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(Brooklyn, NY) Family Court Judge Bernard Graham gives custody of son to homeless father… instead of $90,000-a-year mother

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A judge decided it was better for a boy to live with his homeless father in a shelter than stay with his $90,000-a-year mother – after the mother criticised the legal process.

Jeanette Traylor, who is a court worker herself, was even denied visitation rights, according to the New York Post

Instead her 17-year-old son is staying with his father, John Jacobs, who ‘has been living in storefronts and borrowed rooms and basements’ for years, according to court papers.

Homeless shelter: Tilden Hall in Brooklyn, where the 17-year-old will live with his father - instead of his $90,000-a-year mother

Homeless shelter: Tilden Hall in Brooklyn, where the 17-year-old will live with his father – instead of his $90,000-a-year mother – after he was awarded custody

The father ‘constantly misled’ investigators – and a psychologist testified that he had ‘severe reservations’ about Mr Jacobs’ parenting skills, the court papers said.

But the father and son are now living together in a city-run shelter in Brooklyn, New York.

‘I begged the judge please not to play with my son’s life,’ Miss Traylor, a court clerk in Manhattan Supreme Court, told The Post. ‘What my ex-husband does doesn’t surprise me.

‘But I expected better when I went to court.’

But Mr Jacobs – who split from Miss Traylor in 1995, shortly after their son’s birth – insisted to the newspaper that the teenager is better off with him.

‘If I was in a cardboard box and if it was better for my son, so be it.

Decision: Judge Bernard Graham hit out at the mother after she criticised the legal process

Decision: Judge Bernard Graham hit out at the mother after she criticised the legal process

‘One parent is healthier for the child than the other . . . When you add the whole thing together, I’m better for the boy. That’s the bottom line.’

After their split, the couple shared custody until a judge gave Miss Traylor primary physical custody in 2001.

Mr Jacobs decided to challenge the decision and over the last decade, more than 30 petitions and motions have been filed between them.

Their son claimed in 2008 that his mother struck him with an umbrella, according to court papers. Miss Traylor denies the allegation.

Documents also revealed that the mother had been arrested several times – but that she had never been convicted of anything. She claims all of the arrests were at her husband’s request.

Earlier this month, Family Court Judge Bernard Graham took custody from Traylor and gave it to Jacobs.

The judge said his decision was based on the wishes of the boy, who, according to the court papers, claimed his mother was ‘self-absorbed’ and uninterested in his issues.

He had demanded to live with his father, it is claimed.

Before giving his decision, however, the judge hit out at Miss Traylor for being ‘quick to offer barbed criticism of the court and the legal process’, according to the New York Post.

Judge Graham did not return MailOnline’s call.

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175 Killer Dads: Fathers who ended their children’s lives in situations involving child custody, visitation, and/or child support (USA)

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Update February 2011

175 Killer Dads: Fathers who ended their children’s lives in situations involving child custody, visitation, and/or child support (USA)

An update to our previous 76 Killer Dads, 88 Killer Dads, and 138 Killer Dads lists.

This is NOT a comprehensive list of all U.S. fathers who have killed their children in situations involving domestic violence and/or child abuse. This list is limited to articles I have found where there is an identifiable child custody, visitation, and/or child support angle in the children’s deaths. Even then, I can’t claim that this is a comprehensive list of child custody, visitation, and or child-support- related murders. Quite often, newspaper articles just don’t provide enough information to make a judgment call.

There is no time limit to the actual dates of death on this list, though most are comparatively recent— usually (but not always) with an article on the deaths appearing in the last three years or so. (Often it takes years for charges to get filed in these cases, or for cases to go to trial.) Note that there are several cases going back to the 1990s.

Feel free to use this as a data base for additional research or to narrow the deaths down to the time period, geographic setting, or other criteria of your choosing.

If you know of a worthy case that has been omitted, feel free to contact me and I will see about adding the case during the next update. This is very much a work in progress.

Because many have asked which cases specifically involve a family court which ignored the concerns of a protective mother or involved notable court and/or CPS incompetence/corruption, I have marked some of the more egregious cases of that type with an asterisk. Of course, the criterion is somewhat subjective, and is also based on having enough media coverage to discern whether these factors were present. Once again, that doesn’t mean that other cases on this list didn’t involve those factors. Only that I have insufficient information at this time.

Additional information can be found on all these cases by searching the Dastardly Dads site.

175 Killer Dads: Fathers who ended their children’s lives in situations involving child custody, visitation, and/or child support (USA)


Franklin County


Victim(s): Andrea Gonzalez (5 years)

Date of Death: Reported missing in November 1993. Body never recovered.

Custodial father eventually pleads guilty to manslaughter. Stepmother charged with child abuse.

Jefferson County


Victim(s): Janiya Nicole Hale (1 year)

Date of Death: July 2009

Father, a registered sex offender, is charged with murder. Daughter died during overnight visitation.

Mobile County


Victim(s): Natalie Deblase (4 years), Chase Deblase (3 years)

Date of Death: Unclear. Bodies located in December 2010 after children hadn’t been seen for months.

Father was apparently custodial at the time of children’s deaths. Both father, girlfriend are charged with murder.

Montgomery County


Victim(s): Chad (C.J.) Johnson (3 years)

Date of Death: May 2008

Father had been in “custody battle” with mother, and had secured custody just two months before the boy’s murder. Father on trial in November 2010.

Morgan County


Victim(s): Amy Jean Wilbourn (infant)

Date of Death: December 2008

Father with either “temporary” or “permanent” custody of infant daughter charged with capital murder. In October 2010, father pleads not guilty, with trial scheduled for August 2011.


Cococino County


Victim(s): Teigan Peters (aka Teigan Brown) (3 years)

Date of Death: June 2009

Daughter killed in murder-suicide during court-ordered visitation . Mother had applied for orders of protection.

Maricopa County


Victim(s): Mindi Chambers (17 years)

Date of Death: Assumed to have been murdered around the time she went missing in 1982.

Custodial father ALLEN CHAMBERS is now presumed to have murdered Mindi Chambers around the time she went missing. Daughter had reported sexual abuse to the authorities. Not reported as officially missing till 1995.


Victim(s): Trenay Duchane (12 years)

Date of Death: November 2008

Custodial father and stepmother convicted of murder.


Victim(s): Anthony Gonzalez (11 years)

Date of Death: Summer 2005

Father convicted of murdering son during summer visitation.


Victim(s): Unnamed son (5 years)

Date of Death: June 2009

Father with sole custody stabs son to death in failed murder-suicide. Mother had been trying to regain custody. In October 2010, father pleaded guilty to 1st-degree murder.


Victim(s): Alec Leteve (5 years), Asher Leteve (1 year)

Date of Death: March 2010

Parents in process of getting divorce, but had agreed to joint custody. Sons shot to death in failed murder-suicide. Father apparently "feared" mother would attempt a move away.


Victim(s): 7-month-old daughter

Date of Death: December 2010

Father arrested for death of 7-month-old daughter. Parents had “verbal custody agreement” to share children on weekly basis. Dad had history of domestic violence arrests.

Pima County


Victim(s): Ariana Paine (3 years), Tyler Paine (4 years)

Date of Death: 2006

Mother originally got custody in 2003. In January 2006, father asked for informal visitation, which the mother granted. In March, the father refused to return the children. The mother contacted the Tucson police regarding her custody order, and they refused to retrieve the children. Within months the children are dead (exact date unknown, only one body was found). Mother sued City of Tucson CPS, and they settled for $1 million in June 2008. In October 2010, Judge Carmine Cornello dismissed mother’s suit against the police.


Contra Costa County


Victim(s): Volkan Kayik (16 years)

Date of Death: July 2007

Custodial father found guilty in 2009 of strangulation death of son.

El Dorado County


Victim(s): Chandler Nash-Eliott (11 years)

Date of Death: December 2009

Father not charged in the "suicide" of son. Father had physical custody, parents had shared legal custody. Father had extensive history with CPS regarding neglect, abuse, lack of supervision, etc.

Los Angeles County


Victim(s): Lance Helms (2 1/2 years)

Date of Death: 1995

Custodial dad convicted in beating death of son. Father had obtained custody despite extensive history of violence, drug abuse.


Victim(s): Lauren Sarene Key (4 years)

Date of Death: November 2000

Father scheduled to go to trial for 3rd time for death of daughter. Daughter was allegedly pushed off cliff during visitation in order to avoid child support.


Victim(s): Trudy Bonilla (ex-girlfriend, mother of child), Naomi (ten days)

Date of Death: October 2010

Father in “custody dispute” with mother of newborn child rams his truck into bedroom where his ex, the baby are sleeping. Both are killed.

Orange County


Victim(s): Richie Omondi (4 years)

Date of Death: 2006

Father shared custody with the child’s mother. Drowned son to avoid child support. Father convicted of 1st-degree murder in January 2010.


Victim(s): Soon to be ex-wife, daughter (8 years)

Date of Death: November 2010

Father in “custody dispute” shoots and kills ex-wife, daughter in murder-suicide.

Riverside County


Victim(s): Isaac Gallegos (2 years)

Date of Death: April 2010

Father charged with murder in the death of son, who was killed during weekend visitation with the father. Parents had never been married and had been in a “custody dispute” for the past year. The “family” had a history with CPS. Father had shown zero interest in the baby for the first year. And yet the judge–in this case Judge John M. Pacheco–awarded the father twice-a-week visitation anyway. He then proceeded to ignore the mother’s concerns regarding the child’s injuries and signs of psychological trauma. In fact, he threatened to strip the mother of custody for bringing up her concerns. In December 2010, father ordered to trial.


Victim(s): 5-year-old daughter

Date of Death: November 2010

Father, step arrested for murder, accessory to murder. Custodial status unclear.

Sacramento County


Victim(s): Jeremiah McGrath (3 years)

Date of Death: March 2010

Son beaten to death in home of father, stepmother

San Bernadino County


Victim(s): Jesus Gabriel Fuentes (4 years)

Date of Death: February 2010

Father crashes car, shoots to death son during visitation. Parents divorced. Father in critical condition from self-inflicted gunshot wound.


