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Topeka Kansas: Failure to Protect Violates Statutes

In domestic law on September 23, 2011 at 12:06 pm

The hour heated up in the Zeus Radio Studio starting with a discussion about the city of Topeka , KS decision to stop prosecuting domestic violence cases with my suggestion that the District Attorney obtain permits and go into the cemetery business. The city of Topeka is throwing victims’ lives to the wolves disguised in sheep’s clothing, more commonly known as the violent offenders.

Topeka Domestic Abuse Survivor Trembling Over DA’s Decision to Pass Down Misdemeanors

Below is the show I urge everyone to listen. Can a class action suit be filed in the State of Kansas for failure per the current statutes? It is worth investigating? In the coming months we will gather a team of legal experts to visit and review at the Federal level and the State of Kansas’s “failure to protect.”

The city is hiding behind the budget because frankly Kansas does not see intimate partner violence a crime.
The Shawnee County press release: September 15, 2011

Contact: Dakota Loomis • 785.438.9449 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            785.438.9449      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

Shawnee County DA’s Office and City of Topeka Working to Resolve Misdemeanor Case Filings

Released in Cooperation with David Bevens  · City of Topeka · City Communications Manager · 785.368.1642 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            785.368.1642      end_of_the_skype_highlighting
Shawnee County District Attorney Chad Taylor and Interim City Manager Dan Stanley met today to discuss the prosecution of misdemeanor cases occurring within Topeka city limits. The meeting centered on how best to preserve public safety given recent budget cuts sustained by the District Attorney’s Office. Both the District Attorney’s Office and the City of Topeka are hopeful that an amicable agreement will be reached shortly that will be in the best interest of all Topekans. Discussions will continue over the course of the next few days and will focus on crafting a mutually agreed upon resolution that will ensure the efficient prosecution of all city misdemeanors.
# # #
Translation if your dog bites someone you will be prosecuted. If you spouse or significant other threatens or causes significant bodily injury, you are out of luck!

According to the National Coalition against Domestic Violence, current data, there are 16,800 homicides (reported)attributed to intimate partner homicide per year and $2.2 million in medically treated injuries costing $37 billion per year!

Is Topeka Kansas in violation of their very own State Statues?

  • 22-2307 : Domestic violence calls; written policies to  be adopted by law enforcement agencies; contents. (a) All law enforcement agencies in this state shall adopt written policies regarding domestic violence calls as provided in subsection (b). These policies shall be made available to all officers of such agency.(b) Such written policies shall include, but not be limited to, the following:
    (1) A statement directing that the officers shall make an arrest when they have probable cause to believe that a crime is being committed or has been committed;
    (2) a statement defining domestic violence;
    (3) a statement describing the dispatchers’ responsibilities;
    (4) a statement describing the responding officers’ responsibilities and procedures to follow when responding to a domestic violence call and the suspect is at the scene;
    (5) a statement regarding procedures when the suspect has left the scene of the crime;
    (6) procedures for both misdemeanor and felony cases;
    (7) procedures for law enforcement officers to follow when handling domestic violence calls involving court orders, including protection from abuse orders, restraining orders and a protective order issued by a court of any state or Indian tribe;
    (8) a statement that the law enforcement agency shall provide the following information to victims, in writing:
    (A) Availability of emergency and medical telephone numbers, if needed;
    (B) the law enforcement agency’s report number;
    (C) the address and telephone number of the prosecutor’s office the victim should contact to obtain information about victims’ rights pursuant to K.S.A. 74-7333  and 74-7335 and amendments thereto;
    (D) the name and address of the crime victims’ compensation board and information about possible compensation benefits;
    (E) advise the victim that the details of the crime may be made public;
    (F) advise the victim of such victims’ rights under K.S.A. 74-7333  and 74-7335 and amendments thereto; and
    (G) advise the victim of known available resources which may assist the victim; and
    (9) whether an arrest is made or not, a standard offense report shall be completed on all such incidents and sent to the Kansas bureau of investigation.
    History: L. 1991, ch. 93, § 1; L. 1996, ch. 208, § 3; July 1.

