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Susan Murphy Milano: TIME’S UP! Claudine Dombrowski on Intimate Partner Violence and Barry Goldstein protecting Battered Women in the Courtrooms

In domestic law on September 23, 2011 at 12:03 pm

DA Chad Taylor, Topeka Kansas Refusal to prosecute Domestic Violence Charges. They are releasing those arrested for battering. No Charges. How Do battered Mothers SURVIVE? A MUST HEAR SHOW!

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 Claudine Dombrowski could very well be considered a “Wounded Warrior” in the fight against intimate partner violence.  Fighting her personal battle against her abuser for over 16 years … Read more. 

 Barry Goldstein has fought battles in the trenches and the courtrooms in an attempt to keep battered women from losing their treasure, their children. … read more 

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Susan Murphy Milano: TIME'S UP!

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Topeka domestic abuse survivor trembling over DA’s decision to pass down misdemeanors

In domestic law on September 16, 2011 at 4:17 pm

PLEASE COMMENT ON ORIGINAL ARTICLE! We need OUTRAGE to stop this political game playing at the expense of women. Right now in Topeka Kansas—DOMESTIC VIOLENCE is LEGAL. Since last week’s decision of the County DA to stop prosecuting Domestic Violence in the city limits, there have been 35 Domestic Violence arrests that have WALKED with no charges!
The City manager is considering a repeal in the City Ordinances that Domestic Violence is NOT A CRIME within the city.

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rowbar, it was a misdemeanor. I’ve had both my wrist broken and it was a misdemeanor.”
When Shawnee County District Attorney Chad Taylor decided to hand over misdemeanor cases, like Dombrowski’s, to the city, she knew it would weigh heaviest on victims of domestic violence. Knowing the consequences a victim could face when the abuser is arrested, then released, she advises victims not to call the police. She says, “You, as a survivor, know how to survive. You just keep surviving. If you call the police right now, and God forbid you end up with the city, you might die.”
Dombrowski says she’s disgusted at how poorly survivors are treated after making the terrifying decision to call authorities. She says community leaders see it as, “Let’s put these victims in with weed control and dog at large and parking tickets. That’s how important you are to our community.”
Dombrowski says the word “misdemeanor” has such a harmless connotation and wishes people knew the horrible actions hiding behind it. She says, “I was pushed through plate glass windows and if I had not been in a relationship with this man, he would be in prison.”
If the city does decide to take on the domestic abuse cases, Dombrowski hopes it’s only until funding can be restored at the District Attorney’s office. She says, “We’ve just jumped back 30 years into the dark ages, and it’s very dark. The lights just went out in Topeka.”
She says many times the misdemeanor charges get reduced to disorderly conduct and destruction of personal property, and she can’t imagine how easy the abusers will have it in city courts. Dowbrowski says you can help domestic violence victims of Topeka by demanding more money for the District Attorney’s office, so they can continue to protect the public.

Wednesday morning, Topeka Interim City Manager Dan Stanley said there is some thought being given to repealing the city ordinances to force the prosecution back on the county. He says it will then be up to the D.A. to prioritize what cases should be prosecuted.
Stanley says he’s concerned about what will happen to the individuals whose cases are not being prosecuted. He says, “We know of three cases where judges have released the people accused of domestic violence back out because it their understanding that the district attorney will not prosecute and so there may be more of these.”
Topeka Police Officers are forwarding misdemeanor cases involving domestic violence to the District Attorney’s Office. Stanley says the D.A.’s office has already turned away 30 cases. He believes the  victims and their families are most affected.

16 years after enduring constant physical abuse, the memories still shake Claudine Dombrowski to the core. She says, “I was beaten with a c

“No excuse for domestic violence” (Claudine Dombrowski)

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Published: 9/14 9:16 pm

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“No excuse for domestic violence” (Claudine Dombrowski)

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Published: 9/14 9:16 pm


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The Lights Went Out in Topeka for Victims of Domestic Violence: Claudine Dombrowski Speaks Out (via ImaginePublicity)

In domestic law on September 16, 2011 at 3:45 pm

The Lights Went Out in Topeka for Victims of Domestic Violence: Claudine Dombrowski Speaks Out When Shawnee County, KS District Attorney Chad Taylor decided to hand over misdemeanor cases, like Claudine Dombrowski's, to the city, she knew the consequences would be the hardest on victims of domestic violence.  Dombrowski, a victim of violence for 16 years, who ultimately lost the right to custody or visitation with her daughter through years of wrangling in court, speaks from a position of experience and first hand knowledge. A result of th … Read More

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A Battered Mother Survives – The Sound of Silence

In domestic law on June 16, 2011 at 11:30 am

Domestic violence is on the rise in Shawnee County

In domestic law on May 31, 2011 at 7:23 pm

The number of cases coming across Taylor’s desk is growing. “Our year to date projections total is going to be an increase of about 80 percent for the domestic battery cases that we filed,” Taylor said.