Victim(s): Wyatt Garcia (9 months)

Date of Death: January 2010

Father kills son in murder-suicide during court-ordered visitation. Parents never married. Mother had pleaded with 3 judges regarding father’s violence, threats.

San Diego County


Victim(s): Tori Vienneau (22 years), Dean Springtube (10 months)

Date of Death: July 2006

Father is convicted September 2009 in the murders of his former girlfriend and son. Father didn’t want to take paternity test, pay child support.

Ventura County


Victim(s): Jason Mulvaney (12 years), Jennifer Mulvaney (7 years)

Date of Death: September 2009

Father stabs to death son and daughter in murder-suicide during overnight visitation. Parents had shared custody and were still involved in divorce, custody case.


Arapahoe County


Victim(s): Aarone Thompson (7 years)

Date of Death: Reported missing in November 2005. Body never recovered.

Father convicted in September 2009 in daughter’s murder. Father had custody, as he had abducted the children from mother in Michigan.

El Paso County


Victim(s): Genesis Sims (9 years)

Date of Death: December 2008

Father obtained custody in New Jersey and retained custody despite child abuse investigations in that state. Father and girlfriend relocated to Colorado. Girl’s remains found in former home’s crawl space in May 2010. In November 2010, Father, girlfriend both charged in girl’s death, ordered to trial.

Jefferson County


Victim(s): Adrian Trujillo (5 months)

Date of Death: January 2010

Father charged in death of infant son. Father had physical custody while mother in military. Father alleged to have left baby alone while father went out drinking for 7 hours. Baby later found dead. In October 2010, father sentenced to 12 years in prison.

Logan County


Victim(s): Alexis McClain (3 years)

Date of Death: July 2010

Custodial father, step charged with murder in death of daughter. Non-custodial mother lives out of state, apparently in California. Father’s next court appearance scheduled for January 2011.


New Haven County


Victim(s): Morries Hill Jr. (5 months)

Date of Death: 2008

Father charged in connection with the death of son. Baby died from "severe physical abuse." Infant died in father’s home during overnight visitation.


Alachua County


Victim(s): Ashton (14 months)

Date of Death: January 2011

Father charged with manslaughter. Custodial arrangements not clear, though mother did not live in the home and apparently gave birth in North Carolina. Father on probation for previous child neglect concerning another child.

Bay County


Victim(s): unnamed Child (20 months), unnamed child injured (7 months)

Date of Death: August 2010

Father facing open murder count in beating death of 20-month-old child. News accounts mention that parents lived in separate households, but custody/visitation arrangements not explained. Father has violent criminal record.

Citrus County


Victim(s): Unnamed son (2 months)

Date of Death: February 2010

Father with extensive criminal background being investigated in death of infant son, who died during visitation with father.

Colllier County


Victim(s): Elijay Kye Aliazar (3 months)

Date of Death: January 2009

Father had shared custody with infant’s mother. Son died of blunt force trauma to the head during visitation. Father charged w. 2nd-degree murder.

Duval County

*Father: JOSI M. HALL

Victim(s): Kyla Hall (1 year)

Date of Death: 2008

Father had sole custody, and had been cleared of previous abuse allegations. Daughter died of blunt force trauma at home. Father convicted of 2nd-degree murder, and in May 2010, sentenced to life in prison.


Victim(s): Mesia Wright (2 years)

Date of Death: November 2010

Girl dies of methadone overdose while in visitation with father. Babysitting girlfriend charged with aggravated manslaughter. Mom had primary custody, but “allowed” child to stay with father when at work or school.

Gilchrist County


Victim(s): Kristina Hepp (4 years)

Date of Death: April 2009

Father filed for custody in November 2008, obtained it in February 2009. Child was apparently sexually abused, battered, and tortured from the start. In April 2010, father pleaded no contest to 1st-degree murder, and sentenced to life in prison.

Hillsborough County


Victim(s): Chavon Robinson (22 months)

Date of Death: February 2008

Father convicted in December 2009 of murdering child during visitation.


Victim(s): John Taylor Baxley (3 years)

Date of Death: August 2010

Son normally lived with mother in Missouri. Child died during summer visitation with father, girlfriend. Both charged with murder in February 2011.


Victim(s): Ronderique Anderson (16 months)

Date of Death: February 2011

Father acquired custody after the mother of the baby’s under-aged mother died, and baby’s mother was placed in foster care. Father had previous arrests for battery, and is charged with 1st-degree murder.

Jackson County


Victim(s): Danielle Baker (mother), sons Ahmaad (4 years) and Amarion (1 year), and unrelated infant.

Date of Death: 2005

Father allegedly committed quadruple murder because he was angry about child support.

Lake County


Victim(s): Kayla McKean (6 years)

Date of Death: 1998

Custodial father beat daughter to death. Had been subject of multiple CPS investigations.

Lee County


Victim(s): Karminda Rosales Salazar (20-year-old daughter that survived stabbing), grandson Josue Rosales (2 months)

Date of Death: May 2010

Custodial father sexually abused daughter, she gave birth to older child who survives. Father then attacked adult daughter with knife, and stabbed to death son she had with boyfriend.


Victim(s): Darwin (3 months)

Date of Death: June 2010

Father charged with 2nd-degree murder, but in November 2010, Costello released on bond and Judge J. Seals granted him visitation with surviving son.

Orange County


Victim(s): Roosevelt Bradley III (8 months)

Date of Death: August 2009

Father arrested for murder of infant during visitation.

Osceola County


Victim(s): Unnamed Son (5 years)

Date of Death: July 2009

Son beaten to death while visiting father, stepmother.

Palm Beach County


Victim(s): Crystal Camacho (8 years), Nelson Camacho (10 years)

Date of Death: December 2006

Father and mother were finalizing divorce. During Christmas visitation, father stabbed daughter, then killed her and brother Nelson Camacho (10 years) in arson murder-suicide. Mother had unsuccessfully petitioned for protection. Article from November 2010 mentions that surviving mother Jennie Carter is now an advocate for victims of domestic violence.

Pasco County


Victim(s): Diella Ludwig (2 months)

Date of Death: December 2008

CPS granted father THOMAS LUDWIG custody of infant twins. Father charged with 1st-degree murder in Diella’s death, and was convicted in November 2010.

Seminole County


Victim(s): Aurelia Juarez (14 months)

Date of Death: June 2008

In March 2010, custodial father sentenced to 21 years in prison for aggravated manslaughter in death of daughter.

Volusia County


Victim(s): Jeremiah Reese (14 years)

Date of Death: September 2009

Jeremiah Reese died of "accidental overdose" at the home of his custodial father. Father had long history of abuse, neglect with CPS.


Athens-Clarke County


Victim(s): Keionte Gresham (4 years), Keion Gresham (7 years)

Date of Death: May 2010

Father shot children to death in murder-suicide during visitation. Had extensive history of stalking, domestic violence.

Clayton County


Victim(s): Ja’mari Myckahi Jones (17 months)

Date of Death: September 2009

In November 2010, father on trial for murdering son during visitation, allegedly to avoid child support.

DeKalb County


Victim(s): Gary DeToma Jr. (5 years), Will DeToma (4 years – injured)

Date of Death: July 2010

Father seeking “full custody” charged with murder of 5-year-old son during visitation. Parents had been going through divorce.

Gwinnett County


Victim(s): Edward Garcia (1 year), Bradley Garcia (3 years)

Date of Death: February 2011

Father charged in fatal stabbing of two sons, and in critical stabbing of a third son. Father had been in “custody battle” with the mother over the children.


Honolulu County


Victim(s): Talia Williams (5 years)

Date of Death: 2005

Custodial father still facing charges in daughter’s death. Had gained custody just 7 months before murder.


Ada County


Victim(s): Bekm Bacon (8 months)

Date of Death: February 2010

Father shot to death son in murder-suicide. Parents going through divorce, but had joint custody. Infant killed during visitation with father.

Jerome County


Victim(s): Sage Aragon (11 years)

Date of Death: December 2008

Custodial father acquitted of involuntary manslaughter in hypothermia death of daughter. Father had told to her to walk to mother’s home during blizzard.

Twin Falls County

Father: JIM NICE JR.

Victim(s): Justin Nice (6 years), Spencer Nice (6 years), Raquel Anna Nice (2 years)

Date of Death: 2005

Father murdered children with rat poison during court-ordered visitation.


Cook County


Victim(s): Jahad Larry (7 months), Kalesh Larry (3 years), Keyshai Fields (16 years), Tawana Thompson Larry (19 years)

Date of Death: April 2010

Father with extensive criminal background charged in the murder of infant son, wife, two nieces. Had been awarded joint custody of infant through paternity action one week prior to killings.

DuPage County


Victim(s): Mya (9 years)

Date of Death: July 2008

In January 2011, father finally arrested in stabbing death of daughter. Had been staying with father for summer visitation.

Kane County


Victim(s): Riley (2 years)

Date of Death: February 2005

Father kills son in murder-suicide during unsupervised visitation ordered by Judge William Weir. According to October 2010 article, the judge resigned on the 4th anniversary of the boy’s murder.

McClean County


Victim(s): Duncan Connelly (6 years) and Jack Connelly (4 years)

Date of Death: March 2009

Father killed sons in murder-suicide during court-ordered visitation. Mother had extensive involvement with the courts trying to prevent contact with father.


Victim(s): Erika Meese (14 months)

Date of Death: August 2009

In September 2010, father found unfit to stand trial for murder, though he had been granted twice weekly visitation. Daughter beaten to death with a baseball bat.

Will County


Victim(s): Nathan Esi (19 months)

Date of Death: October 2009

Father accused of drowning son during visitation.


Delaware County


Victim(s): Lauren McConniel (5 years)

Date of Death: March 2010

Custodial father, step charged with felony child neglect charges. Girl died of severe malnutrition despite CPS investigations. Evidence that child was also sexually abused. Mother lost custody during divorce the year before in Knoxville, Tennessee. She was not represented by a lawyer.

