The Genocide of Battered Mothers and their Children

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Domestic violence is on the rise in Shawnee County

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The number of cases coming across Taylor’s desk is growing. “Our year to date projections total is going to be an increase of about 80 percent for the domestic battery cases that we filed,” Taylor said.

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“I remember curling up in a ball to protect her from the kicks,” domestic violence survivor, Claudine Dombrowski, described.

Claudine Dombrowski is a survivor to domestic violence, a cycle she went back to many times. “I had a choice I could see my daughter or I could never see her again. The abuser had complete control, so I got my daughter back and went back to him.”

Claudine fights to help women like herself who have fallen in the hands of abuse. “This was the crow bar, and then I was beaten and raped,” Dombrowski said.

She said she never reported her beatings until after her daughter was born.

Claudine said even if you haven’t been a victim, you probably know someone who has and you can help them. “Don’t think it’s you…get rid of the scarlet letter of shame, it’s the most important thing.”

Taylor’s office gave us statisitics on Domestic Violence in
he DA’s office received 1267 cases, out of those 508 were filed. Starting from January 1st until October 16
there have been 1347 cases received, and out of those 849 cases have been filed.
meaning an eighty percent increase on Domestic Battery.



Rene M Netherton GAL Court Appointed Child Abuser

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Rene M Netherton | DOB 4/23/1957 | 5144 NE Shaffer Rd, Topeka, Kansas 66617 | Tel-(785) 267-6767 Fax-(785) 234-6768 Nethertonlaw@YAHOO.COM

Please be aware that many pages posted on the internet conerning myself, Rene M. Netherton, are actually posts that are true and accurate. I am full of vile, malicious, defamatory and disgusting comments in my  illegal and criminal activities
Any interested individual may merely google my name Rene Marie Netherton to see the other victims of my mental instability
Rene M. Netherton
am just trying to let anyone know that the posts about me are true and correct.
Rene M Netherton GAL

See more at


Austin, Texas — disrespect for women and contempt for motherhood in the legislature… and the 49 other states?

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“A dramatic scene played out on the House floor Thursday when several female state representatives complained of a disrespectful and insensitive attitude toward women in the chamber. The final straw for Rep. Senfronia Thompson, D-Houston, was fliers from the Texas Civil Justice League designed to lobby against an insurance bill… ”…



Parental Alienation Syndrome – Therapeutic Jurisprudence Trades in the Family Court – GAL’s, Supervised Visitation, therapists, custody evaluators and other ‘spawns’ that work for the Courts

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NOTE: The LIZNOTES index page contains links to recommended off-site locations as well as the on-site articles. Also see Section on PSYCHOLOGY, because the entertaining of alienation theory (by whatever name **) has become integral to the plying of the therapeutic jurisprudence trades in the family courts. It is a primary creator of the relationship engineering industries, and spawns work for “experts” opining pro and con, as well as GALs, supervised visitation centers, court-ordered therapists, custody evaluators, parenting coordinators, and all of their respective lawyers. [** hostile-aggressive parenting, enmeshment, intrusive parenting, intractable hostilities, high conflict, etc.]

Parental Alienation Syndrome; hostile-aggressive parenting; enmeshment



Letters From A War Zone: A Battered Wife Survives

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The clarity of the survivor is chilling. Once she breaks out of the prison of terror and violence in which she has been nearly destroyed, a process that takes years, it is very difficult to lie to her or to manipulate her.

She sees through the social strategies that have controlled her as a woman, the sexual strategies that have reduced her to a shadow of her own native possibilities. She knows that her life depends on never being taken in by romantic illusion or sexual hallucination.

The emotional severity of the survivor appears to others, even those closest to her, to be cold and unyielding, ruthless in its intensity. She knows too much about suffering to try to measure it when it is real, but she despises self-pity.

She is self-protective, not out of arrogance, but because she has been ruined by her own fragility. Like Anya, the survivor of the Nazi concentration camps in Susan Fromberg Schaeffer’s beautiful novel of the same name, she might say:

“So what have I learned?

I have learned not to believe in suffering. It is a form of death.

If it is severe enough it is a poison; it kills the emotions.” She knows that some of her own emotions have been killed and she distrusts those who are infatuated with suffering, as if it were a source of life, not death.

In her heart she is a mourner for those who have not survived.
In her soul she is a warrior for those who are now as she was then.
In her life she is both celebrant and proof of women’s capacity and will to survive, to become, to act, to change self and society.

And each year she is stronger and there are more of her.

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1978, 1988, 1993

A Battered Wife Survives

Part III

Andrea Dworkin

This essay is now ten years old. Wife-beating is the most commonly committed violent crime in the United States, according to the FBI. In New Hampshire, I meet eighteen-year-old women who work in a battered women’s shelter. One talks about how she feels when women decide to go home and she has to drive them. In Toronto, I meet two women who travel through rural Canada in the dead of winter to find and help battered women. In a project called “Off the Beaten Path,” Susan Faupel is walking 600 miles–from Chicago, Illinois, to Little Rock, Arkansas–for battered women. In a southern state, I am driven to the airport by an organizer of the rally I have just spoken at; the car keeps veering off the road as she says she is being battered now; when? I keep asking; now, now, she says; she has gone to the organizing meetings for the antipornography demonstrations with make-up covering the bruises on her face. In the South especially I meet lesbians, married with children, who are being beaten by their husbands–afraid to leave because they would lose their children, battered because they are lesbian. In Seattle, I find safe houses, secret from most feminists, for women being beaten by their women lovers. In small towns where there are no shelters, especially in the North and Midwest, I find safe houses organized like an underground railroad for women escaping battery.




