The Genocide of Battered Mothers and their Children

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Nazi Kansas – Parent Coordinators

In domestic law on March 17, 2013 at 1:52 pm

Nazi Kansas – Parent Coordinators

Domestic Violence: Why Doesn’t She Just Leave? The Courts Won’t Let Her!

In domestic law on October 26, 2011 at 1:46 pm

Battered Mothers are NOT allowed to leave the Batterer. If they do— The Mother is then punished buy the Courts, by loosing her children to the man who terrorized and brutalized her. The ultimate form of control on the batterers part just short of murder. For a lot of the moms who have lost their children to abusers, it is a death they must endure daily – worst than death.

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THE PROJECT: No Way Out But One is a feature length documentary currently in post-production. It tells the story of an American woman accused of kidnapping her own children, a woman who fled the country and became the first American to be granted asylum by the government of the Netherlands on grounds of domestic violence. The 13-minute version presented here serves as a trailer for the feature and a documentary short. Read more here

THE STORY: In 1994 Holly Collins became an international fugitive when she took her three children and fled the United States to protect them from abuse. The family courts had ignored medical evidence of domestic violence and gave full custody of Holly’s children to the man they named as their abuser – her ex-husband and the children’s father. Wanted by the FBI, Holly became the first U.S. Citizen to receive asylum from the Netherlands. Read more here.

THE LARGER PICTURE: In No Way Out But One, Holly Collins shares a story that in many respects is like thousands of others. It is estimated that 58,000 children a year are ordered into unsupervised contact with physically or sexually abusive parents following divorce in the United States. Read more here.

IN THE END: Unlike so many of the other tragic stories happening around the country, Holly was able to protect her children and keep them safe. Despite all the harrowing trials, her story ultimately has a happy ending. Even though she and the kids had No Way Out But One.



Children Of Wife-Killing Suspect Fear Grandparents Will Kill Them

In domestic law on October 5, 2011 at 4:50 pm

How the hell were the parents of the man accused of killing these kids mother granted custody? Mother is killed, father takes custody of kids. Subsequently father gets arrested, so his parents take custody of children.

Sounds like the normal in murdered mother cases. The murderers parents ALWAYS fight and usually get custody of the remaining victims.

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The young children of the NJ mom who was allegedly killed by her husband and his mistress are stuck in a rotten custody battle. And worse, they are allegedly terrified of the grandparents who they have been staying with.

Riyan and his two-year-old brother, Shayaan, have been staying with their paternal grandparents since the killing of their mother, Nazish Noorani. The children’s father, Kashif Parvaiz, has been charged with arranging for his mistress, Antoinette Stephen, to murder his wife by shooting her in broad daylight while the couple strolled on a suburban NJ street. Prosecutors have called Parvaiz “sociopathic” and “narcissistic,” while Stephen has denied her involvement in the murder.



Susan Powell’s children: temporary custody granted to her parents

In domestic law on September 28, 2011 at 1:08 pm

Tuesday, Susan Powell’s parents were granted temporary custody of her two children; another hearing is scheduled for Wednesday. Susan Powell is the missing Utah mom who disappeared almost two years ago in Salt Lake City; Josh Powell, Susan’s husband is the only person named a person of interest in her disappearance.

Continue reading on Susan Powell’s children: temporary custody granted to her parents – Salt Lake City Headlines |

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Chuck and Judy Cox are in Washington State today after Josh Powell’s father was arrested six days ago on voyeurism child pornography charges, and have filed for custody of the children.  The two children have been in foster care for six days.  Tuesday afternoon, ABC 4 reported that Josh Powell is also being investigated on voyeurism and child pornography charges.  A court hearing was already scheduled for Wednesday, but with this latest news about Josh Powell, a Washington State judge granted temporary custody of Josh and Susan Powell’s children to Chuck and Judy Cox.

Josh Powell has had custody of their two children and moved to Washington State shortly after Susan’s disappearance to live with his father, Steven Powell. 

Susan Powell

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Another “Perfect Family” Slaughtered by Father

In domestic law on September 26, 2011 at 4:54 pm

Rocky Nelson, a friend, said the Teagarden father was “a nice guy. He didn’t party. He worked. He was really into his family, so it was a big shock to me when I heard about this.”
Nelson added, “To me, they was like the perfect little family.”