Green County


Victim(s): Travis Bohannon (14 months)

Date of Death: August 2009

Father separated from wife. Son "accidently" shot during visitation. Father convicted of reckless homicide January 2010.

Lake County


Victim(s): Eboni Richardson (19 months)

Date of Death: August 2009

Father shot daughter during visitation. Didn’t want child’s mother to do a move away.

Father: TERRY BETHEL (aka Terry Noel)

Victim(s): Josiah Shaw (13 months)

Date of Death: January 2008

Father allegedly arranged to have visitation with son, then shot him to death to avoid child support.


Victim(s): Leon Walker (5 years)

Date of Death: April 2010

Boy found bound, tortured and beaten to death in home of custodial father. Death ruled a homicide.

Marion County


Victim(s): Ex-girlfriend Tracie Shannon (22 years), Juliana (9 months)

Date of Death: September 2010

Father arrested in arson murder of ex-girlfriend, infant daughter. Father allegedly wanted to avoid paying child support.

Tippecanoe County


Victim(s): Aiyana Gauvin (4 years)

Date of Death: March 2005

Child beaten to death after months of abuse and neglect. Custodial father sentenced to 50 years in prison.


Montgomery County


Victim(s): Brooklyn Coons (23 months)

Date of Death: January 2008

Girl died in home of custodial father. Girlfriend convicted of 1st-degree murder. Mother deceased. Safety concerns of maternal grandparents ignored by KS SRS.

Shawnee County


Victim(s): Karen Kahler (44 years), Emily Kahler (18 years), Lauren Kahler (16 years), Dorothy Wight (89 years)

Date of Death: Nov. 2009

Parents were in the process of divorcing, reportedly "sparring over children."

Sumner County


Victim(s): Caden Michael Reemes (4 years)

Date of Death: August 2009

Child asphyxiated at the home of his custodial UNNAMED FATHER.


Anderson County


Victim(s): Cole Frazier (21 months)

Date of Death: May 2009

Father obtained custody with police assistance through fraudulent EPO. Shot son to death in murder-suicide. Mother suing police, city.

Clark County


Victim(s): Michaela Watkins (10 years)

Date of Death: 2007

Custodial father, stepmother found guilty of murder in girl’s death. Girl removed from mother’s home by social workers.


Bossier Parish


Victim(s): Anna Celeste Lowe (5 years)

Date of Death: January 2011

Father got “temporary custody” after accusing mother of abuse. Though charges were determined to be unfounded, father managed to get 4 district judges to sign off 5 times on extending order. Father had history of domestic violence, drug abuse. Father charged with negligible homicide, step with 1st-degree murder.

Calcasieu Parish


Victim(s): Savanna Vincent (5 years)

Date of Death: June 2008

In July 2010, custodial father, step finally indicted for 2nd-degree murder.

East Baton Rouge Parish


Victim(s): Juwan Murphy (8 years), Tayshuan Murphy (2 years)

Date of Death: October 2008

Father stabbed children to death during visitation in order to “get back” at his estranged wife. Had threatened to harm the children before. Convicted of 1st-degree murder in June 2010.

Livingston Parish


Victim(s): Kaylene Herodias (4 months), Kayla Herodias (4 months – severely injured)

Date of Death: May 2010

Father in “custody battle” with babies’ mother charged with 1st-degree murderer in death of twin daughter. Dad admitted shaking the babies during his visitation time.

Orleans Parish


Victim: Ja’Shawn (2 years)

Date of Death: January 2010

Father arrested in murder of son during weekend visitation; alleged that father had been trying to avoid paying back child support.

Pointe Coupee Parish


Victim(s): Aaron Bowman, Jr.

Date of Death: November 2009

Father had "temporary" custody of son, 2-year-old daughter when son beaten to death. Father charged with 1st-degree murder.


Kennebec County


Victim(s): Connor Soucy (4 months)

Date of Death: August 2009

Infant became "unresponsive" during visit with father. Later died at hospital.


Baltimore County


Victim(s): Anthony Castillo (6 years), Austin Castillo (4 years), Athena Castillo (2 years)

Date of Death: March 2008

Mother had tried to stop father from having access, but blocked by courts. Children murdered during court-ordered visitation.


Victim(s): Turner Jordan Nelson (3 years)

Date of Death: February 2008

Murdered by father by being thrown off bridge. Father and mother had argued in court over custody. In January 2011, father sentenced to 50 years in prison.


Victim(s): Chloe Lewis (6 months)

Date of Death: October 2010

“Sole Guardian” father charged with murder in suffocation death of daughter. Mom apparently lives in a group home and was “refused” custody.


Victim(s): Melonia Hamber (2 years)

Date of Death: April 2010

Father charged in daughter’s beating death. Child had been visiting with father for two weeks prior to her death.

Hartford County


Victim(s): Shamyrah Irons (1 year)

Date of Death: May 2010

Child beaten to death while child was “in the care and custody of her father.” Father charged with murder.

Montgomery County


Victim(s): Jacob Matthew Dunn (23 months)

Date of Death: October 2006

Parents were never married. Father frequently protested against paying child support. Just months after filing for joint custody, father murdered son by asphyxiation during “planned visit.”

Talbot County


Victim(s): Destiny Array Spicknall, wounded (3 years), Richard Spicknall III (2 years)

Date of Death: September 1999

Father with joint custody fabricates story of car high jacking, children found shot in car seats. Mother had reported previous domestic violence incident. Father charged with murder.


Bristol County


Victim(s): Kaitlyn (6 years)

Date of Death: July 2009

Father allegedly murdered daughter because he was concerned about a possible move away.

Essex County


Victim(s): Giovanni Gonzalez (5 years)

Date of Death: August 2008

Boy “disappeared” during “scheduled visit” with father. Formal visitation agreement had yet to be worked out. Father had previous criminal convictions, including assault. Has apparently confessed to killing the boy, but no criminal conviction. Body has not been found.

Worcester County


Victim(s): Nathaniel Turner (7 years)

Date of Death: June 2009

Father charged with beating death of son. Took place during father’s summer visitation.


Lenawee County


Victim(s): Andrew Skelton (9 years), Alexander Skelton (7 years), Tanner Skelton (5 years)

Date of Death: Presumably around November 2010

Children were presumably killed during court-ordered visitation. Father has reported many stories—that he left them with a woman, that he left them with a mysterious “organization.” However, police strongly suspect the children were murdered. No bodies have been found.

Macomb County


Victim(s): Lily Furneaux-Wolfenbarger (2 years)

Date of Death: November 2010

Parents “shared” custody. Stepmom “ suspected” in girl’s death.

Montcalm County


Victim(s): Elaine Kaczor-Braman (stepmother), Nicholas Braman (9 years)

Date of Death: October 2007

Custodial father with history of domestic violence, child abuse kills second wife, son in murder-suicide. Mother had reclaimed custody of older sons after they ran away. Father pleaded guilty to abusing the older boys, but failed to show up for sentencing. CPS, however, refused to remove youngest son. In July 2010, protective mother filed federal suit against child protective services.

Oakland County


Victim(s): unnamed infant (13 weeks)

Date of Death: February 2010

Infant died during unsupervised visitation.

Ottawa County


Victim(s): Sandra Flores (10 years)

Date of Death: August 2010

Girl dies after suffering convulsions in the home of her custodial father. Father had history of complaints with CPS, and girl and previously been removed from the home.

St. Clair County


Victim(s): Prhaze Galvan (3 years)

Date of Death: January 2010

Child died of blunt force trauma in home of custodial father, stepmother. Both face murder charges. In August 2010, convicted of murder and torture, and later sentenced to life in prison. Later ombudsman report refuses to clarify why father with history of domestic violence, child abuse, and criminal behavior had been granted custody, and how he was able to retain it.

Wayne County


Victim(s): Ella Grace Stafford (15 months), Jonathan Sanderlin (13 months)

Date of Death: October 2010

Father had full custody of son, “partial” custody of daughter. Both children lived with him. Charged with felony murder in the scalding/drowning deaths of the two children. Appears mother of son lost custody when accused of “kidnapping” for refusing contact/visitation. Father has history of domestic violence, drug/alcohol abuse.


Ramsey County


Victim(s): Mikayla Olson

Date of Death: 2004

Father given joint legal custody despite repeated threats to kill daughter, ex-wife. Two years after divorce, dad murdered daughter during “parenting time.”


Hinds County


Victim(s): Jaheem Brown (4 months)

Date of Death: February 2011

Father charged with capital murder. Mother only 15 years of age, parents did not live together. Child fatally injured while at father’s home during weekend visitation. Not clear as to whether visitation voluntary or court-ordered.


Cass/Jackson Counties


Victim(s): Alex Gallagher (6 years)

Date of Death: December 2010

Father kills son in murder –suicide after judge ignored mother’s request for order of protection, temporary custody.


Victim(s): Elizabeth Guenther (18 months)

Date of Death: February 2010

Father to be charged with 2nd-degree murder. Baby suffered fatal skull fracture during father’s weekend visitation.


Victim(s): Sam Porter (7 years), Lindsey Porter (8 years)

Date of Death: June 2004

Father murdered children during court-ordered visitation. Had extensive history of domestic violence.


Victim(s): Avee Hunter (4 months)

Date of Death: April 2010

Father charged with 1st-degree murder. Prosecutors say that father plotted to kill baby to avoid child support.

Greene County


Victim(s): Vaniessa Baylor (1 year)

Date of Death: February 2010

Father charged with 2nd-degree murder in daughter’s death. Parents had separated, but father had been serving as "caregiver" for past week. Father had been scheduled to start paying child support to mother.

Howell County


Victim(s): Zeke Breeds (6 years)

Date of Death: September 2010

Boy died of drug overdose while living with custodial dad, step. Both are charged. Mother lives in St. Louis.

