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Mom describes daughter’s last days

In domestic law on August 10, 2011 at 12:59 pm

The Torrance woman said in an interview that she had accepted his story that her 27-year-old daughter disappeared in the middle of the night, abandoning her family, never to be seen or heard from again.
[Mothers DO NOT just disappear in the middle of the night-of their own accord]

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TN14-ARREST.4.13.11— Michael Clark, 57, is taken into custody outside his Huntington Beach condominium Wednesday morning by Torrance police detectives for the murder of his wife Carol Lubahn who disappeared in 1981. Daily Breeze Photo: Robert Casillas

Melba Meyer believed her son-in-law for 30 years.

The Torrance woman said in an interview that she had accepted his story that her 27-year-old daughter disappeared in the middle of the night, abandoning her family, never to be seen or heard from again.

Meyer never suspected that Michael Clark, a 57-year-old man she first knew as a high school boy, had committed any wrongdoing.

But Friday, the 84-year-old woman arrived in a Torrance courtroom as the first prosecution witness to testify against Clark, a former Torrance man charged in April with killing her daughter, Carol Lubahn, who was listed as missing in 1981.

“I still had hopes she was alive,” Meyer said shortly before Clark was escorted into the courtroom in handcuffs. He acknowledged her with a smile and a wink.

Deputy District Attorney John Lewin, who specializes in prosecuting cold cases, asked Meyer to testify early in the proceedings because of her age. The testimony was videotaped to preserve it for the preliminary hearing and possible trial in the coming year.

Meyer doesn’t know what happened to her daughter; rather, her testimony recounted the last few days before she went missing.

Prosecutors and police have not released any evidence publicly about what prompted them to file murder charges against Clark 30 years later, other than to say his story that she left him in the middle of the night while he was sleeping has varied over time.

Meyer testified that her daughter was a devoted mother of two who attended her son’s baseball games and who regularly talked with her parents and sisters.

“Do you believe your daughter would have abandoned her children?” Lewin asked her.

“No way,” Meyer responded. “She would take the children with her.”

Michael Clark – who changed his last name from Lubahn to Clark after his wife vanished – met Lubahn while they were students at North High School in the early 1970s.

Carol Lubahn became pregnant with their son when she was 17. Michael Jr. was born in 1971. The couple married in 1972 and by the mid-1970s purchased a home on Cranbrook Avenue.

Meyer’s husband, Milton, hired Clark to work with him in his painting business.

“He was like our son,” she said.

Meyer described her daughter as bubbly, energetic and wanting more than a life as the wife of a painter. She took classes at El Camino College and decided she liked architecture.

At home, she handled the money.

“She kind of ran things, I think,” her mother said.

In the days before she vanished, Lubahn showed no signs that she was about to leave, the mother said.

She attended lunch with family members. Family, including her daughter and son-in-law, had dinner the night before she disappeared.

When the couple left, Lubahn told her husband to sit in the back seat, possibly because they had an argument, she said.

Meyer said she thought nothing of it.

“I just said, `Are you going to let her do that to you?”‘ she recalled.

Meyer said she last spoke to her daughter on the phone on March 30, 1981. She remembered it well. That was the day that a gunman shot President Ronald Reagan.

“She was so upset that anybody would shoot our president,” she told Clark’s attorney, Kevin Donahue.

The next day, Clark went to work and told his father-in-law that his wife had taken off during the night. They had argued about selling the house the night before.

Meyer said she figured that her daughter needed some space and would return before long.

The young couple, she said, had split a couple of times before.

Family members, including Clark, went driving around the South Bay, looking for her car. Meyer discovered it a few days later parked near the Red Onion restaurant on Harbor Drive in Redondo Beach.

Lubahn sometimes went dancing at the now-defunct restaurant, but she was nowhere to be found.

As time passed, Meyer became more concerned. Some time later, Clark told her that someone had entered his house, gone through the mail, and removed money and pictures of their children. He believed the intruder was his wife.

By the end of 1981, however, Clark had a new girlfriend that he would eventually marry and raise children.

Lubahn is still missing.

“Do you want to believe your daughter is dead?” Lewin asked Meyer. “No,” she said.

“Is it hard to believe your son-in-law is responsible?” Lewin asked. “Yes,” she said.

In fact, she said during testimony, the family remained intact as the years progressed. Clark attended family events and inherited her husband’s business when he retired.

“He was always fun,” Meyer said. “Kind of a laid-back person.”