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ORGAN TOWNSHIP, Pa. — A husband, wife and two children that a friend described as “the perfect little family” were found shot to death at their rural home in Morgan Township, Greene County.

A news conference is scheduled for 2 p.m. Stay with for updates.

State police at the Waynesburg station said troopers were sent to the Teagarden residence on Chartiers Road just after 10 p.m. Sunday to check on the welfare of the family.

Police say upon arrival, they discovered the husband, wife and two children all dead.

It was not immediately known what caused police to check on the family.

Police said their investigation is being handled as a murder/suicide and autopsies were scheduled for later in the day.

Rocky Nelson, a friend, said the Teagarden father was “a nice guy. He didn’t party. He worked. He was really into his family, so it was a big shock to me when I heard about this.”

Nelson added, “To me, they was like the perfect little family.”

“He never mentioned any problems of any kind,” said neighbor Don Bates, who, like Nelson, said the Teagardens seemed to be “a very happy family.”

The devastating news spread quickly to Jefferson-Morgan Elementary School, where Superintendent Donna Furnier was moved to tears upon learning that a third-grade student was one of the victims.

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FATHER accused of drowning his two children on the first day of school is in police custody

In domestic law on August 23, 2011 at 1:14 pm

The bodies of boys, ages 3 and 5, were found in Naim Rasool Muhammad’s car at East Ledbetter and Singing Hills Drive.

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At 12:40 p.m., a 911 caller said her son had drowned her
grandchildren. The caller told the fire department she had the
children with her and was waiting for paramedics, according to

Paramedics arrived and transported the children to Children’s
Medical Center in Dallas, where they were pronounced dead.

Deputy Chief Craig Miller said Monday afternoon that
investigators believe the children, 3-year-old Elijah Mohammed,
and 5-year-old Naim Mohammed, were drowned. The children were
found in the back of a silver station wagon.

Investigators are trying to determine where the children were

“We [were] hoping for them to start school today and be with the
rest of the kids and enjoy life, but someone ended their life
shortly,” said Gabrielle Armstead, the children’s aunt.

Naim Muhammad, 32, was detained in the 6500 block of Lazy River
Drive a few blocks from Singing Hills and Ledbetter after a foot
pursuit and struggle with police. He was arrested in a creek bed
near his home.

Muhammad has been charged with two counts of capital murder.

Police identified the children as Elijah and Naim Mohammed, but
the father’s name is listed as Muhammad in court and jail

He was booked into Dallas County Jail at 6:51 p.m. Miller said
Muhammad is cooperating with the investigation.

Police said Monday afternoon that Muhammad abducted the children
and their mother while she was walking them to school at about
7:15 a.m. The mother was able to escape, police said.

The mother told police he had made threats against her and their
children. She and Muhammad have three children, police said.

“I knew he was troubled, but I didn’t expect him to hurt his own
kids,” Armstead said.

The children’s mother and Muhammad had recently separated. The
mother and the children were living with her parents in Southeast

Witnesses said Muhammad tried to break into their home later in
the morning. A shattered window could be seen at the house.

The couple’s 1-year-old son was not home at the time.

The child is in the care of Child Protective Services. Relatives
said the children’s mother feels as if she has lost all of her

Police said they are working with Child Protective Services to
determine if there was any history of abuse.

“He did yell a lot and use the kids as a target, so he took the
thing that was closest to her, and that was her boys,” Armstead

Relatives said the family got together on Saturday for a cookout
to celebrate the children going to school. Muhammad and the
children’s mother got into an argument, and he was asked to
leave, the family said.

On Monday morning, Muhammad was wanted by police on suspicion of
abducting two children while walking from their home on Terrell
Street in South Dallas to Frazier Elementary School a few blocks
away. The Dallas Independent School District confirms the
children were enrolled, but said they never made it to class

On Monday morning, Muhammad was wanted by police on suspicion of
abducting two children while walking from their home on Terrell
Street in South Dallas to Frazier Elementary School a few blocks
away. The Dallas Independent School District confirms the
children were enrolled, but said they never made it to class

Police said the woman and her children were not at a school when
they were taken.

The mother jumped out of the car in the 100 block of Camp Wisdom
Road an d flagged down a Dallas County constable, who called
Dallas police.