St. Louis County

Father: Nathaniel Robinson

Victim(s): Desmon Valenzuela (3 years)

Date of Death: 2007

Father obtained custody 1 month before child’s beating death. Convicted of involuntary manslaughter.


Missoula County


Victim(s): Gabriel Wilkes (3 months)

Date of Death: October 2008

In June 2010, custodial father convicted of homicide in death of infant son.


Dodge County


Victim(s): Trista Peterson (1 year)

Date of Death: January 2007

As of October 2010, the Nebraska Supreme Court has affirmed that this “sole caretaker” father can be charged in child abuse resulting in death, unlawful burial. In April 2007, Peterson had cut a deal with prosecutors and lead authorities to daughter’s grave. In January 2011, father finally pleads guilty to manslaughter. Has never been reported in the media what happened to the girl’s mother.


Clark County


Victim(s): Brandon Christopher Arduino-Boggs (13 years)

Date of Death: September 2009

Son killed in auto homicide case where father DUI. Parents had been in lengthy child custody case.


Victim(s): Giovani Kopystenski (5 years)

Date of Death: July 2009

Custodial father. Autistic son "accidentally" shoots himself in head after finding gun in father’s car. In January 2011, father sentenced to 2 – 20 years in prison.


Victims(s): Zander Martino (2 years)

Date of Death: July 2007

Father had gained custody just two months before son’s beating death.


Hillsborough County


Victim(s): Sarah Gehring (14 years), Phillip Gehring (11 years),

Date of Death: July 2003

Father with shared custody was still in custody “dispute” with mother. When father was supposed to return the children to their mother, father shot and killed the children and buried their bodies along an interstate in Ohio. Bodies not found till 2005. Father confessed to the murders, and committed suicide in prison.


Essex County


Victim(s): Neveah Turner (3 years)

Date of Death: November 2009

Father gained custody in July 2009, and began abusing the child almost immediately. Father arrested, charged with murder in May 2010.


Victim(s): Zara Malani-Lin Abdur (3 months)

Date of Death: February 2010

Father had been “feuding” with mother about how often he got to see the baby. While mother was getting a protection order, father abducted baby from babysitting grandmother. Baby was “allegedly” thrown off bridge. In May 2010, baby’s body was found and positively identified.

Passaic County


Victim(s): Adrian Gonzalez (7 years)

Date of Death: November 2009

Father in "bitter custody dispute" with "estranged" wife. 7-year-old son shot to death, 11-year-old son, wife, in critical condition.


Bernalillo County


Victim(s): Richard Jr., Daniel, and Christopher Sanchez

Date of Death: August 2001

Father "went missing" with sons during custodial visit. Bodies recovered, identified in July 2009.

Santa Fe County


Victim(s): Derek Martinez (12 years), Devin Martinez (10 years)

Date of Death: June 2010

Father shoots sons to death in murder-suicide during summer visitation. Protective mother’s concerns dismissed by judge.


Bronx County


Victim(s): Kevin Mikell (2 years)

Date of Death: February 1996

Father granted custody when mother being “probed” for child abuse. Father had previously been arrested for disorderly conduct, resisting arrest. Child beaten to death.

Columbia County


Victim(s): Khliff Taylor Hankerson (5 years)

Date of Death: April 2010

Son killed in murder-suicide during visitation.

Erie County


Victim(s); Joshua Kent (3 years)

Date of Death: March 2005

Sole custody father beats son to death.

Genessee County


Victim(s); Marcus Peters (6 years)

Date of Death: October 2009

Child dies during weekend visitation with father, but authorities say death not "suspicious."

Kings County


Victim(s): Datwan Murray (2 ½ years)

Date of Death: June 1993

Mother had legal custody, but father had refused to return child after visitation. Father appeared to be a major drug dealer with drug arsenal.

Monroe County


Victim(s): Hunter Resch (7 years)

Date of Death: February 2010

Child shot to death in murder-suicide during court-ordered visitation. Father had history of domestic violence, mother had filed two orders of protection.

Orange County


Victim(s): Leanne Fitzgerald (wife, 38 years), Ashley Fitzgerald (7 years), Shane Fitzgerald (4 years)

Date of Death: September 1998

Parents had not separated at time of murders. But father had history of domestic violence, and filing for orders of protections, child custody in Orange County Family Court.


Victim(s): Jerica Rhodes (7 years)

Date of Death: January 2005

Sole custody father convicted in daughter’s stabbing death. Father had extensive history of domestic violence.

Richmond County


Victim(s): Josiah Taylor (2 years)

Date of Death: November 2010

Boy killed during visitation with father. Babysitting girlfriend, father each blaming the other.


Caldwell County


Victim(s): Zahra Baker (10 years)

Date of Death: Fall 2010

Step currently charged in girl’s murder. Custodial father has not been charged, though girl was apparently repeatedly abused in the home. Father relocated from Australia.

Carteret County


Victim(s): unnamed daughter (11 years)

Date of Death: June 2010

Father reports “accidentally” shooting and killing daughter just one day after she arrived for summer visitation from Arkansas.

Dare County


Victim(s): Catrina J. Mont (9 years), Daniel Preston Mont (6 years), Theresa Lynn Mont (4 years)

Date of Death: February 1995

Father with visitation abducted children from home in Delaware, then shot them to death in murder-suicide in North Carolina.

Edgecombe County


Victim(s): Tyler Brice (13 years)

Date of Death: June 2008

Custodial father, stepmother convicted of 2nd-degree murder. Boy tied to tree, died of dehydration, heat exhaustion.


Bryan County


Victim(s): Cheyenne Wolf (11 years)

Date of Death: April 2008

Custodial father, stepmother charged in girl’s death. As of September 2010, girl’s remains still unclaimed. February 2011: Father found guilty of enabling child abuse, child abuse by neglect, unlawful removal of a body. Has never been reported how or why the father had custody, or what happened to the girl’s mother.


Cuyahoga County


Victim(s) Anthony Johnson Jr.

Date of Death: August 2009

Father accused of beating child to death during visitation.

Franklin/Delaware Counties


Victim(s): Nicole Dobson (15 years), Sarah Dobson (11 years)

Date of Death: December 2009

Father had physical placement of 15-year-old daughter. "Shared parenting" plan in place with divorced mother. Girls shot to death in murder-suicide.

Hamilton County


Victim(s): Tyrese Short (3 years)

Date of Death: December 2010

Father charged with aggravated murder. Had been granted custody just 7 months before, though father had a lengthy criminal record including assault of a police officer.


Victim(s): Jaden Jenkins

Date of Death: September 2010

Father given custody after mother checked herself in for mental health treatment. Father charged with capital murder.

Highland County


Victim(s): Steven Coonrod (3 years), Thomas Coonrod (4 years)

Date of Death: March 2010

Father with “full custody” charged with murder in arson deaths of two sons. News accounts mention history of domestic violence, alcoholism, “suspicious” fires at previous homes. In October 2010, Coonrod convicted on two counts of child endangering; jury deadlocked on murder, arson charges. In February 2011, convicted of two counts of involuntary manslaughter.

Stark County


Victim(s): Macy Mammone (5 years), James Mammone (3 years), Margaret Eakin (57 years)

Date of Death: June 2009

Divorced father convicted of stabbing children, beating to death former mother-in-law in January 2010.


Clackamas County


Victim(s): Alexis Pounder (3 years)

Date of Death: January 2010

Father, mother had shared custody. Father, girlfriend charged with beating, starving girl to death. Mother allegedly blocked from seeing child by father.

Lane County


Victim(s): Erin Raucher, Aidan Raucher (no ages given)

Date of Death: September 2010

“Despondent” stay-at-home dad granted “joint custody” in divorce. Kills daughters in murder-suicide, though mother had offered to pay father child support.

Mutnomah County


Victim(s): Oleander Labier (5 years)

Date of Death: April 2010

Custodial father, fiancée charged in girl’s death.


Dauphin County


Victim(s): Jayahn Cox-Phoenix

Date of Death: May 2010

Parents had no formal custody agreement. Father played no role in child’s life until January 2010. Father allowed visitation by mother. In March 2010, father refused to return child or allow maternal contact. Mom’s early May 2010 petition for emergency custody denied by Judge Andrew Dowling despite allegations of child abuse. Custody hearing set for June 2010. Child dies before then of traumatic brain injury. Though death ruled a homicide, no charges filed as of September 2010. Grandmother plans lawsuit against county Children and Youth.

Franklin County


Victim(s): Leeairra Ann Weller (5 years), Caleigh Ann Weller (8 months)

Date of Death: October 2010

Father with “shared custody” kills two daughters through carbon monoxide poisoning in murder-suicide.

Philadelphia County


Victim(s) Charlenni Ferreira (10 years)

Date of Death: October 2009

Girl died from abuse in the home of her custodial father, stepmother. Father later (allegedly) committed suicide in jail cell.

Wyoming County


Victim(s): Unidentified infant

Date of Death: 1995

Single father acquired custody through surrogate mother. Pleaded guilty to 3rd-degree murder in baby’s beating death.


Anderson County


Victim(s): Jeremy Dickerson (7 years)

Date of Death: July 2009

Father with "full custody" charged in son’s beating death.

Berkeley County


Victim(s): Rodricus Williams (2 years)

Date of Death: June 2010

Father, girlfriend charged with homicide in death of son during summer visitation.

Chester County


Victim(s): Xymerra Evans (11 months)

Date of Death: September 2009

Child sexually abused, beaten during visitation with father. Later died at hospital.

Chesterfield County


Victim(s): Mitchell Alexander Rivers (3 months)

Date of Death: 2005

Single adoptive dad convicted of homicide, sentenced to life in prison in February 2011.


Dyer County


Victim(s): Stevie Noelle (15 years), foster father Todd Randolph, foster mother Susan Randolph (injured)

Date of Death: August 2009

Daughter disclosed sexual abuse by custodial father. Children’s Services placed her with foster family in the same neighborhood. Father shoots daughter, foster parents in murder-suicide. In August 2010, non-custodial mother files lawsuit against the State of Tennessee.