Celebrating misogyny and government payments for the subjugation of women and children. Calling it “Equality”

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There needs to be a bog overhaul on fairness not being identical to sameness.
In the interim Fatherhood.Gov promotes and encourages with federal tax payer funding, how to take away children from their mothers so that they do not have to pay child support– this is the dead beat dads program aka Daddy Welfare.

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Rise in single fathers defies historic trend

More growth in single dads than in single moms in last decade

There are now about 47,200 single-father households in the state, an increase of nearly 6,000 over 2000, or 14 percent. The number of families led by single mothers increased by about 5,000 over the past 10 years, or 3.2 percent.

Though just 22 percent of single-parent households in Maryland are led by men, the data suggest more parity than ever before. Experts attribute the change to a more flexible court system where joint-custody arrangements are far more common, and to broader career options for women.



Maryland legislature fails victims of domestic violence Maryland General Assembly fails to make it easier for women to seek protection after non-physical abuse

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This is not the first time the Maryland legislature has neglected to expand domestic violence laws. You might remember Amy Castillo, the Montgomery County woman who, in the middle of a custody dispute with her estranged husband, was denied a protective order due to the rigid standard of proof of domestic abuse. At a particularly volatile moment in their failed relationship, Ms. Castillo’s husband took their three children to a hotel in Baltimore and drowned them. It was a sickening headline across the country, and it cried out for some measure to be taken to try to stop it from ever happening again. But even the wrenching testimony of Amy Castillo would not convince the legislature that changes to Maryland’s domestic violence laws are overdue.

It seems we have a high standard of proof in Maryland for what constitutes domestic violence. It’s a high standard that nevertheless puts us in low company: the dwindling number of states that don’t recognize a wrecked TV or a destroyed room as an indicator of escalating abuse — a big hint that physical harm could be next. And now, with the legislative session just ended, those who represent the people of Maryland have declined to do anything about it.

By Maryland’s narrow definition of abuse, you may not. It virtually all cases, it will take more than destroyed property, incessant and harassing text messages, or even your abuser coming to your home uninvited to convince a judge that you deserve the protection of the state.

What would you do if your spouse punched out your television? What if he (or she) threw a table across the room and it smashed to pieces against the wall in a fit of rage? Even if you weren’t touched during this episode of violence and intimidation, aren’t you a victim of it? Do you deserve protection?



Children taken from CUSTODIAL FATHER’s house in Taunton after abuse allegations

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She also told cops that her father had beaten her as many as 100 times since she was 8 years old

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Taunton Police Department patch

A city man and his live-in female companion have lost custody of their three children after police charged them with beating their high school-age daughter last Saturday.

Taunton —
A city man and his live-in female companion have lost

Joao Andrade, 38, of 5 Powers Ave., was released after posting $5,000 bail at his arraignment Wednesday in Taunton District Court on two counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, a shod foot.

The girl went to the principal’s office with paperwork from Morton Hospital and Medical Center, where she had been treated Sunday night, explaining why she was absent from school Monday, police were told.

The victim told authorities her stepmother began the assault Saturday afternoon as the girl was cleaning the bathroom. The girl told police Montrond threw her to the floor by her hair.

Andrade allegedly then rushed in and kicked his daughter “several times” in the face and back, according to the police report.

It wasn’t until her grandfather intervened that the assault ended, the girl told police.

The next day, Sunday, Andrade reportedly wanted to bring the girl to the hospital because of the swelling to her face, but Montrond objected, according to the police report.

On Monday, the girl stayed home from school because of her condition and finally was brought to Morton Hospital at 9:30 p.m. by her father, who reportedly was concerned that she might have internal bleeding, according to the police report.

Andrade allegedly told the emergency room doctor his daughter had been kicked in the face while playing soccer with one of her brothers. But when questioned Tuesday morning by school personnel, she told them she had fallen off a horse.

It wasn’t until police interviewed her at school that she acknowledged the assault.



Mother Of Fatally Beaten Infant Twins Speaks Out At Fathers Conviction

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BARABOO, Wis. — The Baraboo mother whose husband was convicted of killing their infant twins three years ago is breaking her silence.

Co-Parenting again- “I Never should have left my children with him.’

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At just 5 weeks old, twins Tyler and Savannah were victims of a savage beating that ended their lives, tore a family apart and subsequently landed their father in prison
“I thought it was just me that made him angry,” she said.
Bird-Winbun claims that the cycle of abuse that left her children dead started before they were even born, although she hasnt always known that.
What most people don’t know or understand is that violence can turn to homicide overnight,
said that child abuse can escalate quickly. She said she is telling her story in hopes of helping to end child abuse once and for all. She said she doesn’t want what happened to her children to happen to others.
“I can only say to people who say I never should have left Tyler and Savannah with him, that they are absolutely correct,” said Bird-Winbun.



Children speak up for father who killed wife 25 years ago

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These children for over 25 years have been told by the murderer of their own mother how kind he is– how bad she was. He KILLED their Mother for Christ sakes.
Can you say Stockholm Syndrome? What else are they going to say?
Its not like after 25 years they have a any real memories of their mother.
No normal human being condones murder- let alone the murder of their own mother because she was ‘moody’?

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John Vincent McDonald is on trial for his wifes murder almost 25 years ago.

A MAN convicted last month of murdering his estranged wife 25 years ago has been described by his children as a devoted, loving and loyal father who was never violent.



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