The constable did not chase Muhammad. She only served court
papers, did not have red lights or a siren and is trained not to
chase anyone.

Muhammad’s photo, right, was taken in February of this year. He
has prior convictions for possession of marijuana, burglary of a
vehicle, theft by check and aggravated assault with a deadly

Muhammad is being held in the Dallas County Jail on $2 million

Investigators said there was no legal reason the father could not
have his children and were working to confirm that he made
threats to the mother and the children before the children’s
bodies were found.

Miller said Monday afternoon that officers knew they were looking
for the children’s father. Officers were following every lead and
did not have enough information to justify an Amber Alert, police

Dallas police said the children’s bodies were found before they
could issue the Amber Alert they were planning on announcing at 1

He was arrested in February on suspicion of punching the
children’s mother. According to the police report, Muhammad
grabbed their then 4-year-old son and left with him.




In domestic law on August 18, 2011 at 9:16 pm

Mother’s day complaint claims United States courts violate human rights of abused women and children.

On the heels of the Jessica Gonzales Ruling at the IACHR (International Commission Human Rights) Comes the following petition.
You can read the Petition in it’s entirety at the Stop Family Violence site.

“For more than 30 years U.S. judges have given custody or unsupervised visitation of children to abusers and molesters putting the children directly at risk,” says Dianne Post, an international attorney who authored the petition.  “These horrendous human rights violations have been brought to the attention of family court systems, and state and federal governments, to no avail. We turn now to international courts to protect the rights and safety of US children.”

The complaint details several cases with documented medical evidence of child sexual abuse, yet in each instance the father who was accused of abuse was given full custody of the children.  Several of the mothers were jailed by the courts because of their persistent efforts to protect their children from abuse, several were ordered not to speak of the abuse and not to report abuse to authorities.  Every mother was denied contact with her child for some period of time though none was ever proven to have harmed them.

“My life was completely shattered apart on that day and my childhood was destroyed,” said Jeff Hoverson, the adult child petitioner, about the day a family court judge ordered sheriff deputies to deliver him into the custody of his abuser. “It was as if I was just kidnapped. I was torn from everything I knew….I was made into a possession rather than a child.”  Hoverson endured years of trauma and fear living in his father’s home before escaping and returning to his mother at age 17.  He is haunted by years of feeling helpless to prevent his father’s night-time visits to his sisters’ bedrooms.

 “The cases in this petition represent the proverbial tip of the iceberg,” says Irene Weiser, executive director of the online organization  Stop Family Violence.  “We are contacted by an average of three protective mothers each week who have lost custody to fathers accused of child abuse – in many cases with supporting medical evidence. This is a nationwide crisis of enormous proportion.”

“The lives of thousands of children and mothers have been irreparably harmed by family courts across our nation,” says Joyanna Silberg, Ph.D., executive vice-president of The Leadership Council on Child Abuse and Interpersonal Violence, another national organizations supporting the petition. “The years of trauma and psychological abuse because of the courts’ failings result in lasting emotional damage to the children they are supposed to protect.”

Studies of gender bias in the courts, conducted in the 1980’s and 90’s, found disturbing trends of courts minimizing or excusing men’s violence against women, and favoring the abusers.  In 1990 the United States Congress passed a resolution recommending the prohibition of giving joint or sole custody to abusers.  Seventeen years later, the practice continues unabated.  Ten years ago today, leading national organizations were joined by  members of Congress in a protest in Washington D.C. to again raise awareness about the problems in family courts.  Today, petitioners say, the problem is systemic and widespread in family law courts across the nation.

The petition seeks a finding from the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights that the U.S. has violated the Declaration of the Rights and Responsibilities of Man and the Charter of the Organization of American States and a statement of the steps that the U.S. must take to comply with its human rights obligations in regards to battered women and children in child custody cases.

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights was created in 1959 and is expressly authorized to examine allegations of human rights violations by members of the Organization of American States, which include the United States. It also carries out on-site visits to observe the general human rights situations in all 35 member states of the Organization of American States and to investigate specific allegations of violations of Inter-American human rights treaties. Its charge is to promote the observance and the defense of human rights in the Americas.