Fayette County


Victim(s): Gage Leifer (9 months)

Date of Death: December 2009

In November 2010, father charged with murder. Boy’s death took place during father’s holiday visitation.

Shelby County


Victim(s): Isaiah Snipes (16 months)

Date of Death: November 2009

Father had just obtained custody of son, 3-year-old daughter in September 2009. Father charged with 2nd-degree murder.

Warren County


Victim(s): Kayndace (3 years), Akeelia (1 year)

Date of Death: May 2009

Custodial father, stepmother charged in deaths of two girls.


Bexar County


Victim(s): Zaniyah Reed (2 months)

Date of Death: October 2010

Father accused of killing infant during visitation.

Denton County


Victim(s): Ashley Watrous (10 years)

Date of Death: December 2009

Custodial father charged in shooting death.

Donley County


Victim(s): Chance Mark Jones (4 years)

Date of Death: January 2011

Custodial father charged with capital murder. Boy beaten to death just weeks after father gained custody. Father had previously been uninvolved in child’s life.

Gaines/Yoakum Counties


Victim(s): Mitchell Romero (3 years), unnamed mother

Date of Death: October- November 2009

Mother reportedly murdered by father during child abduction. Son later killed in car accident.

Guadalupe County


Victim(s): Sarah Brasse (8 years)

Date of Death: February 2009

Custodial dad accused of medical neglect in death of daughter. Mother had been trying to regain custody since 2007. September 2010: Father indicted on charges of injury to a child. CPS had previously investigated the case two years before child’s death.

Harris County


Victim(s): Tekerrious “TK” Jackson

Date of Death: July 2010

Father charged with murder in beating death of son during summer visitation.


Victim(s): Saeed (12 years), Saedah (14 years), Aisha (7 years)

Date of Death: September 2010

Despite an extensive history of domestic violence, father granted unsupervised visitation. Children shot to death while sleeping. Father charged with capital murder.

Jasper County


Victim(s): Triston Dobbins (21 months)

Date of Death: December 2007

Boy died of head injuries while visiting father, stepmother. Father on trial for capital murder in January 2010.

San Jacinto County


Victim(s): Deyan Perisic (10 years), Danyela Perisic, injured (12 years)

Date of Death: December 2010

Father gained custody in Montreal, Canada in April 2010, and moved the children to Cold Spring, Texas. Mother regained custody in October 2010, and the children “disappeared” shortly thereafter. Father charged with shooting children when police tried to reclaim them.

Potter County


Victim(s): Miguel Angel Nunez (18 moths)

Date of Death: 2004

Father had custody at the time of the baby’s “disappearance.” Mom was scheduled to get custody back due to custodial interference. Body not found until December 2010.

Travis County


Victim(s): Julian Soliz (5 years)

Date of Death: April 2010

Custodial dad claims he was in jail on probation violation when son beaten to death, allegedly by girlfriend.


Salt Lake County


Victim(s): Vanessa Medina (4 years)

Date of Death: June 2010

Dad got custody of child as part of “messy” divorce. Took children from Oregon to Utah. One and a half years later, father charged with felony murder. In October 2010, father pleaded not guilty.


Chesterfield County


Victim(s): Elijah Parker (2 months)

Date of Death: June 2010

Custodial dad charged with 2nd-degree murder.

Norfolk County


Victim(s): Carly Sawyer (5 years)

Date of Death: June 2009

Custodial father, stepmother charged with 2nd-degree murder. Mother lost custody during divorce, father denied mother contact. In October 2010, father sentenced to life in prison after conviction.


Mercer County


Victim(s): Brooklyn Holcomb (5 years)

Date of Death: January 2007

Custodial father convicted of 2nd-degree murder in daughter’s death. Mother had lost custody the year before after applying for child support.


Grays Harbor County


Victim(s): Ti-Ryn Emery (4 ½ months)

Date of Death: October 2010

Father arrested in death of infant son. Parents “not together” and baby had been in father’s “care.”

Snohomish County


Victim(s): Haley Byrne (9 years), Kelsey Byrne (11 years)

Date of Death: November 2004

Father who was “fixated” on his custody rights (and essentially had joint custody) kills daughters in murder-suicide. Father had history of domestic violence.


Saulk County


Victim(s): Savannah Yates, Tyler Yates (3-week-old twins)

Date of Death: April 2008

Father charged with 1st-degree intention homicide. Despite being on probation, father granted weekend visitation. In October 2010, father convicted, sentenced to life in prison.

Dad convicted of fatally shooting 19-month-old son scheduled to be executed (Houston, Texas)

In domestic law on February 24, 2011 at 10:52 pm

Dad convicted of fatally shooting 19-month-old son scheduled to be executed (Houston, Texas)

Dad TIMOTHY WAYNE ADAMS never denied that he shot his 19-month-old son to death back in 2002. And check out his "reasoning"–it’s pure abuser/father’s rights!

1) The police had been called to the family home repeatedly in the past, but Daddy was never arrested (typical, especially in Texas). Naturally, the defense then claims at trial that Daddy was "unfairly labeled" as an "abusive spouse" and that Daddy was "law abiding." FIRST MISSED OPPORTUNITY TO "EDUCATE" THIS CONVICTED BABY KILLER, AND/OR REMOVE HIM FROM THE HOME.

2) Mom finally decides to move out once she hears that Daddy has a gun in the home. (And we all know that leaving a batterer is the most dangerous time for women and children, because that’s when the abuser’s sense of control is the most threatened).

3) She and Daddy work out a deal where she will able to return to the apartment to remove some personal possessions without Daddy’s presence. I suppose that because the police were kind enough to NEVER arrest Daddy in the past, she has no real justification (in the eyes of the law) for requesting a police presence now. At any rate, no police are there–until much later. SECOND MISSED OPPORTUNITY.

4) Since abusers are often pathological liars, Daddy does not keep his word. He is not only in the apartment, but pulls a gun on Mom’s 15-year-old son for allegedly "stealing" a video game–and also because he wants to gripe about Mom (and be an @$$hole in general).

5) When Mom shows up carrying their 19-month-old son, she puts the boy down when she sees that her other son has a gun pointed at him so she can call 911. Unfortunately, the little boy runs towards his father.

6) Dad points the gun at Mom and fires, but misses. He tries to fire again, but the gun jams.

7) Mom and the older son run out of the house, but they are not able to leave with the 19-month old.

8) Daddy pulls classic Daddy Drama Police Standoff–for hours on end. Daddy periodically holds up the hostage child to the window to show that he’s alive–but he’s not.

9) When the SWAT team finally storms the apartment, they find the little boy dead with two bullets to the chest. Seems Daddy had written a note–in which he blamed everything that had happened (of course!) on MOM’S "SELFISH PRIDE."

Ladies and gentleman, take careful note because this is the abuser "think" in it’s purest form. Nothing is EVER, EVER the criminal’s fault. It’s always the victim’s fault.

So where is the father’s rights spin on this? Here it is. The nature of Mom’s "selfish pride" is that she didn’t let this @sshole, er Oppressed Daddy, see HIS child. She was HURTING Daddy! Of course, this kind of warped thinking has been refined by fathers rights people into "parental alienation syndrome," which then posits that the mother who protects a child from a violent father is more Evil than the abuser himself. So naturally, Daddy is then perfectly justified in venting his OUTRAGE by shooting and killing the child! Because after all he’s so darn mad, you know, and just can’t help it! So it’s Not His Fault! The Malicious Mom and/or the Misandryst Courts made him do what he did! Killer Daddies are Holy Martyrs!

Presumably, Daddy was going to finish with a dramatic suicide, but you know how that goes sometimes. Mislaid plans and all–even when you’re trying to pull off the ultimate Daddy Drama.

But check out one of the most telling parts of this sordid tale. When the child failed to die after the first gun shot, Daddy shot him a second time–"because he didn’t want his son to think he had a bad daddy." This goes along with the first part of an abuser daddy’s delusional thinking–It’s Always Mom’s fault. Never Daddy’s. And Daddy can’t be Bad by definition, even when he’s a baby killer. Which he’s not really, since it’s always Mom’s fault. So lest Junior get the wrong idea and think that the shooting was Daddy’s fault, you shoot him again so he’s dead and can’t think anything at all, I suppose.(Yes, my head is spinning just trying to recreate this psychopathological thinking for y’all.)

Fortunately, a Texas jury recoiled from this bull malarkey, and decided this f***face wasn’t fit to live. And now the execution is scheduled for tonight.

Will we see a rejection of the fathers rights movement that justifies and promotes this kind of ideology of systematic apathy and violence though?

Houston man who killed son set to die Tuesday

Defense claims instructions to his jury were flawed


Associated Press

Feb. 21, 2011, 4:34PM

Timothy Wayne Adams never denied fatally shooting his 19-month-old namesake son, leaving a Houston jury the task of considering only his punishment.

Jurors rejected his lawyers’ arguments eight years ago for a life prison term and decided Adams, 42, should die.

The lethal injection, which would be the second in Texas this year, was set for Tuesday evening in Huntsville.

Adams’ attorneys went to the courts Friday after the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles rejected a request to recommend Gov. Rick Perry commute his sentence to life in prison. The board also turned down a request for a four-month execution delay.

In their appeal, they argued his sentence was unconstitutional and that the instructions to his trial jury were flawed. They also contended that his clean prison record belied the jurors’ finding that Adams would be a future threat, one of the questions Texas jurors must decide when deliberating a death sentence.

Evidence showed Adams shot his son, Timothy Jr., twice at close range. Prosecutors said the slaying nine years ago this week was intended as retaliation against his wife because she was leaving him. Defense attorneys argued the killing was an aberration in an otherwise law-abiding life and that Adams also had intended to kill himself before friends and police talked him out of it.

Jane Waters, one of the Harris County prosecutors at the trial, saidAdams told investigators that when the first shot didn’t kill the child, he fired again.

"It was awful," she recalled. "He said he fired a second time because he didn’t want his son to think he had a bad daddy.

