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Mothers Loosing Custody: Kelly Rutherford on Her Ongoing Custody Battle, the Battered Mothers Custody Conference

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Kelly Rutherford on Her Ongoing Custody Battle

Kelly Rutherford Children Photo
Kelly has been locked in a bitter custody battle with her ex-husband since their divorce in 2010 and last
September a judge ordered the children to live with their father in France.

Kelly Rutherford writes from her heart on why her ongoing child custody battle represents a greater legal issue. We asked Kelly’s ex-husband, Daniel Giersch, for a statement on the show and his attorney, Fahi Takesh Hallin, responded, “Daniel Giersch continues not to comment publicly about the parties’ custody case, in order to protect the children’s privacy.”

I am sharing my story with the world so that no other mother has to experience the pain and suffering that I am going through. We have a flawed legal system and there needs to be a change.

Although I did everything within my power to facilitate a positive relationship between my ex-husband and our children, and although I traveled far and wide to facilitate a shared custodial arrangement with my ex-husband, a judge effectively deported my two (2) minor children to accommodate a man who had his VISA revoked, for reasons unknown.

Without any inquiry as to why my ex-husband’s VISA was revoked, the Judge forced my young children, both of whom are US Citizens to reside in France, even though the children have no relationship to France, nor is their father a French citizen. Although, NY was the only home my children have ever known and the children’s own counsel recommended that the children be allowed to stay in the United States with me, the Judge made a decision in direct contravention of expert opinion.

Although my children are US citizens, the fact that they reside in France places them in legal peril. The longer they remain in France, the greater the chance becomes that they are afforded the status of French residents. This is particularly dangerous because France is in no way obligated to respect and/or enforce judicial determinations made in US Courts. In essence, French officials could modify a custody and visitation decision at any time, without any legal recourse for me or my children. Change needs to happen now.


Video one here:

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Kelly Rutherford Photo
“Gossip Girl” star Kelly Rutherford sits down with Katie to speak out about her custody battle that’s making headlines.

Kelly Rutherford’s lawyer, Amanda Shaked, explains the steps she’s taking to get Kelly’s kids back.

A Nation of Motherless Children? | Janie McQueen, Author and Divorce Gamesmanship Expert

In domestic law on April 14, 2013 at 10:04 pm A Nation of Motherless Children? “In some of the more severely manipulated cases, the tables were turned on mothers who sought to protect their children from abusive fathers; they were punished in family court and by the abusive parent. Many are limited to a couple hours’ supervised visitation every two weeks. They don’t have the privilege of shaking on the bleachers with the rest of us, who naturally take such excursions for granted. Many times there’s a protective order that would keep them from attending even public events such as this, when all they long to do is see their children in action, and enjoy a game to break up a brutal week of missing their children. …What kind of man goes to every length and expense possible to deny his children a healthy, some would say critical, portion of motherly love in their lives? Or not even that–what kind of man begrudges his ex any meaningful contact with her own children? Is this not evidence he could be lacking as a father? If not, why? Sorry about that failed relationship, man, but the children from it remain. Lucky you to have a magic wallet to make it all go away. It’s time to stop treating kids as chattel instead of children.” Janie McQueen’s Book on How Family Court Is A Game: Hanging On By My Fingernails: Surviving the New Divorce Gamesmanship, and How a Scratch Can Land You in Jail In this daring, groundbreaking book, journalist Janie McQueen unveils the truth behind the “new divorce gamesmanship”–vicious tactics that thrust victims into complex webs of legal tangles that destroy spirits and hobble divorce cases. These surprisingly common–and legally deadly–ploys can and often lead to criminal charges and trials, lingering records, heartbreaking child custody battles, embarrassing distortion campaigns, and even unemployment as employers increasingly trawl the Internet for background checks.