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Father accused of raping daughter says he hears voices, has blackouts

In domestic law on August 6, 2011 at 8:31 pm

Talk about ‘excuses’– schizophrenia (the only mental illness with auditory hallucinations e.g. ‘voices’) Raping your daughter is not a symptom of Schizophrenia.

He’s looking for a way out– he will find it– after all -it is only her daddy, and this is what daddy’s do. Ask any family court judge, then they will give him custody.

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The little girl was sleeping when someone grabbed her by the neck, carried her out of the house and placed her in a vehicle.

Sometime later she was removed from the vehicle. She fell asleep and woke up lying in the grass underneath a couch.

She screamed, but didn’t think anyone could hear her. She pushed the couch up, first to get her arms out, then her knees and finally her entire body.

The girl said she didn’t know who had taken her.

Her description of the night she was kidnapped was included in 240 pages of redacted investigative reports filed by deputies in Kern County Superior Court in connection with her father, Ray Salvador Coriell. He’s charged with eight felonies, including the rape and attempted murder of his then 7-year-old daughter, who he allegedly left underneath a sofa in a dirt field in east Bakersfield following last week’s assault.

The Californian identified the girl in early reports of her disappearance when law enforcement sought the public’s help in finding her. She is no longer being named because of the assault allegations.

The reports, which became available Friday, also shed some light on Coriell’s state of mind. He told detectives he was raped for several years by a relative, the abuse beginning when he was 9 years old, the reports say.

“I see those memories every day,” the reports say Coriell told detectives following his July 28 arrest.

He also told detectives that he hears voices all the time and sometimes blacks out and doesn’t remember what he’s done, the reports say. While he didn’t describe assaulting his daughter, he indicated he was the person who kidnapped and assaulted her.

Coriell repeatedly told detectives he’s sorry for what happened, and he hopes his daughter can someday forgive him, the reports say.

They asked him if he’ll be able to promise the girl he’ll never sexually assault her again, if he’ll “be able to repair that bridge.”

Coriell, crying, responded, “I hope so, I hope I can,” the reports say.

When asked to describe what happened with his daughter, Coriell responded, “I have bits and pieces,” the reports say. The detectives asked him for whatever he could remember.

Coriell, 29, said he had a flashback while sleeping that night, and when he woke up he needed to get out of bed, according to the reports. He said he was sweating and had to move around.

He told the detectives he remembered walking to the room where his daughter was sleeping, the reports say. He then walked away and got some milk, but then he returned to the girl’s room.

Coriell said he remembered standing there looking into her room and then everything “went black,” the reports say.

The next thing he remembered was “my wife calling me and I was talking to her and I looked around where I was at, out in a fricking field,” the reports say. His wife told him the daughter was missing, and Coriell said it “felt like a rock in my gut.”

Coriell said he remembered the couch in the field, and moving it, the reports say. He said he threw a cushion and heard a girl’s voice.

Detectives asked him if he’ll be able to admit his problem and repair his family.

“I’m going to have to, I can’t live a life time like now with nightmares, I hope my daughter doesn’t have the same feeling,” Coriell responded, according to the reports.

The daughter’s disappearance July 27 terrified residents in the area of central Bakersfield where Coriell lived with his wife and five children. Some wondered if a stranger had kidnapped the daughter and might strike again, while others were puzzled how anyone could get into the Coriell home, which has a wall around it, several dogs inside and an alarm system.

The girl was reported missing by her stepmother and turned up six hours later in east Bakersfield, nine miles from her home, deputies have said. Investigators discovered she had been sexually assaulted, and had suffered injuries requiring surgery.

On July 28, Coriell texted his wife a message from their house in the 600 block of Loch Lomond Drive indicating he might harm himself, deputies have said. Law enforcement surrounded the house.

During the standoff, Coriell and his wife exchanged numerous text messages. Following are some of the messages listed in the reports filed in court:

* 2:16 p.m., text sent by Coriell: “(The voices) are real. You don’t believe me. God speaks to me everyday. He is saying it is me, it is time.”

* unknown time, text sent by wife: “You can’t do anything until I see you. You are my husband. I have to see you. I have to see your face.”

* 2:21 p.m., text sent by Coriell: “God says to stay away from this house. God says its (sic) not your decision.”

Coriell texted his wife that he was raped by a relative, and he hears “demons” in his head, the reports say. He also texted her that either the deputies shoot him or he’d shoot himself.

Coriell texted the following at one point: …”my head hurts and has so much anger, the voices are getting stronger, God needs me to be with him today.”

Then, “God is the only one who can hear me now, I want you and (the girl) to seek treatment and keep me in your heart.”

After seven hours, Coriell surrendered to deputies. He’s being held without bail.