    Below is the show I urge everyone to listen. Can a class action suit be filed in the State of Kansas for failure per the current statutes? It is worth investigating? In the coming months we will gather a team of legal experts to visit and review at the Federal level and the State of Kansas’s “failure to protect.”
    Attorney and Author Barry Goldstein  and National  Advocate and Mothers Without Custody Expert Claudine Dombrowski 

Sep 22, 2011

Download Podcast – Susan Murphy Milano: TIME’S UP!! 9-22-2011  

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A victims first scream is help;
A  victims second scream is justice




Domestic Violence is Currently LEGAL in Topeka, Kansas

In domestic law on September 16, 2011 at 4:34 pm

ease comment on the original article here,

 Topeka domestic abuse survivor trembling over DA’s decision to pass down misdemeanors

We need outrage to stop this political game playing at the expense of wom

Please comment on the original article here,

 Topeka domestic abuse survivor trembling over DA’s decision to pass down misdemeanors

We need outrage to stop this political game playing at the expense of women.

Right now in Topeka Kansas—Domestic violence is LEGAL.

Since last week’s decision of the County DA to stop prosecuting Domestic Violence in the city limits, there have been 35 Domestic Violence arrests that have walked with no charges. The City manager Dan Stanley is considering a repeal in the City Ordinances that Domestic Violence is not a crime within the city, so that the City Judges and Prosecutors do not have to charge, prosecute and try any Domestic Violence. The District Attorney’s Office is refusing to accept ant City Domestic Violence Crimes.

Why it would be worse for victims.

It is very dangerous for victims of DV to report the crime as the consequences from the ‘perp’ are even worse than the actual ‘incident’ being charged. BATTERER RETALIATION. So when a DV case is pursued, it’s got to be with heavy consequences to the perp, as she (the victim) is in even more danger than she was when the charge was filed.

How a victim is treated usually has little to do with the actual system, but has everything to do with the people who work in the system.
The issue is making sure the judges understand what they should be looking at for evidence in domestic violence cases. How the judge or victims’ rights advocates, police offices or city prosecutors or district attorneys or assistant district attorneys and their staff are educated, and implement those tools to aid victims and insure justice is much more important than which court should have jurisdiction.

Domestic Violence is defined as a “pattern of control’’
1. DV tag law
2. DA has a DV task team that do all the DV cases.
3. It is extremely rare that a dv charge is ever held at dv usual they are reduced to ‘damage to personal property and disorderly conduct.’ Then it is still a misdemeanor, only after three such convictions does the 4th time warrant even felony status.
Perhaps with the DV tag law, which will document all the ‘disorderly conducts, damage to personal property with a tag at the bottom showing was in relation to domestic violence—will show that pattern and perhaps then they can change the ‘misdemeanor dv conviction to felony sooner than with the NON attainable 3 DV misdemeanor convictions to the 4th as a felony.

The County DA’s office needs to maintain the Domestic Violence cases—or person injury crimes. They need the money to maintain at minim mum what they have and been doing in the area DV. In fact they need more than even that . Its is the DA’s office—the people that bring the crimes to paper, to the system, of Charges, and begin the long process of getting it through the system and getting ‘justice’ and consequences for the crime.

The DA works closely with the Secretary of State’s e.g. address confidentiality program for victims of domestic violence, the Attorney general’s office who also has a DV task team, and the Governor’s Office that gives grant funding, specific to ensure and to continue the legal prosecution of offenders, the KCSDV that provides up to date education, and best practices of understanding, prosecuting, supporting the victims of Domestic Violence and Coercive Control. The DA’s office has made huge advancements in the past 30 years with this heinous crime.

To toss it to the city will be to throw all that to the wind, the dark ages of Domestic Violence if you will—is even darker now.

I have no problem with other misdemeanors-NON person Injury offences such as hot checks, small claims courts, Code enforcement and violations.
The Commissioners want to cut the budget, money, there are many County expenditures that are wasted. There are Court programs that can be cut without threat to public safety, Like parenting classes, Drug Classes, several of the so called CSO that do noting but ‘busy work’ that cannot be done by the City/municipal court. But of all the county cuts—the last one would be to cut the DA’s office—the only avenue to even begin to seek justice. For any crime, violent crimes, even violent crimes labeled as ‘just dv”.

Where city ordinance- codes are the main cases – to high grass, code compliance, housing buildings, traffic, parking meters.