"And I think that’s where the jury said: ‘OK. We can kill this guy.’"

Robert Loper, one of Adams’ trial lawyers, said Adams pleaded guilty to show he was taking responsibility for his actions and hoped jurors would give him life in prison because he had no previous criminal record and wouldn’t be a future danger.

"Absolutely what he did was horrible," Loper said. "That was his son. … I’ll argue for the rest of my life the jury made the wrong decision."

Adams has declined to speak with reporters in recent weeks, agreeing initially to media interviews but then refusing to leave his death row cell.

In earlier court appeals, Adams contended his trial lawyers had been deficient and failed to adequately address prosecution evidence and testimony that he said unfairly labeled him a baby killer and abusive spouse.

He was arrested Feb. 20, 2002, after a SWAT standoff at the family’s southwest Houston apartment. Police had been called there repeatedly in the past but Adams never was arrested. Testimony showed his wife had moved out after discovering he was keeping a gun in the apartment. She wanted to remove some of her belongings and Adams agreed not to be present when she showed up. Her 15-year-old son arrived first but Adams was there, confronted him with the gun, accused him of stealing a video game and complained about the boy’s mother.

He also wrote her a note.

"Look what you and your selfish pride did," he wrote.

When his wife arrived, carrying 19-month-old Timothy Jr., he confronted her as she put down her child to help her older son.

The little boy ran to his father.

Adams’ wife grabbed a phone and called 911. He pointed the gun at her and fired, missed her, then tried firing again but the weapon jammed. She and her older son ran outside without the baby.

Police eventually convinced Adams to surrender. During an hours-long standoff, he held the child through a window to show he was OK but officers entering the apartment found the toddler dead with two bullet wounds to the chest. When police recovered the note he’d written earlier, the slain child’s blood was on it.

A medical examiner testified the gun either had been close or against the baby’s skin when the shots were fired. Both bullets went completely through his body.

"My wife was hurtin’ me," he told detectives in a taped confession. "She was keeping him away from me. … My parents couldn’t even see my son.

"I was gonna take me and my son out."

In the clemency petition, Adams’ relatives and supporters said he accepted responsibility for "an unspeakable act."

"Our family lost one child," said his father, Columbus Adams. "We can’t bear to lose another."

At least three other Texas death row inmates have execution dates scheduled for the coming months.

Judge M. Richard Knoblock refuses to recuse self in child custody case (Bad Axe, Michigan)

In domestic law on February 24, 2011 at 10:35 pm

Judge refuses to recuse self in child custody case (Bad Axe, Michigan)

This kind of case happens more often than not. This kind of judicial bias is very difficult to fight, and in a perfect world, judges would avoid even the appearance of bias by simply recusing themselves voluntarily. Frankly, Judge M. Richard Knoblock should do the right thing and pull himself out. Then maybe the merits of this case will be decided on the facts, rather than the possibility that Judge is peeved because he didn’t get a pay raise.

Knoblock won’t recuse self from Kim Damrow case

Published: Wednesday, February 23, 2011 10:51 AM EST

By Kate Hessling

Tribune Staff Writer

BAD AXE — Kim Damrow and her attorney made it clear Tuesday they will appeal Huron County Circuit Court Judge M. Richard Knoblock on Tuesday denial of a motion to disqualify himself from Damrow’s custody case.

And the State Court Administrator’s Office, which is the administrative office of the Michigan Supreme Court, already has been contacted by the county circuit court office to request a judge to oversee a second hearing for a motion to disqualify Knoblock from the case, which involves Damrow’s ex-husband, Dustin J. Noworyta, seeking parenting time of their 4-year-old son, Boden.

Though the case is between Damrow and Noworyta, Damrow seeks to disqualify the judge because she claims he is biased against her because she is married to 84th District State Rep. Kurt E. Damrow.

In her opening statement during Tuesday’s motion hearing, Kim Damrow’s attorney, Nicole Saady, of Grosse Pointe, outlined a number of reasons for disqualification. She noted those reasons do not have to prove an actual bias exists — just that the facts and evidence would lead a reasonable person to believe the judge may be tempted to be partial.

What followed were hours of testimony during Tuesday’s hearing regarding the motion to dismiss Knoblock from the case, which is based on two claims: 1.) Knoblock is biased against Kim Damrow because Kurt Damrow instigated an investigation into a Huron County Friend of the Court (FOC) employee and attempted to create a Community Advisory Council to mediate grievances between the public and the FOC; and 2.) Kurt Damrow, while serving on the Huron County Board of Commissioners, denied the judge’s request to raise the pay of the circuit court administrator.

Saady, on behalf of the plaintiff, Kim Damrow, also argued Knoblock showed prejudice by predetermining the results of child’s mental health exam when he said, during a prior hearing, that Kim Damrow is poisoning the child’s mind.

Knoblock said he still feels that she is poisoning the child’s mind, however, it’s not a determination — it’s an observation he made, and he subsequently ordered the child be evaluated, as it was clear from the child’s pediatrician that the child was suffering from severe anxiety.

Saady argued the court, during more than one occasion, has been told the defendant has not turned over requested mental health records. In doing so, it showed the appearance of bias when Knoblock made the statements predetermining Kim Damrow’s guilt without having looked at Noworyta’s mental health records, she said.

Noworyta’s attorney, Duane Cubitt, of Bad Axe, said both Noworyta and Kim Damrow previously underwent psychological evaluations, and the evaluator looked at Noworyta’s mental health records prior to making her opinion. That opinion stated there is no reason why his client should not be allowed parenting time, Cubitt said.

After being separated from his child from quite some time, Noworyta filed a motion seeking visitation that he’s entitled to by law, Cubitt said. The court then set up visitations to reacquaint the child with his father, which were for a few hours and were supervised by Kim Damrow. After some time, the visitations were without Kim Damrow, but supervised by Noworyta’s grandmother or mother. Then the supervisions became longer and eventually included alternating weekends, Cubitt said.

“I have a hard time (seeing) how Mrs. Damrow believes she has been treated unfairly,” he said, noting there’s no proof in the court record that Noworyta is an unfit parent.

He said he has offered to release Noworyta’s records to the plaintiff, so long as legal counsel signs a protective order. Without that, he said, he fears Kim Damrow would post the records on Facebook.

Discrepancy in recollections of pay issue

The plaintiff’s assertions that Knoblock is biased against Kim Damrow because of a pay issue stems back from when Kurt Damrow served as commissioner. Knoblock, along with Huron County District Court Judge David B. Herrington and Huron County Probate Court Judge David L. Clabuesch, had objected to a wage study that proposed having discrepancies between the way the court administrators are paid.

Prior to the new wage study, the administrators were paid equally. Per the study, the district administrator would be paid the most, followed by the probate administrator and then the circuit court administrator.

According to testimony from Damrow and former Huron County Commissioner Jim Leonard, who previously chaired the Personnel Committee, the judges met with the committee to discuss their concerns and then left the room to allow the committee to discuss the matter privately.

Leonard said the committee decided to adhere to the study’s recommendations, as the county spent a large amount of money on the wage study and wanted to follow its recommendations. The committee recommended its decision to the full board of commissioners for approval, and the full board voted to adopt the system.

The vote was followed by a letter, signed by all three judges, that opens with Knoblock stating he was shocked and appalled by the vote because he was lead to believe the wages for the three court administrators would be equal. That is because of a conversation he said he had with Kurt Damrow and Clabuesch in his chambers following the Personnel Committee meeting, where Kurt Damrow said something along the lines of “everything is taken care of” and the salaries would be adjusted.

But, during Tuesday’s hearing, Kurt Damrow denied stating anything of the sort. He also denied ever meeting with Clabuesch in Knoblock’s chambers.

Though he did not testify Tuesday, Clabuesch told the Tribune earlier this month that there was, in essence, an agreement, and the agreement didn’t carry through, for whatever reason.

“I was certainly there for part of it (the meeting in Knoblock’s chambers), because I remember (Kurt Damrow) stuck his head in after the meeting and said, “It’s all taken care of,’” Clabuesch previously told the Tribune.

Knoblock referred to the above discussion in his chambers and, reminding Damrow that he is under oath, Knoblock flat out asked whether Damrow remembered saying something along the lines of “everything’s taken care of” to Clabuesch and himself.

Damrow replied that he isn’t saying he didn’t say it, he just doesn’t remember stating those words.

Kurt Damrow testifies about attempt to create CAC

During his testimony, Kurt Damrow said in his two years on the board, he never saw a reaction from his commissioner counterparts like he did the day he proposed entertaining the idea to create a Community Advisory Council (CAC), which would mediate grievances between the public and Huron County FOC.

“Everyone seemed scared,” Kurt Damrow said, as he explained the group was silenced by David Peruski, who was the board chairman at the time and said the discussion would have to wait until Knoblock could join the discussion.

Kurt Damrow said it is a common practice for judges and department heads to attend meetings, but this seemed different because this was not to the point where a department head or judge would join the discussion.

Huron County Commissioner Steve Vaughan testified about that meeting, noting the chair did stop the meeting to have the judge called into the room before any further discussion was held.

He said while it’s not unusual for department heads to join the board, they usually have a request to make of the board. In this instance, the board didn’t know what Knoblock’s part of the discussion would be. As a result, the board was quiet and tentatively waiting.

When asked whether he was scared, Vaughan said the board members were all curious as to how the d iscussion would go.

“I wasn’t scared,” Vaughan said, adding he was inquisitive of why the judge had to be there before any other discussion could be held.

During that discussion, according to testimony and court records, Knoblock said he was neither for or against the creation of a CAC, however, he believed it would be a waste of money.

Saady claimed it would take some authority and power from the judge, who currently is the one to review grievances from Friend of the Court.

Knoblock countered that a CAC would have no ultimate authority — just the power to review and make recommendations — and the ultimate decision still would stay with him.

Cubitt argued because the judge was neither for or against the creation of the CAC, it does not make him biased that Kurt Damrow proposed the idea. He said it takes a majority of the board to create the committee, and no vote was ever taken to do so.