Coriell’s next court hearing is Sept. 9.

Meanwhile, the girl and her siblings have been placed in protective custody at the Jamison Center.



KANSAS Mother Learns of 10 year old daughters death on lone

In domestic law on August 5, 2011 at 12:30 pm

She fled from what she described as an abusive household several years ago. I guarantee you that she did NOT ‘leave her daughter behind’ FATHER WAS GIVEN CUSTODY– The Fathers Rights Movement to KILL, Maim, Torture and to PUNISH MOTHER FOR LEAVING– I will take you children– the FATHERS RIGHTS en re Court — make that threat a reality.

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Shirley Deal fled from what she described as an abusive household several years ago. The child she left behind perished in the same household.

Four people were arrested Thursday in the July 12 death of Ame Deal. Phoenix police say the girl had been placed inside a padlocked, plastic footlocker for punishment after months of other abuse by adults she was living with.

Shirley Deal, 38, now lives in Iola, Kan. She said she didn’t learn about Ame’s death until Friday when a friend notified her and directed her to The Arizona Republic’s web page.

“I read the newspaper, and it made me so upset,” she told the Republic. “For what they did to my daughter, they need to be treated the same way.”

Deal said she knows three of the four suspects who lived in a rental house with her ex-husband David Deal, who hasn’t been charged in the case.

Court records list David Deal on Ame’s birth certificate as her biological father, but Shirley Deal said she’s unsure if he actually is.

She said she and David Deal married in 1996. They lived in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Texas, where they shared a home with David Deal’s mother and sister.

Shirley Deal claimed she was abused by her relatives and fled alone to Kansas, where she now lives with another man.

She said David Deal and his family lived for a short time in Utah before relocating to Phoenix about a year ago.

Ame Deal was found dead in the plastic container in the living room of the rental house, authorities said. Police said family members told them Ame Deal and other children in her extended family had been playing hide and seek, and they believed Ame must have climbed into the box to hide and accidentally suffocated.

However, detectives said they’re now treating the death as a homicide after determining the child had been placed in the box as punishment for taking a frozen treat from a refrigerator.

Investigators said the girl apparently had been put in the box at least five times in recent months for misbehaving. She also had been beaten with a wooden paddle and been forced to swallow hot sauce and eat dog feces, authorities said.

A judge set all their preliminary hearings for Aug. 8. It was unclear Saturday whether any of the four suspects had attorneys yet.

At their initial court appearances Thursday, the Allens were ordered held on $1 million cash bond apiece. Bail for Stoltzmann and Judith Deal was set at $500,000 each.

“They just need to go to jail for life or get lethal injection,” Shirley Deal said. “That’s what they need because of what they did to my 10-year-old baby. My baby!”

The Allens are married, and Sammantha Allen is the girl’s aunt. Police said the couple acknowledged putting Ame in the box and padlocking it on July 12.

Stoltzmann is the girl’s paternal aunt and legal guardian, and Deal is her grandmother who was homeschooling Ame and the other children who lived in the house.

In custody are Judith Deal, 72, Cynthia Stoltzmann, 44, and John and Sammantha Allen, both 23. Police said the Allens are facing first-degree murder charges, while Stoltzmann and Deal face charges of child abuse and kidnapping.

Police said the girl slept on the floor of a stall shower in the home with no blanket or pillow as a disciplinary measure for bed wetting.



Boyfriend Charged In Case Of Missing MOTHER Amber Elkins Victim Of Foul Play

In domestic law on July 31, 2011 at 5:10 pm

Recall she was due in Court on Monday for custody of her 9 month old daughter. He fixed it alright– like so many DADDY’s do- Just kill mom.

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OUSTON — Authorities in Harris County said they have arrested the boyfriend of a missing area woman.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office said 31-year-old James David Clarke was charged with murder in the case of 20-year-old Amber Chantel Elkins, who was last seen July 24.

Investigators said Elkins was the victim of foul play and has not been located.

Detectives said Elkins’ vehicle, a dark green 2004 Chevrolet Trailblazer with Georgia license plates, was found abandoned in a vacant business parking lot in the 13900 block of Homestead Road, just north of Greens Bayou, about 2:45 p.m. Tuesday.

The front passenger window was broken out and a substantial amount of blood was found inside the vehicle, investigators said.

Elkins’ mother, Shani Kilpatrick, said her daughter would never go a day without letting someone know where she was. Kilpatrick said her phone rang at 3:30 a.m. Sunday, but she missed the call because she was sleeping. When she woke up later that morning, she realized it was her daughter, so she called her back.