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“I remember curling up in a ball to protect her from the kicks,” domestic violence survivor, Claudine Dombrowski, described.

Claudine Dombrowski is a survivor to domestic violence, a cycle she went back to many times. “I had a choice I could see my daughter or I could never see her again. The abuser had complete control, so I got my daughter back and went back to him.”

Claudine fights to help women like herself who have fallen in the hands of abuse. “This was the crow bar, and then I was beaten and raped,” Dombrowski said.

She said she never reported her beatings until after her daughter was born.

Claudine said even if you haven’t been a victim, you probably know someone who has and you can help them. “Don’t think it’s you…get rid of the scarlet letter of shame, it’s the most important thing.”

Taylor’s office gave us statisitics on Domestic Violence in
he DA’s office received 1267 cases, out of those 508 were filed. Starting from January 1st until October 16
there have been 1347 cases received, and out of those 849 cases have been filed.
meaning an eighty percent increase on Domestic Battery.




In domestic law on May 21, 2011 at 10:49 pm
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A Kansas Judge consistently has shown how unethical Family Courts are. The story is simple, a mother, Claudine Dombrowski, loses custody to her abuser and the Family Court think that she will go away. They hope she will give up. They are counting on her shutting up. But there is a problem with that, this woman has friends. She has lots and lots of friends that have gone through the same corruption of Family Courts and unethical Judges, Court Whores and the like. This Judge has gone as far as not allowing this mothers child from attending her loving Grandmothers funeral. This Judge wants to make problems because of a tribute video?
Not on my watch…… You cannot shut us all up Judge….we will not allow you to tarnish the memory of “Granny”….hold us all in contempt…..and watch out for falling houses.




Whores Of The Court and the Rape of American Justice

In domestic law on May 21, 2011 at 6:54 pm
Whores of the Court: Free Download The Entire Book in Fully-Searchable PDF
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In this provocative and well-researched book, Margaret Hagen, Ph.D, reveals how expert psychological testimony is a total fraud, showing how the courts have increasingly embraced not a cutting-edge science but, instead, a discipline that represents a terrifying retreat into fantasy and hearsay; a discipline propelled by powerful propaganda, arrogance, and greed.

Dr. Hagen sounds a clarion wake-up call, offering some startling – and much-needed – recommendations about how we can reclaim our own ability to judge and supplying vital advice on how we can protect ourselves from the ravages of psychological testimony in our own lives.

Professor Margaret A. Hagen “A damning indictment of the psychologizing – and undermining – of the American legal system. With righteous wrath and devastating wit, this sweeping critique should stir national debate.”



Family Courts:" Mothers Without Custody"-The Susan Murphy Milano Show: Wednesday September 1, 2010 Call In 347-326-9337

In domestic law on September 1, 2010 at 1:09 pm

4:00 PM Eastern Time and 3:00 PM Central Time

Show Link:

Family Courts:" Mothers Without Custody"-The Susan Murphy Milano Show: Wednesday September 1, 2010

"I am a mother, a daughter, a sister, your neighbor, your co-worker and or friend. I am only one of thousands of Battered Mothers and battered children struggling daily to keep our children safe ourselves alive. Many have not survived. I pledge to my many sisters-and all our children, those who have fallen and those who still stand, being brutalized daily, weekly, year after year- by a system that is supposed to protect, the Courts continue to punish battered mothers and our battered children. United we carry forward the unheard cries of our children."

On the Susan Murphy Milano Show: Todays guests will be Barry Goldstein is a former attorney and author of the book, “Scared to Leave Afraid to Stay,” and newly released book, "Domestic Violence, Abuse and Child Custody" as well as an advocate for women abused by their partners and sometimes the court system.
And Claudine Dombrowski a noted expert on Mothers Without Custody, who herself is currently being victimized by the family courts in Kansas City, Mo.

The number to call into the show with questions or comments is:

4:00 PM Eastern Time and 3:00 PM Central Time

Show Link:
If you miss the show be sure to return to this site where it will re-play automatically through September 8,, 2010 or you can down load the podcast by going to the link for the show.
To be considered as a guest on a future show or if you have a subject matter or idea you would like on a topic of interest please email us at
Been there, done that…” Susan Murphy- Milano has turned a tired phrase into demonstrable realism through the gift of her newly published book, "TIME’S UP: A GUIDE ON HOW TO LEAVE AND SURVIVE ABUSIVE AND STALKING RELATIONSHIPS

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