However, of the two Judges (and only Judges at Municipal/city Court)

Lloyd C Swartz – A history to include usual district court ‘Case manager’ who blocks access to justice has a history of harming battered mothers. (I myself included)

Vic Miller – 3 supreme court Admonishments for Violations of the Attorney Code of ethics. 1. Incompetence, injury, Mental.
At one point they were going to ‘disbar’ him, until he hired lawyer john ambrosia as defense. This hardly ever happens, I have seen attorneys make death threats, physically attack patrons in the court house, accepting bribes and shown evident biased and lack of neutrality—those actions have failed to be admonished by the Disciplinary board let alone make it to actual supreme court public admonishment.

Even Stanley the acting City manager- KNOWS how dangerous this is.



Fathers 4 Justice: Meppershall fathers’ rights activist targets David Cameron’s office

In domestic law on July 14, 2011 at 12:05 pm

I think people might be shot and/or arrested for doing this in the US. If a women did it, she would be considered crazy. This is the Fathers Rights Movement.

Amplify’d from

A DAD has scaled the roof of Prime Minister David Cameron’s constituency office to protest about fathers’ rights.

New Fathers 4 Justice demonstration

Roger Crawford, of Shefford Road in Meppershall, was one of three members of campaign group New Fathers 4 Justice who took part in the rooftop demonstration in Witney, Oxfordshire, last Thursday.

Roger Crawford of Meppershall has campaigned for the New Father's for Justice. He climbed onto the roof of David Cameron's constituency office in Oxfordshire.
Roger Crawford of Meppershall has campaigned for the New Father’s for Justice. He climbed onto the roof of David Cameron’s constituency office in Oxfordshire.

The 62-year-old said: “I haven’t seen my own daughter, Heather, for 17 years now and she’s my only child.

“I just wanted visiting rights but I had a torrid time in the family courts. I found them adversarial rather than helpful and that’s why I joined Fathers 4 Justice and then New Fathers 4 Justice.”

Dressed as a court jester, Mr Crawford protested on the roof of the PM’s constituency office for more than four hours. He was accompanied by Jeremy Pogue, 50, from Wales, and Archit Ssan, 46, and from London. They held up banners, with one reading ‘two parents are better than one’.

e some exceptions, but time and time again it has been proved that children are be

“Obviously there are some exceptions, but time and time again it has been proved that children are best brought up knowing both parents,” Mr Crawford said.

He said that, due to “parental alienation, with her mother having a great deal of influence”, his daughter, who is now 19, has said she does not want to see him.

A spokesman for Thames Valley Police said that officers were on the scene to observe the demonstration, but that no action was taken.

He added: “We are going to step up our campaign now. I will be up to more mischief before long.”

Asked if Mr Cameron’s office had responded to the demonstration, Mr Crawford said that the protest had been met with “a defeaning silence”.

“There is a review of family law, but it won’t include this.”

“He promised before the election that he would grant a legal status to parents and grandparents. He’s renaged on that.

“Parents – mother or father – have no right in law to see their child.

He continued: “I can’t understand how someone like David Cameron, who has lost a child himself and said it affected him so badly he almost gave up politics, can ignore us.

“It’s been very hard,” he said. “When she was 18 I wrote to her and said it was really up to her now but that I still care.”



Janelle Burrill SF Court Whore BUSTED!

In domestic law on April 8, 2011 at 2:13 am

Family Court Therapist Janelle Burrill Charged with Misconduct by Attorney General’s Office

Amplify’d from
The therapist, Janelle Burrill, is a clinical social worker who works with children and parents as ordered by family courts in Sacramento and elsewhere. Burrill has been the subject of multiple complaints by families unhappy with her work.
Burrill “committed acts that fall sufficiently below the standard of conduct of the profession as to constitute acts of gross negligence.”
Burrill lied to both the American Board of Examiners for Clinical Social Workers and to a Placer County judge,
Last month, SF Weekly published a story detailing multiple instances in which family courts had deli
Burrill has been a lightning rod for criticism in Sacramento, and is only one of numerous family-court officials who have come under scrutiny for faulty and potentially dangerous practices in child-custody proceedings. Last month, SF Weekly published a story detailing multiple instances in which family courts had delivered children into the custody of parents with convictions for child molestation or spousal battery.



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