“I called her back and a guy answered. I asked where Amber was, and he hung up,” said Kilpatrick. “She would only call me at 3:30 in the morning if something was wrong. That’s why I know something was wrong.”

Kilpatrick also said Elkins was due in court on Monday for a custody hearing regarding her 9-month-old daughter, who is staying with relatives.

“I don’t think it looks good,” Kilpatrick said. “I’m trying to keep the faith. I don’t want to say that she’s gone. I just know that she can’t call me.”

Frank Ferrata is the father of Elkins’ daughter, Ava. He said it’s heartbreaking because the baby is too young to understand what’s going on.

“Ava says ‘Mama’ all the time, and it breaks my heart,” he said.

Ferrata said he and Elkins were living in Midway, Texas, together, but recently she moved back to the Houston area. He called her a kind, loving person and said they just want to know what happened to her.

Elkins’ father, Mike Elkins, flew in Friday night from Atlanta. He said he felt helpless being so far away and wanted to come to Texas to help search for his daughter. But he admitted the evidence doesn’t look good, and now the family is fearing the worst.

“I feel in my heart that my daughter’s gone. I’ve accepted that. I just want to find her,” said Mike Elkins. “My daughter had a heart of gold. She would do anything for anybody.”

About 70 volunteers scoured more than 150 acres looking for signs of Amber Elkins.

“We’re not going to sugarcoat anything. This looks bad,” Texas EquuSearch Founder Tim Miller said. “We’re going to hold on to that tiny miracle, but the reality is we’ve got a big problem here. We got a 20-year-old that’s got to be found.”

Amber Elkins is white, 5 feet 8 inches to 5 feet 9 inches tall with black hair and brown eyes. She has two stars tattooed on her wrist and the word “ACE” tattooed on an ankle.

Anyone with information regarding Amber Elkins’ disappearance is asked to call the HCSO Homicide Unit at 713-967-5810, or Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.

Clark is being held at the Harris County jail.

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Father suspected of major crimes against 8-year-old daughter

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Are we ‘getting-it” yet? Because mothers and children are sure ‘getting-it’.

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A seven-hour standoff ended Thursday with the arrest of the father of a girl who vanished from her home in the middle of the night a day earlier and mysteriously resurfaced hours later across town.

Ray Salvador Coriell, 29, was arrested on a warrant for kidnapping with the act of rape; kidnapping with the intent to rape; intercourse with a child under 10 years old; and attempted murder, according to Kern County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Ray Pruitt.
Coriell’s bail has been set at $1 million.

On Thursday afternoon, sheriff’s deputies were summoned to the central Bakersfield home from which the 8-year-old girl had disappeared a day earlier because Coriell was inside and believed to be despondent and armed, officials said. He had sent a text message to the child’s stepmother that said he was contemplating hurting himself, said Kern County Sheriff’s Cmdr. Dan Leper.

That prompted law enforcement to surround the home at the corner of Loch Lomond Drive and Cleveland Way. Crisis negotiators tried for hours to coax Coriell out as hoards of deputies outside the residence stood by. A warrant for Coriell’s arrest was obtained a little after 6 p.m. He voluntarily emerged from the home about 7 p.m.

Authorities said a secondary crime scene is at a field east of Morning Drive, close to where the girl was found.

The daughter had been reported missing early Wednesday morning, but her recovery later that day did not allay the fears of a community stunned and shaken by her disappearance.

Law enforcement initially wouldn’t say publicly how the girl vanished or where she was during the period when she was missing, leading to widespread fear that a stranger had abducted her.

Then midday Thursday — her 8th birthday — her neighborhood was rocked by yet another shock.

SWAT team members, Sheriff Donny Youngblood and other law enforcement officers descended on the home to deal with the distraught father, and part of the street was evacuated.

Other people were in the home when deputies arrived, and they were evacuated, too. They told authorities that weapons were in the house.

“A concern at this point is for his safety,” sheriff’s spokesman Pruitt said at the time. Sheriff’s officials said then that the father was not a suspect in the girl’s disappearance, but later that evening they accused him of kidnapping and raping his own daughter.

The Californian identified the girl in early reports of her disappearance when law enforcement sought the public’s help in finding her. She is no longer being named because of the assault allegations.

The girl and her stepmother were at Kern Medical Center, where the child was taken after she was found Wednesday, and are under guard for their own protection, Pruitt said. A “hold” has been placed on the girl, meaning if she were ready to leave the hospital, deputies would be involved in deciding where she would go next.

The child’s stepmother received the text message at 12:11 p.m., she told deputies.
A crisis negotiation team and mental health officials tried to reach the father and SWAT teams arrived at about 4 p.m.