Kim Damrow takes the stand

During Kim Damrow’s testimony, there were a variety of questions and issues that were addressed during prior hearings, particularly the plaintiff’s assertion the defendant has a history of physical and emotional abuse, is unstable and is a threat to the child’s safety.

When asked whether Kim Damrow believes Noworyta has changed his circumstances in any way since the visitation has been expanded, she said, “not at all.”

Cubitt countered that this is all past evidence, and there’s no requirement stating circumstances have to change in order to change parenting time.

Saady disagreed, and countered that if there are mental health records missing, it puts the child in danger and is not in the best interest of the child.

She then asked Kim Damrow whether she feels she was treated fairly throughout the court proceeds, and Kim Damrow said she does not. She then asked whether the judge has treated the defendant fairly, and Kim Damrow answered, “I think he’s gone above and beyond.”

Knoblock denies plaintiff’s motion

Regarding the court administrator pay issue, Knoblock said he has disagreed with county commissioners before, but that has nothing to do with what he does in court, as he has a responsibility to be fair and just.

In his ruling, Knoblock explained Kurt Damrow’s Friend of the Court grievance and issues with Eric Goebel, of Friend of the Court, are red-herring issues involving the plaintiff’s husband.

In regard to the grievance, Knoblock questioned why Kurt Damrow’s interest didn’t crop up until after his wife’s case. He said when Kurt Damrow filed a grievance on behalf of his wife, he was notified he has no business doing so because it’s ethically improper to make factual assertions about an open case. When that happened, Kurt Damrow attempted to form a CAC and held a protest because he’s dissatisfied with the court’s decisions.

But the proper procedures were followed, and just decisions were made, Knoblock said. Sometimes, parties are not satisfied with a ruling and they attack the judge and/or attack the court system. But people can’t do those things to make a judge look prejudiced, he said.

He said this is his 33rd year on the circuit court bench and when he walks in, he’s not himself — he’s in a special spot that’s immune from prejudice and favoritism.

“That’s what I do — what I’ve done in this case,” he said, noting there’s absolutely no reason to remove himself from the case, and that’s why he’s denying the motion.

Another factor Knoblock noted had led to his decision is the motion to disqualify him from the case is not timely, as it has to be made within 14 days.

Knoblock said he is allowed to request the state assign a new judge to oversee a new hearing to consider a motion for Knoblock’s dismissal. Saady said her client will proceed with this appeal.

Knoblock still will oversee the case until a hearing is held by an assigned judge. If the judge sides with the plaintiff and grants the motion for dismissal, then Knoblock no longer will oversee the case. If the assigned judge agrees with Knoblock’s decision, Knoblock will remain on the case.

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How the media can stop its biased reporting about domestic violence and homicides

In domestic law on February 24, 2011 at 10:29 pm

How the media can stop its biased reporting about domestic violence and homicides

From Justice’s Posterous. I have cited some of these concerns myself about domestic violence coverage in the media. But this is a very complete and concise list. Reporters take note!

How the media can stop its biased reporting about domestic violence and familicides

Don’t refer to domestic violence as a "dispute." Abusing someone is not a quarrel.

Don’t call him a "nice guy." Nice guys don’t murder women and children. Being cordial to his co-workers doesn’t make him a "nice guy".

Don’t write more positive comments about the perpetrator than about the victim.

"Snapped" is not a mental diagnosis. Most perpetrators have a history of control, jealousy or abuse (even if his neighbors really weren’t close enough to him to know about it.)

Don’t call him a "man" if he was a "father" or "husband" of the victim — especially if you would use "mother" for a female perpetrator. The relationship is newsworthy.

Don’t imply that it was caused by a "custody dispute". Custody issues are another manifestation of an abuser’s harassment, intimidation, and punishment of a woman.

Say whether the perpetrator had shared child custody or visitation rights so the public gets to know about bad policies and decisions in our family courts.

Find out why a child victim lived with the father — and where the child’s real mother is.

Don’t call stepmothers "mothers"– especially if they were criminally complicit.

Report perpetrators’ prior charges or convictions (yes, you can).

Don’t call men’s lies "hoaxes" or other euphemisms. Call them lies or false allegations.

Don’t use "alleged" to describe acts that were witnessed, confessed, or proved.

Don’t call violent crimes against others "tragedies".

— Partly based on "ten tips" information provided by

Also see


Judge Elliot Allows Child’s Father to continue to rape Daughter while Jailing mom for protecting her Molester to

In domestic law on February 22, 2011 at 9:01 pm

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Eric Holder “ Why Are Mothers Who Are Victims of Domestic Violence Losing Custody to Abusers?” ( of course.

In domestic law on February 22, 2011 at 8:39 pm

“and if so what does that relationship look like?”  -Eric Holder

It look like ( Holder Knows Abusers get Custody of their Children, HE SUPPORTS IT! And Finances it. WTF?

AG Eric Holder

Eric Holder Knows about Batterers Getting Custody and HE SUPPORTS it with

Last year 2010 he plays a mentor to Fathers in Prison getting out and being ‘dad’. See Fathers Day 2010 where Obama gave 500 Million dollars MORE to the Fatherhood Initiatives.

See Video here:

Obama steps up fatherhood advocacy with new mentoring initiative:

Original Domestic Violence speech of Holder here:


FATHERHOOD Funding $500,000,000.00


 Motherhood Funding $0.

Fuck that shit.

Mothers time to March!



more information endorsed by


UPDATE: From the Mothers Rally In Washington, DC on Feb 13th, 14th, 2011

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Our Heroes

The Mothers Movement is patterned after all movements that oppose human rights violations:

  • Madres de los Desaparecidos (Mothers of the Disappeared) movement in Argentina,
  • African American civil rights movement in the United States
  • Women’s movement that stopped a civil war in Liberia

    February 13, 2011

    On Sunday February 13, twenty to thirty mothers and children participated in a vigil and demonstration in front of the White House for two hours. They held one big banner, three large double-sided signs on poles, and several other large signs.

    The purpose was to express grave concerns about five hundred million dollars ($500,000,000.00) designed to encourage fathers to pay child support and provide abusers with supervised visits.

    Instead, this gender-biased project provides legal services to batterers, molester, felons and drug addicts who avoid paying child support by getting custody. Safe mothers are put on supervised visitation. Children’s continued outcries of abuse are ignored.

    We want the President to know our tax dollars are destroying children’s lives, not improving them.

    Federal Fatherhood Initiatives


    February 14, 2011

    A press conference and speak out were held on Monday, February 14 at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to inform them how their fatherhood programs impact children.

    Advocates joined the speak out. A television reported came by, but security staff forced him to leave. Fortunately, he had a zoom lens, so could film the event from afar. We don’t know if he was able to air the story on Channels 4, 5 or 9.

    About half way through the speak out, several Homeland Security vehicles arrived. A small squadron of large uniformed federal agents announced that the group was on Federal property and told us to leave or be arrested.

    After a lively discussion from citizens whose taxes provide HHS with money for the property, the mothers, children and advocates (including 2 attorneys) marched off, finishing the speak out while moving along peacefully.

    The march continued up Independence Ave., past the three House of Representative buildings, turned left on First Street and ended at the Senate buildings.

    Many of the mothers stood with the signs and banners during the next several hours in front of the Senate buildings, while others met with Senate aides and distributed packets of information.

    A courageous kid told Senate aides how she was forced to reunite with her sex offender father.

    A mother explained how she was turned away from federally-funded HHS legal services because she is a mother, not a father.

    Two attorneys, two counselors, and several mothers discussed how the HHS fatherhood program backfires, leading to destructive outcomes for children.

    Family Court Related Research and Articles


    February 15, 2011

    The next day, one stalwart mother continued to distribute the rest of the packets and flyers to the remaining Senators. She found that Senators and their aides recognized her white t-shirt with Mothers of Lost Children in black letters on the front. Our emblematic uniform is being noticed – an excellent sign.


    Mothers Day 2011 Demonstrations

    • Our next events will be on Sunday May 8, Mothers Day and Monday, May 9, 2011. We hope to have Mothers of Lost Children t-shirts for sale in advance. Those who are not able to come to Washington DC can organize a speak out at your local courthouse on Monday May 9 and wear the t-shirt ‘uniform’. If needed, wear a white scarf over your face to prevent recognition and retribution by the court. White pants or skirts complete the ensemble.


    Vodpod videos no longer available.

    Sham in Shawnee County (Topeka, Kansas) Claudine Dombrowski and her daughter Rikki.

    In domestic law on February 20, 2011 at 10:35 pm

    Sham in Shawnee County (Topeka, Kansas)

    Sham in Shawnee County (Topeka, Kansas) The last time I did court watch for protective mother CLAUDINE DOMBROWSKI, I called my subsequent posting on the experience "Showdown in Shawnee County." See the post here:

    I can’t even call the hearing held on October 19, 2010 a showdown. It was just a sham.

    Let’s do a little review. Claudine is a battered mother who lost custody of her only daughter in an ex parte hearing in 2004. (Ex parte means the mother wasn’t even represented at the hearing.) Since then, she has had very little visitation. The hearing in January 2010 (see post above) was supposed to fix that. And finally, Claudine was awarded two hours of unsupervised visitation on Sunday and telephone contact twice a week. We figured it was a start.

    Well, this was not to be. And not because of anything Claudine did.

    As Claudine testified, visitation went well. She taught her now teenage daughter to drive. They shopped. They went to Barnes and Noble. They talked about girl stuff. Boy stuff. Just like any other mother and daughter. In fact, Claudine was able to enjoy her first mother’s day with her daughter in ten years. There were no negative interactions. In fact, it looked like some serious healing was going on.

    And in that lays the problem. You see, abusers and their enablers don’t like healing. They find that supremely threatening to their power and control. So of course, the process must be stopped lest their domination of the child and the overall "situation" be compromised.