Maternal Deprivation Inflicted on Battered Women and Abused Children

In domestic law on May 21, 2011 at 6:57 pm
Maternal Deprivation, or Motherlessness, is occurring with alarming frequency due to the unethical treatment of women and children in family court. Maternal Deprivation is inflicting abuse by severing the mother-child bond. It is a form of abuse that men inflict on both the mother and children, especially men who claim they are “parentally alienated” from their children when there are complaints of abusive treatment by the father.
Maternal Deprivation occurs when men seek to keep their children from being raised by their mothers who are the children’s natural caretakers. Some men murder the mothers of their own children. Others seek to sever the maternal bonds by making false allegations of fictitious psychological syndromes in a deliberate effort to change custody and/or keep the child from having contact with their mother when there are legal proceedings. A twisted form of Maternal Deprivation is to kill the children, so that the mother will be left to suffer. Sometimes there are family annihilation murders where the father kills the children and himself (or dies by cop), but the mother is not killed because she has received protective orders and her children have not as in the case of Jessica Gonzales.
The intent of “Maternal Deprivation” is to punish the mother and the child for revealing the abuse and to falsely claim that they are not abusive. This very commonly occurs as there are more and more “abuse-excuse” parental alienation accusing professionals who use this scientifically invalid theory over and over to achieve specific goals of the person paying them. Maternal Deprivation can also occur in response to child support legal proceedings. When occurring in this manner, Maternal Deprivation is a response to the financial demands as retaliation. Suddenly the father who had little prior involvement wants to take the kids half the time to avoid child support obligations, etc. When the men are really abusive, they ask for sole custody and demand the mother of the child pay them.
Although some people call this “Maternal Alienation”, a distinction needs to be made as the pro-pedophilia “Parental Alienation Syndrome” and the use of the word “Alienation” are most often used AGAINST battered women and abused children. There needs to be a distinction between the phony psychological syndrome and the intentional infliction of abuse on a mother and child by intentionally severing their natural bond. This distinction can best be made by NOT using the label of “Alienation” which will always be associated with the pro-pedophilia monster Doctor Richard Gardner.
Some of the characteristics of the especially heinous abusers who inflict Maternal Deprivation include but are not limited to the following:
The effects of Maternal Deprivation often cause the children to become psychotic, depressed, and sometimes suicidal or to have suicidal ideations. Another terrible reaction is when the child retaliates against the parent who accuses Parental Alienation Syndrome as in a Texas case where the child killed his father. Other times when the Maternal Deprivation abuser completely takes over the will of the child by using brainwashing techniques similar to those used in prison camps where deprivation and isolation are used to force ideological changes in captives, these children often have a sort of trauma-bonding with the abuser and model their behavior. Sometimes these children will also abuse the mother in the same manner as the father. Another generation is created to carry on the abuse, and will likely do the same to their own spouse and children.



What About Melinda Stratton’s side of the Story?

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Australian Shared Parenting Law Debate

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The news articles are flying in supporting a potential sexual abuser and claiming that Melinda Stratton is mentally ill. Mental illness is the onlypathetic explanation as to why a business women would run away from everything that is familiar to her and Andrew. If there was a criminal background, it would be featured, but no Melinda Stratton has nothing but the opinion of a court ordered psych.

Ken Thompson has certainly been around pushing his views to all that challenge until most people just give in and say, "Oh…Um…yes, shes crazy and your not an abuser".

Note the word most. The exclusion is the community of REAL mothers and children who have been through this and know what Melinda has gone through. Lets face it, experts get paid for their opinion at the end of the day and I am sure some are willing to alter some to get a nice big payout at the end of the day. I place my bets on experience.

In Australia, we now have grown up children who have been forced by court order to stay with an abusive parent. No law is going to stop them from speaking out in the end as Australian jurisdiction only reaches so far.

How to break the silence…

We now have wikileaks, where you can submit your evidence anonymously and there is nothing that the family court can do. They would have to prove you submitted it, to warrant any court cases. Julian Assange might have been through his own battles as a father, but it doesn’t make him a misogynist. he was on the run himself as a child from a psychopathic dad which neutralizes his view to warranting the need for protecting children.

Lets face it, the press is restricted to speaking for the court, not the children and sooner or later – its all going to come out. If you are considering submitting your evidence of abuse or murder in relation to the Family Court, read the instructions on how to submit anonymously and watch this video: MORE HERE

Family Courts:" Mothers Without Custody"-The Susan Murphy Milano Show: Wednesday September 1, 2010 Call In 347-326-9337

In domestic law on September 1, 2010 at 1:09 pm

4:00 PM Eastern Time and 3:00 PM Central Time

Show Link:

Family Courts:" Mothers Without Custody"-The Susan Murphy Milano Show: Wednesday September 1, 2010

"I am a mother, a daughter, a sister, your neighbor, your co-worker and or friend. I am only one of thousands of Battered Mothers and battered children struggling daily to keep our children safe ourselves alive. Many have not survived. I pledge to my many sisters-and all our children, those who have fallen and those who still stand, being brutalized daily, weekly, year after year- by a system that is supposed to protect, the Courts continue to punish battered mothers and our battered children. United we carry forward the unheard cries of our children."

On the Susan Murphy Milano Show: Todays guests will be Barry Goldstein is a former attorney and author of the book, “Scared to Leave Afraid to Stay,” and newly released book, "Domestic Violence, Abuse and Child Custody" as well as an advocate for women abused by their partners and sometimes the court system.
And Claudine Dombrowski a noted expert on Mothers Without Custody, who herself is currently being victimized by the family courts in Kansas City, Mo.

The number to call into the show with questions or comments is:

4:00 PM Eastern Time and 3:00 PM Central Time

Show Link:
If you miss the show be sure to return to this site where it will re-play automatically through September 8,, 2010 or you can down load the podcast by going to the link for the show.
To be considered as a guest on a future show or if you have a subject matter or idea you would like on a topic of interest please email us at
Been there, done that…” Susan Murphy- Milano has turned a tired phrase into demonstrable realism through the gift of her newly published book, "TIME’S UP: A GUIDE ON HOW TO LEAVE AND SURVIVE ABUSIVE AND STALKING RELATIONSHIPS

Maternal Deprivation Abuse

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Maternalism What is Maternalism? Are the voices of mothers who identify with the liberation of mothers and the rights of their children. There was a past emergence of Maternalism in feminist history in the nineteenth century, however it is not consistent to today’s issues that continue to undermine her rights and values.