After the father’s arrest, neighbors expressed surprise and disgust.

Stella Gonzales, who lives behind the family’s high-walled backyard, said she didn’t think someone could have made it into the house without the dogs creating a racket.

Gonzales’ brother-in-law, Dickie Holman, said that when Coriell approached him to say Coriell’s daughter was missing, “he didn’t shed no tears,” and he didn’t seem distraught.

“I lost my son for 15 minutes and my neighbor told me I looked like a madwoman,” said Flora Hull, another neighborhood resident.

Her husband, Terry Hull, said he often saw the girl’s stepmother picking her up from school when Hull picked up his own son. But, he said, “we didn’t see him very often.”

On Wednesday, relatives told authorities they discovered the girl missing at about 3:45 a.m.
She was found hours later, nine miles away across town, and authorities wouldn’t say exactly what happened or how she got there.

Adrian and Candice Sandoval, who live next door to the family, said the girl’s paternal grandmother knocked on their door shortly before 4 a.m. Wednesday asking if they had seen her.

“She was hysterical,” Adrian Sandoval said.

He told the grandmother he hadn’t seen the little girl and immediately woke up his wife and checked on their own three children.

“My oldest daughter is in a back bedroom, so I was terrified,” Candice Sandoval said.

After relatives called 911, sheriff’s deputies swarmed the neighborhood, conducting a search on foot and by air near the home.

The child turned up at 10:20 a.m. Wednesday in the 9400 block of Eucalyptus Drive, east of Mount Vernon Avenue and south of Niles Street. The girl’s maternal grandfather said Thursday that he and his wife were deeply traumatized by the ordeal.

Authorities asked them not to discuss details of the case, but the grandfather said he wondered how anyone could have gotten inside the house to take the child, noting that the family has a fence and two large dogs that would make intrusion difficult.

He described his granddaughter as outgoing, smart and serious. “She’s loving, a really good girl,” he said. “She’s never run away before, and never had a problem with telling stories, no matter how much trouble she’s in.”

The grandfather hadn’t been able to see his granddaughter as of Thursday morning, he added.

He said he and his wife raised the girl until she moved in with her father at the age of 4. There is no ugly custody battle between the child’s parents, he said.

Mario Martinez, who said he found the child Wednesday, said she had injuries including a black eye that was nearly swollen shut and a bruised elbow.

Sheriff’s deputies have not confirmed that Martinez found the girl, but they did say Thursday night that the girl “displayed signs of trauma.”

Martinez said Thursday that he was raking his employer’s lawn when the girl wandered into the driveway Wednesday morning. He said she was thirsty, so he emptied his bottle of Brisk iced tea and filled it with water for her. She drank most of the bottle.

The child said she didn’t know where her mom was, and she couldn’t remember how she got from her home in central Bakersfield to the neighborhood of Martinez’s employer in east Bakersfield, a distance of about nine miles.

“She looked nervous, but also really tired,” Martinez said.

The girl was dressed in a pink shirt and pink pajama pants, he said. She was very dirty, especially on her face and hands.

Martinez’s employer, veterinarian Dr. Lynn Reno, said he was at work at the time but Martinez filled him in on what had happened. He added that Martinez didn’t have a cell phone on him and asked a neighbor to call police.

Nick Miranda lives on the same block as the surrounded house. He said deputies came to his door Thursday and told him to leave. He decided to take his daughter and his fiancee and leave in their SUV.

“I’m getting my kid out of here,” Miranda said. “I’m not sticking around to find out what happens.”

Roman Aragon lives on Castro Lane, a block over from Loch Lomond. He said his 11-year-old daughter and 9-year-old son were scared to sleep alone Wednesday night. They’re afraid.

The family ended up sleeping in the living room together. Aragon said his son propped a chair against the front door, and also placed a jar of marbles in front of it so the family would hear the noise if someone tried to get in.

“It’s scary,” Aragon said.


Casey Christie / The Californian

Kern County Sheriff Donny Youngblood talks with fellow deputies at Loch Lomond Drive and Cleveland Way Thursday afternoon. Deputies cordoned off the area and evacuated nearby residents during a standoff near the home from which an 8-year-old girl went missing Wednesday. She was found several hours later nine miles from home.


Casey Christie / The Californian

Kern County Sheriff’s deputies work on a standoff at Loch Lomond Drive and Cleveland Way Thursday afternoon. Sheriff’s deputies cordoned off the area and evacuated residents near the home from which an 8-year-old girl went missing on Wednesday and was later found nine miles from her home.


