The Genocide of Battered Mothers and their Children

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Mom with no custody order loses all contact with 2-year-old son after facilitating visitation with dad; doesn’t see boy again until he is “allegedly” murdered by dad (League City, T…

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Young Children Find Parent’s Dead Bodies in Murder-Suicide Mother had Filed for Divorce

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A husband and wife were found dead in their home by their three young children in apparent murder-suicide. Both Kyla Ryng and her husband Alexander Ryng had gunshot wounds to the head. The medical …


Man killed his estranged wife, his 9-year old daughter, critically injured his 14-year old son and then took his own life.

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Man killed his estranged wife, his 9-year old daughter, critically injured his 14-year old son and then took his own life.


Children of domestic violence: ‘Daddy shooted mommy’

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Following child-witnessed homicides in Bristol and Oxford in less than two months, representatives of domestic abuse service agencies from across Connecticut are talking about ways to improve services for children in violent households.


Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics (Father’s ARE the most dangerous to children! )

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Society needs to come to grips with the reality of the risks some fathers pose for children — and put away the childish fantasy that Fathers Know Best….


Georgia court may have given sex predator custody of child victims

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Court records show the “Jane’s” children repeatedly made claims of emotional and sexual abuse during unsupervised visits with their father but the courts repeatedly ordered them back.


The ‘Silent Scandal’ of Courts Putting Children With Their Abusers

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Sitting on a flowery couch, a 10-year-old girl recalls the first time her father raped her. She was three years old a…


Post-Separation Abuse Featured in the New Duluth Power and Control Wheel  Family & Intimate Partner Violence Quarterly

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Two-Parent Households Can Be Lethal –

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Interview with Liz Kates Women and Family Court

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If you’ve ever experienced family court, you know how wrenching it can be. In difficult cases it’s hard to find a lawyer to tackle the issues, and if you’re broke, good luck getting legal advice. In the brotherhood/sisterhood of lawyers, one particular woman stands out – REALLY stands out. Elizabeth Kates has practice law for 34 years with impressive qualifications like a J.D. and LLM degrees from University of Florida, plus psychology training. She has practiced in the areas of finance, taxation and gender issues affecting women in the IRS and other federal laws. But she is so much more. Liz founded to focus on women’s issues and history, which is probably the most comprehensive site about divorce, custody, news, and so much more. She believes that there is an abrogation of the rule of law in family law that has led to more and more problems for women in divorce and child custody, even as the changes in the laws in other areas have purported to equalize women’s rights. And to top it off, Liz is outspoken and controversial even among her peers. One lawyer wrote on his website that people should ?stay away? from her as an attorney. She can be just as fierce in her opinions as she can be supportive of the issues she supports.


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