The Genocide of Battered Mothers and their Children

Family Court Crisis; Our Children at Risk

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  1. This video mirrors some of my experiences too. We are still in process. I have written one book about the experiences. It will be available in 2 weeks…I am working on a second book about the court system’s responses to Domestic Violence and Abuse. I am so, so sorry to all those who have lost their children…you are in my prayers and heart. I will never, ever stop fighting for my kids and you shouldn’t either! ❤

  2. So glad I found your site! My lawyer was busy ripping me off at the same time the mothers marched on Washington. I wish I had known. We still don’t get child support and we are having financial problems. I’m hanging in there by my fingernails! I filed a grievance against my attorney back in February and was shocked by what I saw in the binder I received in June. Please contact me. I’ve written 20,000 words so far of a book about my experiences.

  3. The following is my personal story of Judicial Kidnapping, Law Abuse and severe Corruption within The Family Court System.

    My name is Amy Andersen and my purpose for writing this letter is to make a formal complaint regarding the misconduct and illegal discrimination I have received under judge Pulver Jr.
    of Greene County Family Court in
    Catskill, New York
    My case involves the custody of my 7 year old daughter who was taken from me by this judge under illegal discrimination and hearsay alone.
    My story is very complicated, but I will do my best to keep things short and to the point.

    On July 11, 2011 my ex-husband was given full custody of my daughter and I was to receive supervised visitation. This is what happened.

    Up until last year, my husband, my daughter, and myself lived together, I was a stay at home mom and dedicated every minute of my life to raising, nurturing, and loving my little girl, we were NEVER apart, that is up until my husband met another woman that he wanted to be with.
    Within one week I was forced out of our home and unable to take my daughter with me because the only place I had to go was to my mother in CT and I was not allowed to take my daughter out of state.
    I was devastated and terrified to be forced to leave her with an alcoholic and abusive father whose only interest was to destroy me by taking away the one thing that meant the most to me in this world.
    My little girl is my life, my soul, and my heart. She is my EVERYTHING.

    Over the ten years I stayed with my husband I endured unspeakable abuse, both mental and physical, but I never reported it for fear of what he would do if I did. His threats terrified me.

    Upon being forced from my home I immediately petitioned the court for custody of my daughter.

    On our first day of court my ex-husband accused me of abusing my legally prescribed medication Vicodin, which I took to control the pain of my Fibromyalgia and chronic RA.
    Upon hearing that false accusation, Judge did not order me to take a drug test, as he should have, instead, HE DENIED ME! He merely went on the lies and hearsay of my ex-husband and remanded me to join a drug treatment center in CT with monthly reports sent to him regarding my progress in treatment, even though I in no way needed treatment as stated by my personal physician.

    We were literally in the court room for less than 3 minutes, I was not allowed to approach and defend myself in any way; I was in absolute shock and dismay because I was not abusing my medication,

    And I was fully denied my legal right to take a drug test to prove it.
    My Constitutional Rights as an American citizen were denied, as were my Parental Rights.

    Because of this indiscretion my-ex husband was given temporary full custody of my daughter and I was to receive SUPERVISED visitation once a week until our next court date 3 months later.

    I have NEVER been in ANY kind of trouble or even received a parking ticket in my entire life. CPS was not involved, and there were NEVER ANY accusations of abuse or neglect in any way.
    I have never spent more than a few hours away from my daughter since she was born, she is my entire life.

    The next day I frantically researched the facilities in my area and found a great program. I was immediately assessed by their physician and upon telling them my story and that I had to stop taking Vicodin unless I would lose my daughter permanently, they decided it would be in my best interest to start Methadone Maintenance Therapy in order to stop my current medication and control my chronic pain.

    The program’s physician was shocked by the judge’s order due to the fact I had a letter from my personal physician stating I was taking my medication as prescribed and in his professional opinion he did not agree with the judge’s order in having me stop my medication.

    This was chosen due to the fact that it is illegal to discriminate against persons on Methadone Treatment, and that includes discrimination regarding child custody.
    Methadone does NOT impair cognitive functions; it has no adverse affects on mental capability, intelligence, employability, or parenting skills.
    It is not sedating or intoxicating, nor does it interfere with ordinary activities such as driving a car.

    During the next few weeks I made sure reports were being made for the judge. (They were all completely positive)
    I felt very confident that there would be no further problems because I did EXACTLY what the judge ordered and was completely assured that discrimination towards me was completely illegal under the laws of the ADA.
    Unfortunately, I would find out I was very, VERY wrong.

    During my excruciating wait until our next court date, I met with 3 lawyers in my area to discuss my case and make sure I had all my bases covered, I was told over and over, by my clinic, by lawyers, and through hundreds of hours of extensive research online, in person, and with the help of NAMA, that I was absolutely and completely protected from the discrimination that Methadone causes, by the ADA.

    I was assured that the law states clearly that I had the same rights as a woman with diabetes that is being treated with insulin.

    The REAL discrimination and misconduct started at our next court appearance.

    Upon entering the court room, my court appointed lawyer (who did absolutely NOTHING for me) informed the judge of my program.

    She handed him a personal letter from my clinician stating that in her personal and professional opinion that “I am completely stable on my medication and fully capable of having custody of my daughter.”