Jaclyn Borowski / The Californian

After a nearly seven-hour standoff with deputies that began early Thursday afternoon, Kern County deputies put a handcuffed Ray Coriell into a squad car.



Lawsuit filed as woman who was beaten by father fights for her life

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The guardian for a woman who is now in hospice after being beaten by her father with a baseball bat, has filed a lawsuit that seeks to secure funds for the woman’s long-term medical care.

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Robert Brian Kelly, a 52-year-old psychologist from Oxford, is charged with assault with intent to murder for the May 9 attack of his daughter, Megan Roberts. He has a court hearing later this week.

Roberts, a 20-year-old Oakland Community College student, suffered a traumatic brain injury that left her in a coma and requiring mechanical ventilation and tube feeding.

Police said Kelly walked into the police station in Oxford the morning of May 9 to report that his daughter had been assaulted. Around the same time, the woman’s mother called 911 after finding her injured daughter in a bedroom.

Oxford Police Chief Michael Neymanowski said when Kelly was asked who did it, he replied, “I did.”

Roberts’ aunt and guardian, Sandra Bucklin, filed a lawsuit on behalf of Roberts against Kelly in Oakland County Circuit Court that seeks a monetary judgment and asks a judge to stop Kelly from accessing his assets.

The lawsuit said while Roberts was sleeping, Kelly beat in her face and head with an aluminum baseball bat until she was no longer recognizable.

“It’s a horribly tragic situation for a young woman to meet this fate, especially from a family member,” said Steve Weiss, Bucklin’s attorney. “It’s very mind-boggling and sad.”

A long-term care plan to provide for Roberts’ future medical needs is expected to cost more than $500,000 a year.

“Without an injunctive order preserving defendant’s assets … Megan will be immediately and irreparably harmed, as she will require the use of the defendant’s assets to help pay for her present and future medical treatment, care and rehabilitation,” the lawsuit reads.

The lawsuit, which has been assigned to Oakland Circuit Judge Colleen O’Brien, alleges battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress and negligence.

According to the lawsuit, Kelly attempted suicide twice in the 30 days before the attack. It also said Kelly had been prescribed or taken medication to help control a “possible mental or emotional condition.”

Kelly’s previous attorney in the criminal case, James Galen, Jr., told The Oakland Press at a court hearing in May that Kelly said he blacked out.

“He has no recollection until he came to, with an aluminum baseball bat in his hand, and saw his daughter bludgeoned,” Galen said.

During Kelly’s last court appearance, a judge granted Galen’s request to have Kelly examined at the state’s Center for Forensic Psychiatry to determine whether he’s competent to stand trial and criminally responsible for his actions. Kelly remains in custody with a $2 million bond.

A subsequent court hearing is scheduled for Friday, July 29 in 52-3 District Court.

Galen said Kelly has two master’s degrees, one from the University of Michigan and one from Wayne State University. He worked for many years as a licensed psychologist in private practice.

Galen said Kelly inherited $1.4 million from relatives within the past few years but currently “has no assets whatsoever at this time.” He declined to elaborate.

Galen said he willingly left the case after one of Kelly’s relatives retained another defense attorney, Sanford Schulman, and because the case was gruesome and he didn’t want any further part of it.

Schulman could not immediately be reached for comment Monday.

A website set up for Roberts,, seeks donations to help pay for her medical care.

The site describes Roberts as a caring person who loves being outdoors, golfing, the Detroit Red Wings, playing roulette at the casino and walking her dogs. There are pictures of her smiling sweetly as she holds babies in her arms.

Several people have left hopeful well-wishes on a Facebook page called, “Prayers for Megan.”

Renee Jasgur, one of Bucklin’s good friends, said a lot of people have shown compassion for Roberts and are trying to help in anyway they can.

“It’s just been overwhelming how much people really do care,” Jasgur said. “It’s just a great community, and great friends and family.”



Sham in Shawnee County (Topeka, Kansas)

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The last time I did court watch for protective mother CLAUDINE DOMBROWSKI, I called my subsequent posting on the experience “Showdown in Shawnee County.” See the post here: 

I can’t even call the hearing held on October 19, 2010 a showdown. It was just a sham.

Let’s do a little review. Claudine is a battered mother who lost custody of her only daughter in an ex parte hearing in 2004. (Ex parte means the mother wasn’t even represented at the hearing.) Since then, she has had very little visitation. The hearing in January 2010 (see post above) was supposed to fix that. And finally, Claudine was awarded two hours of unsupervised visitation on Sunday and telephone contact twice a week. We figured it was a start.