    So in May 2010, all visitation stopped at Dad HAL RICHARDSON’s personal discretion–which he admitted during his own testimony. He made the unilateral decision that he would no longer take his daughter to the law enforcement center for visitation (presumably at her "request"–but more on that later.) He made sure that during the times of designated phone contact, the phone was never answered as it was set on fax. (Dad admitted under oath that the phone does go to fax mode when not answered–though he denied "inhibiting" phone access, which is not surprising. But then, how did Mom know to testify that the phone was set on fax when she called? Oh those little details….) But of course, Dad didn’t exactly encourage or welcome contact either–that much was evident. In fact, it was pretty clear to me that he was extremely negative about Claudine, and doing his best to crush any contact between her and her daughter.

    But like many abusers, he projected his own motives onto the child, now a teenager. SHE was the one who was "uncomfortable." She was the one who was "afraid." Afraid of what? Physical abuse, sexual violence? No, there was no evidence of that beyond vague innuendos about "fighting" that allegedly occurred in the distant past (These innuendos weren’t even brought up in January. Must be a new game plan.)

    Apparently we are supposed to believe that this teenage girl is "afraid" because Mom allegedly doesn’t "follow the rules." What rules? Apparently the court’s rules regarding discussion of this case.

    All this was echoed by Guardian ad Litem JILL DYKES. And once again, just as in January, Ms. Dykes didn’t even feign professional neutrality in this case, as she literally sat at Daddy’s elbow the whole time.

    Are you kidding me? The typical teenager would blow off a parent’s attempt to discuss court matters–ASSUMING any such discussion took place, which Claudine denies. They certainly wouldn’t be "afraid" of such a discussion. Annoyed perhaps. But not "afraid" or traumatized. This is just classic projection. That this teenager is such a hothouse flower that she is somehow irreparably injured by any possible or potential references to her parents’ legal issues, which I’m sure she already knows all about anyway. Nonsense.

    I would humbly suggest that it is Hall Richardson and his enablers who are "afraid" of any possible open or frank discussion of this case. Or any contact between this mother and daughter. And their little "feelings" shouldn’t play any part of this.

    Under Kansas law, visitation isn’t shut off because somebody is "uncomfortable" for vague and specious reasons. If that were the case, then controlling and manipulative parents would be cutting off access for whatever reason they dreamed up that day.

    Unfortunately, given the dynamics of domestic violence, children who are in the control of abusers often find it necessary to parrot what the abusers want for their own survival. Which makes if very difficult for this child to speak up and articulate what she wants–except in private to her own mother.

    And frankly, this ordeal shows a complete double standard. Were this a custodial mother blocking visitation for such vague and specious reasons, she would no doubt be labeled as an "alienator" with "parental alienation syndrome" (PAS). And the situation would be addressed immediately–either visitation would be enforced by the courts or the mother would lose custody all together. But I digress.

    So no visitation from May to the present. But this actually was a minor issue as far as the court was concerned.

    No, once again our major concern was Claudine’s political activity. The players in Shawnee County are very upset with how well known this case has become (my last blog posting on this case had readers as far away as Australia.) And they are blaming Claudine for all of it, even though when pushed, Judge DAVID DEBENHEIM fiercely denied that he was trying to "stomp" on Claudine’s first amendment rights. (Huh. Could have fooled me.)

    But even in cases where OTHER bloggers like Nancy Carroll at Rights for Mothers had discussed this case (, Claudine was blamed. In fact, the opposing attorney submitted into evidence printouts from NANCY’s blog to show that Claudine was out of compliance with their gag order. Message to the Hoffmans: Nancy is not Claudine. I’m not Claudine either, for that matter. And you can’t shut us up.

    And honestly, did the Hoffmans really have to embarass their employee like that? They trotted out a young and painfully ignorant employee of theirs to "testify" about Claudine’s "alleged" facebook and twitter activities. This fresh-faced young woman–no more than a high school graduate with a few "computer" classes–earnestly told us that every posting and link on somebody’s facebook page had to personally "approved" and/or "posted" by that person. Yes, dear friends. She did say that. And meant it too, so far as I can tell. I won’t give her name, though it’s in my notes. I refuse to further humilate her. But honestly, your great aunt Rose probably knows more about facebook than this girl.

    So the significance of this was what? There are supposedly "references" to her case on Claudine’s facebook page! Oh the horror! And you know what? This blog may very well end up with a link on Claudine’s facebook page, too–through an automatic feed mechanism. It will go straight to facebook–even when Claudine is sleeping or brushing her teeth. Or sitting in court. Because you know what? Claudine is a well networked activist with probably hundreds of facebook friends working on issues related to child abuse, domestic violence, human rights, and family court reform. Many of us have discussed this case before. Just as we have discussed many other cases like this one, where the courts have backed up the abuser and shut out or ignored the protective mother. And for your information, you’ll find articles and links about those cases as well.

    And all this policing of Claudine’s personal and political activities on the internet is particularly hypocritical when you consider the following: Attorney JASON B. HOFFMAN and GAL JILL DYKES had no qualms about violating professional ethical boundaries and becoming facebook "friends" with this child! (I saw the screen shots.) Mom can’t even post a photo of her daughter per court order, but these folks feel free to do as they like. Not that the judge was interested in this matter at all. Big surprise there.

    And this is the crux of the matter. What the court in Shawnee County REALLY doesn’t like is that–as they put it–this lady "has a cause." Or she has "become a cause." They don’t like the "venom" (i.e. the truth) that has come out about this case, and the attention it has received nationally and even internationally. They don’t even like Claudine’s facial expressions! (Yes, the judge made a point of addressing this. "You are your own worst enemy!" he thundered at Claudine–apparently over some grimace or frown that I didn’t see.)

    So make sure you never show anything but a happy face in front of Judge Debenham, even when you are possibly losing all contact with your only child!

    Claudine is supposed to hear later this afternoon what the court’s decision is–after her daughter will presumably be allowed to speak her mind with the judge. But of course, she can’t really speak her mind–not as long as she’s a minor and dependent on her father.

    We are not optimistic as to the outcome.

    But you know what? In a little over two years, this girl ages out of the system’s control over her life. Perhaps then, real change will come about. Abusers and their enablers often win the battles. But they seldom win the war. That puts off any real healing in this case for another two years.

    But at least it’s something to hope for.

    Continue reading at Sham in Shawnee County (Topeka, Kansas) | NowPublic News Coverage

    Sen. Scott Brown, a perplexing connection — ‘The message coming through is when males complain of abuse it’s real and different from females who are crazy liars.’

    In domestic law on February 20, 2011 at 9:54 pm


    The Boston Globe

    For Brown, a perplexing connection

    In light of his sexual abuse revelation, why did he back Jeff Perry?

    SENATOR SCOTT Brown’s revelations about a childhood that included sexual assault by a summer camp counselor are genuinely sympathy-inducing.

    But, they also make you wonder: in light of this searing experience when he was 10, how could Brown endorse Jeff Perry, the Republican congressional candidate, who, in 1991, allegedly stood by as a 14-year-old girl was sexually assaulted by a fellow police officer?

    The victim, Lisa Allen, came forward during the race that Perry ultimately lost and said that Perry “had to hear my screaming and crying. Instead of helping me, Jeff Perry denied anything happened.’’

    It’s an eerie echo of the personal trauma Brown reveals in his book, “Against All Odds.’’ As he tells “60 Minutes’’ correspondent Lesley Stahl, he never went to police or any authority — and told no one, not even his mother — because his abuser told him: “If you tell anybody, you know, I’ll kill you. I will make sure that no one believes you.’’

    Adds Brown in the interview that will be aired tonight: “When people find people like me at that young vulnerable age, who are basically lost, the thing that they have over you is, they make you believe that no one will believe you.’’

    Despite his own horrific experience, Brown still chose to believe Perry over Allen; or, if he didn’t believe him, he still backed him for an important political position. Given that Brown is the father of two daughters, his loyalty to Perry was always curious. The revelations in his book make it even odder. In response, Brown said there is “no correlation’’ between his story and Allen’s and it is “really inappropriate’’ to link them.

    Brown’s candor about his own past won instant praise from victims of child sex abuse and their advocates. It sends a powerful message to others who suffered abuse, they said.

    Five years ago, Brown was among supporters of a state bill that extended the period of time in which a victim of sex abuse could file charges against a perpetrator. He called sexual abuse the “number one public safety issue affecting us here in the Commonwealth,’’ according to the State House News Service. He also cosponsored a federal bill that would limit the ability of those convicted of sex abuse from working in a variety of settings. When Brown was running for US Senate, he and Democratic opponent Martha Coakley said they would ask Cardinal Sean P. O’Malley to release the names of all priests in the archdiocese who were credibly accused of sexual abuse. (Only one legislator, former state senator Marian Walsh, called for Cardinal Bernard F. Law to be prosecuted when the clergy abuse scandal rocked the Boston Archdiocese.)

    Brown’s book is perfectly timed, from both marketing and political standpoints.

    His dramatic disclosures overshadow those of Governor Deval Patrick, whose new book, “A Reason to Believe,’’ addresses race issues and his wife’s depression. And Brown’s book puts the Massachusetts senator back in the spotlight just as talk about the 2012 Senate race starts heating up.

    Brown’s tough childhood was a general part of the narrative when he won the Senate seat held for decades by Ted Kennedy. But his pickup and semi-nude Cosmopolitan photo spread got most of the attention.

    In his book, which goes on sale tomorrow, he also reveals that it took two photo shoots to get the famous 1982 centerfold. The first time, “I looked pale and I wasn’t physically toned; I probably needed to lose 10 pounds,’’ he wrote. When he returned after a crash diet of three cans of tuna a day, “I was bronzed and toned.’’

    Even Brown’s glamour shot has an “everyman’’ story behind it, leading to this question for Massachusetts Democrats: can anyone beat Brown?

    Democrats still find it hard to accept that Kennedy’s seat went to a Republican who brilliantly rechristened it “the people’s seat.’’

    Now, Brown will be collecting new accolades for bravery. Given Patrick’s tome, it’s hard to tag him as uniquely opportunistic.

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