    None of that mattered, not even the laws of the ADA or my rights under the constitution.
    Immediately upon hearing the word “Methadone”, the judge had no interest in hearing ANOTHER word.
    Again, he awarded my abusive ex husband FULL CUSTODY of my daughter, I was given the SUPERVISED VISITATION with the court appointed supervisor once a week.

    Also, please note that there is no accusation of any abuse on my part what so ever.

    I even went as far as getting a hair follicle test done on my own accord and sent the results directly to the court (which cleared me of all accusations of any other drug use what so ever.)
    This test was not taken into consideration by the judge when making his ruling. To this day I still do not know why.

    I was given the absolute harshest sentence imaginable, a sentence that would ordinarily be given to the most horrific child abuser.
    The judge had ABSOLUTELY NO REASON to give this order; I have done NOTHING wrong or illegal.
    I have not left out any details; this is the complete truth of exactly what happened.

    Let me please explain that from the very day my daughter was born I was a stay at home mom, I spent every waking hour loving and nurturing my daughter, my ex was never around, and when he was he was drunk, abusive or high on cocaine.
    My ex husband is a very wealthy business owner in the town where this case has taken place, he donates thousands to the town, not because he cares about the poverty of the town, but because he wants everyone to love and adore him, just in case his character was ever challenged.
    He even sits on the town board and “rubs elbows” with everyone who is anyone, he is a “classic narcissist”, he has even admitted that he knows the judge personally and exactly this would happen if I EVER challenged him.

    He also told a very close mutual friend that he had my daughter’s lawyer “wrapped around his finger!”, as you know, she is the person who the Judge listens to most, the child’s lawyer writes a report to the judge and is supposed to be completely unbiased and only interested in what is best for the child.
    Nancy Hilscher is the furthest from unbiased or interested in protecting my daughter, she has done nothing she is supposed to do regarding the rules and conduct of the Guardian ad Litem, and she does not try to hide the fact that she is totally biased against me, she is just like Judge Pulver, CORRUPT.
    It is all part of their small town “inner circle.”
    Nancy Hilscher’s job as Guardian ad Litem has very specific guidelines as to what she needs to do to prove her case. She has done none of these.

    My ex-husbands family has contributed to the town monetarily for 30 years, and they are very well known business owners.
    I only moved to town when my husband took over the family business 5 years ago, I was born and raised in CT, therefore I am considered an “outsider.”

    Judge Pulver has completely, illegally discriminated against me had a personal biased opinion of me since day one, and he did not take one moment to educate himself regarding the laws he is currently breaking, nor does he care to, due to his extreme partiality towards my ex husband.

    I truly believe that the only solution to this atrocity would be a change of venue, which I am sure Judge Pulver will never agree to..

    Judge Pulver has chosen to ignore or go against many of the rules and codes listed under the New York State Guidelines, “Rules Governing Judicial Conduct.”

    These are the reasons I believe that Judge Pulver has acted with misconduct, bias, and discrimination:

    *His willful failure to uphold and comply with the laws of the U.S. Constitution

    *His extreme prejudice and bias towards me

    *Denying me my full right to be heard

    *Equal protection under the law

    *Right to privacy, intruding on my “Parental Rights”

    *Making a decision on hearsay alone with no existing proof

    *Deprivation of my right to due process, equal protection and basic fundamental fairness guaranteed by the United States and New York Constitutions

    * Judge Pulver did not sign my custody order until 3 months later, nobody did, I received it BLANK.

    I have recently asked my court appointed attorney to file a Marsden Motion on behalf of my case.
    It is my strong opinion that she neglected to enforce my legal rights by her lack of competence, legal knowledge, diligence and preparation reasonably necessary for the representation of my very complicated case.
    It is all part of the “corrupt and discriminatory small town ethic” that I am fighting against.

    I have also filed a grievance with the “Commission on Judicial Conduct” I received a receipt from them on Dec. 7th acknowledging that they received my complaint and it will be presented to the Commission shortly.
    They will contact me after my complaint has been reviewed.

    NAMA has been contacted and informed of my situation, they have taken this discrimination very seriously and will be appointing an advocate to accompany me to court acting as an expert witness for the laws of the ADA I am protected under.

    Judge Pulver has completely DESTROYED my daughter’s life, she is suffering more then I can ever imagine, she BEGS for her mother and nobody will help her, I cannot even call her to reassure her that I love her and I am fighting for her. As for me, I am completely consumed in my grief, I dedicate every waking moment of my life into finding someone, ANYONE who will listen to my story and look into Judge George Pulver.

    My next order of business is to write to:

    *Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman

    *The Inspector General in Washington DC

    *My State Representative

    * Anyone who will listen to my story, take it seriously, and ACT.

    Please, I am pleading for you to take my story seriously, as I have told you every detail in complete honesty.
    Please help me to bring my little girl home to her mother where she belongs.
    Please help me and thousands of others just like me who have had their children “stolen” from them by our failing Judicial System who is supposed to protect us by upholding the laws of The Constitution of the United States of America.
    If we, as American Citizens, cannot count on protection from our government and its officials, who then, can we count on?

    Judge George Pulver Jr. has completely destroyed our lives, and this exact same heartbreaking injustice is running rapid in our country, destroying thousands of lives in its path.

    Someone MUST step up and bring justice and truth back into our proud country.

    Please help us.

    With Much Respect,

    Amy Andersen



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