Well, this was not to be. And not because of anything Claudine did.

As Claudine testified, visitation went well. She taught her now teenage daughter to drive. They shopped. They went to Barnes and Noble. They talked about girl stuff. Boy stuff. Just like any other mother and daughter. In fact, Claudine was able to enjoy her first mother’s day with her daughter in ten years. There were no negative interactions. In fact, it looked like some serious healing was going on.

And in that lays the problem. You see, abusers and their enablers don’t like healing. They find that supremely threatening to their power and control. So of course, the process must be stopped lest their domination of the child and the overall “situation” be compromised.

So in May 2010, all visitation stopped at Dad HAL RICHARDSON’s personal discretion–which he admitted during his own testimony. He made the unilateral decision that he would no longer take his daughter to the law enforcement center for visitation (presumably at her “request”–but more on that later.) He made sure that during the times of designated phone contact, the phone was never answered as it was set on fax. (Dad admitted under oath that the phone does go to fax mode when not answered–though he denied “inhibiting” phone access, which is not surprising. But then, how did Mom know to testify that the phone was set on fax when she called? Oh those little details….) But of course, Dad didn’t exactly encourage or welcome contact either–that much was evident. In fact, it was pretty clear to me that he was extremely negative about Claudine, and doing his best to crush any contact between her and her daughter.

But like many abusers, he projected his own motives onto the child, now a teenager. SHE was the one who was “uncomfortable.” She was the one who was “afraid.” Afraid of what? Physical abuse, sexual violence? No, there was no evidence of that beyond vague innuendos about “fighting” that allegedly occurred in the distant past (These innuendos weren’t even brought up in January. Must be a new game plan.)

Apparently we are supposed to believe that this teenage girl is “afraid” because Mom allegedly doesn’t “follow the rules.” What rules? Apparently the court’s rules regarding discussion of this case.

All this was echoed by Guardian ad Litem JILL DYKES. And once again, just as in January, Ms. Dykes didn’t even feign professional neutrality in this case, as she literally sat at Daddy’s elbow the whole time.

Are you kidding me? The typical teenager would blow off a parent’s attempt to discuss court matters–ASSUMING any such discussion took place, which Claudine denies. They certainly wouldn’t be “afraid” of such a discussion. Annoyed perhaps. But not “afraid” or traumatized. This is just classic projection. That this teenager is such a hothouse flower that she is somehow irreparably injured by any possible or potential references to her parents’ legal issues, which I’m sure she already knows all about anyway. Nonsense.

I would humbly suggest that it is Hall Richardson and his enablers who are “afraid” of any possible open or frank discussion of this case. Or any contact between this mother and daughter. And their little “feelings” shouldn’t play any part of this.

Under Kansas law, visitation isn’t shut off because somebody is “uncomfortable” for vague and specious reasons. If that were the case, then controlling and manipulative parents would be cutting off access for whatever reason they dreamed up that day.

Unfortunately, given the dynamics of domestic violence, children who are in the control of abusers often find it necessary to parrot what the abusers want for their own survival. Which makes if very difficult for this child to speak up and articulate what she wants–except in private to her own mother.

And frankly, this ordeal shows a complete double standard. Were this a custodial mother blocking visitation for such vague and specious reasons, she would no doubt be labeled as an “alienator” with “parental alienation syndrome” (PAS). And the situation would be addressed immediately–either visitation would be enforced by the courts or the mother would lose custody all together. But I digress.

So no visitation from May to the present. But this actually was a minor issue as far as the court was concerned.

No, once again our major concern was Claudine’s political activity. The players in Shawnee County are very upset with how well known this case has become (my last blog posting on this case had readers as far away as Australia.) And they are blaming Claudine for all of it, even though when pushed, Judge DAVID DEBENHEIM fiercely denied that he was trying to “stomp” on Claudine’s first amendment rights. (Huh. Could have fooled me.)

But even in cases where OTHER bloggers like Nancy Carroll at Rights for Mothers had discussed this case ( ), Claudine was blamed. In fact, the opposing attorney submitted into evidence printouts from NANCY’s blog to show that Claudine was out of compliance with their gag order. Message to the Hoffmans: Nancy is not Claudine. I’m not Claudine either, for that matter. And you can’t shut us up.

And honestly, did the Hoffmans really have to embarass their employee like that? They trotted out a young and painfully ignorant employee of theirs to “testify” about Claudine’s “alleged” facebook and twitter activities. This fresh-faced young woman–no more than a high school graduate with a few “computer” classes–earnestly told us that every posting and link on somebody’s facebook page had to personally “approved” and/or “posted” by that person. Yes, dear friends. She did say that. And meant it too, so far as I can tell. I won’t give her name, though it’s in my notes. I refuse to further humilate her. But honestly, your great aunt Rose probably knows more about facebook than this girl.