Dianne Post, a 1980 graduate of the University of Wisconsin law school, has worked on issues of gender based violence since 1976.  In addition to private practice and legal aid, she has taught legal classes and been a consultant working or living in Russia, Cambodia, Hungary and some dozen other countries. She is currently in Vladivostok, Russia.

In addition to The Leadership Council on Child Abuse and Interpersonal Violence, other national organizations supporting the international lawsuit include: National Organization for Women and the NOW Foundation, National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Justice For Children, National Family Court Watch Project, Legal Momentum, Family Violence Prevention Fund, National Alliance to End Sexual Violence, Domestic Violence Report, Sidran Traumatic Stress Institute, and the National Center on Sexual and Domestic Violence. The petition is supported by many state organizations as well.

In December 2005, the American Civil Liberties Union filed a petition against the United States with the Inter American Commission on Human Rights for their failure to protect Jessica Gonzales’ three children from their abusive father, who murdered them.  Their petition, the first of its kind, asserted that domestic violence victims have the right to be protected by the state from the violent acts of their abusers.



A Vicious Culture We Must Do Away With- Child Custody to Fathers

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Mother’s and were deprived of their natural right to raise their own children- Speak out on the murder of their children

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The first story comes from a mother who has urged society to be fair to biological mothers who are separated from their children and have to live knowing their children are in the care of negligent fathers and stepmothers. Her children became victims to their fathers’ irresponsibility.

“Many children are used by their fathers as whips to lash their mothers’ backs. How could they separate me from my children for over three years? Their sadist father compels them to even hang up the phone when speaking to me. Who will return them back to me? Who will help me present my case to the authorities? When will I see justice happen?”

The second case is of a mother who lost her little girl in similar circumstances. She related her story to many social institutions hoping to find a solution to her crisis.

“Since Ahmad was murdered I could not sleep,” she said. “Only five months have passed since I was separated from my daughter, it seems like a century. He (the father) left her in his aunt’s care. The judge stated the father is not qualified to take care of the child and still granted him custody. Human rights organizations said the matter is out of their hands. Child protection bodies said the father did not cooperate with them. They claim that they have no clue whether my child is being abused or tortured in his aunt’s house. I wish someone would take up my case and return my baby to me.”

Why do judges insist on keeping children away from their mothers even when they know the father is abusive and not a suitable parent? All other organizations remain silent. Can the Ministry of Justice help? Or do we just take every individual case directly to our beloved king. We have all seen what happened to Ahmad and Areej. They have been murdered.

We are not asking for miracles; all we need is a review of custody laws. The Ministry of Justice should interfere strongly in the issue before it becomes bloody. Children are not the property of fathers. The inherent culture in our court ensures fathers custody of children even if they are not fit to take care of them.

Ahmad’s mother is an example of an innocent woman whose life has been destroyed by society. We deprived her of her right to custody and gave her child to a criminal couple. She is the victim of an outdated tradition.

Al-Watan published an interview with Ahmad’s stepmother. From the interview, we realize that the woman was confused between her love and hate toward Ahmad. She told the reporter that she didn’t want to kill Ahmad. But when she recalls her own childhood, hate appears. When the reporter tried to find the cause that led her to kill the innocent child, she discovered that Ahmad’s father was beating her and she wanted revenge.

The story contains contradictions. The woman said she was forced into marrying Ahmad’s father and no one listened to her. She sought revenge against society.

The whole episode reflects the overall culture of oppressed women who eventually seek divorce, returning to parents with shattered dreams in an environment only supporting male attitudes and which treats divorced women as a curse.

The murderer tried to convince her husband several times to return Ahmad to his real mother but he always refused. He was always busy and away from her and his children. However, he treated her badly and held her responsible for any mistake that happened. He did not let her leave the house in his absence and she was locked up with the children as if she was in prison.

Whenever she complained to her parents she got the same reply: Be patient. A fear that gradually grew inside her and generated all this hate. The compassion and mercy inside her started to disappear gradually. She began to beat the child regularly. She then started to think what would happen if he died. She eventually killed the child and left the body in an abandoned building. She allegedly kissed him farewell.

She explained that for nine days before the crime was discovered her husband thought Ahmad had been kidnapped by his mother.

In Al-Watan’s report the stepmother “cried and asked for mercy, holding her parents and husband responsible for her horrible crime”.

