove my comment? If you think you are absolutely right then you shouldn’t censor what other people say.

    lillie1990am 2 months ago


  • The view that domestic violence is male on female is factually false. Women and men commit domestic violence coequally. In addition women are the principal abusers of children. The US Department of health and Human Services show mothers abusing children at more than double the rate of fathers.

    johntheother 2 months ago


  • more demonization of men, how typical from the misandric western female SMH

    THEATRYCAL 2 months ago


  • My mother physically and emotionally abused my father to the point that he filed for divorce. Is my mother a monster? Is my sister a monster just like her? Am I a ‘survivor’?

    Why is the ‘monster’ always a man?

    mrgimp420 2 months ago


  • There is no such thing as a "pro-abuser" lobby. The closest equivalent are those who demand that PSAs reflect the truth that women are just as violent as men and that we not paint dv as something that is done exclusively by men against women

                lillie1990am 2 months ago

  1. I am amazed at how many “hate” this video, saying that it only shows one side. Uh… that’s the point of the video, battered WOMEN. Of course there are violent women, and female child abusers. The point of the video is to publicize the outcomes of a violent FATHER. When the father is violent, sons are more likely to mature to do as dad did, and daughters more likely to mature to do as mom did. To ignore the qualifier “abusive” as it applies to males depicted in the video, and label supporters of the video as “misandric,” is to assume that if some A are B, then all A are B. The video does not make this leap. The viewers do, though. Women are not afraid of men who have never harmed them, in their own homes. Women are always afraid that a man who has harmed them may harm them again. THAT is the point of the video, and men who do not harm their women would KNOW that, and NOT FEEL THREATENED BY IT.

  2. When I initially commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added”
    checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get several emails with
    the same comment. Is there any way you can remove people from that service?
    Bless you!

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