So the significance of this was what? There are supposedly “references” to her case on Claudine’s facebook page! Oh the horror! And you know what? This blog may very well end up with a link on Claudine’s facebook page, too–through an automatic feed mechanism. It will go straight to facebook–even when Claudine is sleeping or brushing her teeth. Or sitting in court. Because you know what? Claudine is a well networked activist with probably hundreds of facebook friends working on issues related to child abuse, domestic violence, human rights, and family court reform. Many of us have discussed this case before. Just as we have discussed many other cases like this one, where the courts have backed up the abuser and shut out or ignored the protective mother. And for your information, you’ll find articles and links about those cases as well.

And all this policing of Claudine’s personal and political activities on the internet is particularly hypocritical when you consider the following: Attorney JASON B. HOFFMAN and GAL JILL DYKES had no qualms about violating professional ethical boundaries and becoming facebook “friends” with this child! (I saw the screen shots.) Mom can’t even post a photo of her daughter per court order, but these folks feel free to do as they like. Not that the judge was interested in this matter at all. Big surprise there.

And this is the crux of the matter. What the court in Shawnee County REALLY doesn’t like is that–as they put it–this lady “has a cause.” Or she has “become a cause.” They don’t like the “venom” (i.e. the truth) that has come out about this case, and the attention it has received nationally and even internationally. They don’t even like Claudine’s facial expressions! (Yes, the judge made a point of addressing this. “You are your own worst enemy!” he thundered at Claudine–apparently over some grimace or frown that I didn’t see.)

So make sure you never show anything but a happy face in front of Judge Debenham, even when you are possibly losing all contact with your only child!

Claudine is supposed to hear later this afternoon what the court’s decision is–after her daughter will presumably be allowed to speak her mind with the judge. But of course, she can’t really speak her mind–not as long as she’s a minor and dependent on her father.

We are not optimistic as to the outcome.

But you know what? In a little over two years, this girl ages out of the system’s control over her life. Perhaps then, real change will come about. Abusers and their enablers often win the battles. But they seldom win the war. That puts off any real healing in this case for another two years.

But at least it’s something to hope for.



A Father killed his two-year-old Daughter and took his own life with lethal doses of the herbicide paraquat

In domestic law on June 22, 2011 at 12:17 pm
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Arga's Salaeng parked at Phuket City police residences in Koh Sireh.
Phuket father, daughter die in paraquat murder-suicide
A witness to the tragedy, 25-year-old Aekkachai “Champ” Suksai from Nakhon Sri Thammarat, told the Phuket Gazette he was making coconut milk at a shop near Koh Sireh Circle last Thursday when he saw a man arrive on a salaeng (motorbike with sidecar) with a young daughter who appeared to be asleep.
The little girl died the following day, her father died on Sunday.
“He took the herbicide Gramoxone (paraquat), but we’re not sure how much he drank and gave to his daughter,” he said.
Paraquat remains a popular agent of suicide in many parts of the world due to its high toxicity, low cost and widespread availability.
After stopping at a grocery store next to the shop, the man began vomiting violently.

Another witness called police and Kusoldharm Foundation workers who arrived and sent the pair to Vachira Phuket Hospital for emergency treatment.

The mother was contacted and went to the hospital.

Phuket City Police identified the deceased as 33-year-old Arga Saejang and his daughter Netchanok, just two years old.

Phuket City Police Deputy Superintendent Jumroon Playdoung told the Gazette that questioning of Arga’s wife revealed the murder-suicide was motivated by an unspecified “family problem”.

Duty officer Anirut Pattarawiwat confirmed the cause of death as ingestion of the herbicide paraquat.



Child welfare systems working to get more dads into the equation of safe homes Read more: Child welfare systems working to get more dads into the equation of safe homes –

In domestic law on June 22, 2011 at 11:47 am

Perfect— we need more dead children.

Killer FATHER survives, mother and 2 year old daughter die – Custody Dispute.

In domestic law on June 11, 2011 at 11:25 pm

He was due to face Chrissie in court over a custody battle for Shania. Chrissie’s other daughter Chelsea, ten, fled the house in Braintree, Essex, after her mum begged her: “Run!

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Shotgun horror ... suspect David Oakes

  • ‘Killer dad suicide bid’
  • He survives as mum &
    2-yr-old daughter die
  •


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