A culture of victimizing will not end crimes. Crime, including abuse of children, is a measure of corruption in society. We should all stand against such insults, set fair rules and say farewell to this vicious culture.



Man arrested in murder of women, children found in burning Ocala home

In domestic law on August 11, 2011 at 12:38 pm
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Marion County deputies said they have made an arrest in the murders of two women and two children found Friday.

Deputies arrested James Bannister early Thursday morning. They did not immediately say what led investigators to the man, other than that the Marion County Sheriff’s Office had formed a special task force decided to the case last weekend.

The victims’ bodies were discovered in a burning home on Northwest Fifth Street. They were identified as:

  • Bridget Gray, 52
  • Jocalyn Gray, 27
  • CorDarrian Hill, 8
  • CorDerica Hill, 6

After crews put out the fire, investigators determined the four victims had each been shot at least once.

Three other children were found alive outside the home, sitting in a Jeep in the driveway. They were put in the custody of the Florida Department of Children and Families.




Father-of-four who ‘killed wife and children before burning house down’ is remanded in custody

In domestic law on August 8, 2011 at 3:02 pm

A father-of-four accused of stabbing his wife and four young children before setting fire to their house and killing all five victims has been jailed on a charge of aggravated murder.

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Jordan Adam Criado, 51, was discharged from the Rogue Valley Medical Center in Medford and was immediately taken to the Jackson County Jail.

Criado was in hospital as a result of smoke inhalation in the July 18 fire and was unconscious and on a ventilator for days.

Tragic: Jordan Adam Criado (right), 51, is under police guard in hospital after his wife Tabasha (left) and children died following the blaze at their home in Medford, Oregon
Tragic: Jordan Adam Criado (right), 51, is under police guard in hospital after his wife Tabasha (left) and children died following the blaze at their home in Medford, Oregon
Criado’s wife Tabasha and children died following the blaze at their home in Medford, Oregon.
Firefighters desperately gave CPR to the
family on the lawn in front of their home, but quickly realised they
also had stab wounds.
Heartbreaking: Kathryn Hasha, of Medford, Oregon, says a prayer at a memorial set up in front of the home where police say Criado killed his wife and four children

The deaths of Mrs Paige-Criado, 30, and her
children – Elijah, 7; Isaac, 6; Andrew, 5; and Aurora, 2 — was officially listed as smoke inhalation. Stab wounds to the neck were listed as an additional cause of death for Isaac and Andrew.

An autopsy has also shown Tabasha Paige-Criado was stabbed multiple times in the neck and abdomen.

Police chief Tim George said: ‘The front yard looked like it was a plane crash or something, the people working on those folks.

Neighbours described Mr Criado a
single father, devoted to his children, who worked as a ‘shade-tree
mechanic’ – fixing cars out of his home.

Wiped out: Firefighters desperately try to resuscitate Tabasha Paige-Criado, 30, and her four children after they were pulled from their burning home in Medford, Oregon

Wiped out: Firefighters desperately try to resuscitate Tabasha Paige-Criado, 30, and her four children after they were pulled from their burning home in Medford, Oregon

Desperate: All five were rushed to hospital after firefighters realised they also had stab wounds, but they did not survive

Desperate: All five were rushed to hospital after firefighters realised they also had stab wounds, but they did not survive

Two weeks ago, they described hearing Mr Criado and his wife arguing loudly late at night.

Bennett, 23, an Oregon National Guard infantryman who lives nearby,
said: ‘He just bluntly told her “Hey, you need to calm down, the kids
are asleep”.’

Fiance Shilo Croswell, 22, added: ‘It was always her yelling. Anytime we saw him it was just him and the kids.

Shock: Neighbours line the pavement near the family home in Medford, Oregon, as emergency services try to save them

Shock: Neighbours line the pavement near the family home in Medford, Oregon, as emergency services try to save them

‘Then we saw this woman. She kept asking him who we were, and he was not responding because he was talking to us.’

Earlier on Monday, Mr Criado called police to report his wife as missing, Mr George said.

Officers found her a few blocks away at a convenience store and gave her a ride home, he added.

‘They both met and conversed. What happened between 7:30 and 9:30 in roughly a two-hour time span is what we are trying to figure out right now.’



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