We believe that the act of giving birth has been extremely undervalued in today’s society much as a result of patriarchy but also due to the lack of representation of mothers voices in women’s rights organizations. We note that the eight hour day was inclusive of workers rights, but failed to acknowledge the labor of mothers towards raising future generations.

In the last twenty years, our rights have declined further with this acknowledgement as our children have grown to become the property of the state and men. We have the right to work from home, have flexible hours so that our care and work is balanced to eight hour days. We demand that employers provide the technology and opportunities to do so.

We have the exclusive right to be prioritized to be the exclusive candidates that have existing or possible opportunities to do so. We believe that joint parenting and shared parenting that is forced under the state of law upon dissolution of marriage undermines our rights to:

  • Consent to the renamed marriage contract.
  • Continue our natural primary care giving relationship with our children.
  • Make decisions for the welfare of our children
  • Obtain protection of family Freedom of movement
  • Love our children without scrutiny of the deep bond we place with our children
  • Raise our children
  • Be appreciated for the lives we bore onto this earth.

Whilst the status of women has improved, the status of mothers has declined that our representation in the media of mothers is poor and discriminatory. We believe that both forced and persuasive adoption is a degradation of women equivalent to prostitution and laws against this abdominal crime need to be enforced.

We believe that threats to take our children for objecting to medical practices that are harmful is an exploitation of mothers and undermines her ability to intuitively know what is best to raise her children as she has done hundreds of years prior to the introduction of medical treatment.

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The Role of Good Fathers

In domestic law on June 15, 2010 at 8:35 pm

By Barry Goldstein

On Father’s Day it is traditional to praise the role of fathers and speak of “fathers’ rights.”  This is an altogether good and proper activity, but today I would instead like to discuss fathers’ responsibilities and the role of good fathers in ending domestic violence.   Domestic violence is usually viewed as a women’s issue, but as Joe Torre has said, it is really a man’s issue.

Good fathers want to make sure their daughters grow up safe from the risk of rape and assault.  They want to provide an example so their sons will never abuse their partners.  Simply refraining from assaulting, threatening or intimidating their partner is not enough.  Good fathers need to speak out against sexism because sexism is the cause of domestic violence.

When we hear someone tell a sexist joke, make comments suggesting the value of women has to do with her appearance or body parts, engage in blame the victim approaches or minimize the significance of domestic violence, good fathers can speak out and complain the remarks are offensive.  Words matter because they help create an atmosphere where the mistreatment of women is acceptable.  If a woman is only a (fill in the slur), it isn’t so serious if a man hurts her.  This attitude places our daughters, wives, sisters and mothers in jeopardy.

Recently, the news has included dozens of tragedies across the country in which men have killed their children, partner and others before killing themselves.  Some journalists have tried to make sense of this pattern of murder-suicide by looking at the economy, mental health issues, guns and disappointments.  In many of these cases there was a history of domestic violence and custody disputes.  Unfortunately few journalists have training in domestic violence and this has contributed to their failure to understand domestic violence issues.

Men and women do suffer depression and tragically too many commit suicide.  Why is it that 94% of the murder-suicides are committed by men?  If someone decides to end their life because they think it has no purpose or value, what gives them the right to decide this for their wife and children?  There is a long history of husbands owning and controlling their wives.  Laws have changed, but the belief remains widespread.  Many men believe their partners have no right to leave them.  This is why 70% of men who kill their partners do so after she has left.  Similarly, abusive fathers have developed a tactic of seeking custody to punish women for leaving or pressuring them to return. Sadly the custody court system has been slow to recognize this tactic resulting in thousands of children being sent to live with abusive fathers.  Abusers like to use the term “fathers’ rights” and pretend to speak for all fathers as they do enormous harm to children and all of society.  It is time for good fathers to speak out, support protective mothers and make it clear the abusers do not speak for us.

Children who witness domestic violence are far more likely than other children to subsequently engage in dysfunctional behavior that places themselves and others in jeopardy.  This is why up-to-date research recommends abusers should not receive custody, but when battered mothers attempt to protect their children they are accused of alienation.  Society pays a high price in higher crime, losses to the economy, medical expenses and lost potential when courts grant custody to abusers.  The loss of potential and other expenses will ultimately be paid by our daughters and sons.  This is why good fathers must speak up.

Domestic violence has been a public issue for only thirty years.  As a result judges and many of the professionals they rely on are using myths, stereotypes, outdated beliefs, unscientific theories and bias instead of up-to-date research.  Too often the courts are defensive about their mistakes and discredited practices.  Good fathers can speak out to friends, family and public officials about this crisis.  We can ask journalists to start investigating the pattern of mistakes in domestic violence custody cases.  The male supremacists who dominate “fathers’ rights” groups will call us male bashers, but we can wear these attacks as a badge of honor.  Good fathers don’t let anything keep us from protecting our daughters and sons.

Barry Goldstein is co-chair of the child custody task force for the National Organization of Men Against Sexism (NOMAS) Mr. Goldstein is the co-editor of the recently published DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, ABUSE and CHILD CUSTODY .

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