The Genocide of Battered Mothers and their Children

PBS Documentary: Breaking the Silence: Children’s Stories

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  1. Any report of abuse should be handled by LAW ENFORCEMENT. The “Multi-task force” only puts too many people from different aspects into one position which have different ‘rules’ to follow,. NO ATTORNEY SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO HAVE EX PARTE OR ANY COMMUNICATION WITH DHHS OR LAW ENFORCEMENT. Attorney’s are “Officer’s of the court’. They are not YOU – and they are not a ‘party’ to the situation and should not be. Their place is in the court, not in the DA’s office (without the party) or DHHS (without the party). The DHHS system of ‘investigating’ child abuse is severely lacking in the appropriate LEVEL of training to be QUALIFIED to do so.. .Any investigation should include VERIFICATION OF FACTS — not what he said – she said. No one should be accused of child abuse for presenting their child to be interviewed for abuse as reported by a professional as is mandated by law. I STRONGLY SUGGEST that there be a law enforcement agency to hold DHHS accountable. Also, an investigative agency who would track DUE PROCESS and CIVIL RIGHTS in these cases, because it’s the ATTORNEY’S who are NEGLIGENT in providing the appropriate services during these cases. There is only ONE DISTRICT ATTORNEY to prosecute and thousands of ‘criminal defense attorney’s’. Really, elected officials do have responsibilities… NO criminal abuse case should ever be allowed into the civil/domestic court just because the offender/abuser is a parent. A mother being ‘responsible’ to protect a child from abuse has to ‘prove’ child abuse in civil court – (another elected official?!) with the wrong RULES for doing so – AND NO JURY? A JURY TRIAL IS CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT EVEN FOR CIVIL MATTERS – WHY ISN’T THIS BEING UTILIZED? ANY CASE INVOLVING ABUSE (including fraud, misrepresentation and neglect of the ‘professionals’) – IS CRIMINAL – AND SHOULD BE CONDUCTED APPROPRIATELY IN THE ‘JUSTICE’ SYSTEM. WHICH IN MY OPINION NEEDS AS MUCH OF AN OVERHAUL AS DHHS. – THE FEDERALLY FUNDED PROGRAM OF ‘THE FATHERHOOD INITIATIVE INCENTIVE’ PROGRAM? REALLY? WHERE IS THE PROGRAM TO HELP MOTHER’S AGAINST ABUSIVE FATHER’S/HUSBANDS..? THE VICTIM HAS VERY LITTLE RIGHTS – WHEREAS THE ‘CRIMINALS’ HAVE THE THOUSANDS OF DEFENSE ATTORNEY’S TO CALL ON – OR BE APPOINTED ONE. Signed, a child-less mother of 3 1/2 years due to faulty DSS investigation – defense attorney manipulation/misrepresentation and racketeering, fraud. My son testified to criminal abuse by his father, then has not seen his mother in 3 1/2 years. What does that teach a child? As for me, LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL. GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH.

  2. I am interested in finding out more about the studies and research that support this documentary. Also I would like to repost this on my blogsite: Please contact me if this is possible.

    Thank you!

    • I’m a mom working to get my son safe from criminal abuse. Haven’t seen your site on Guardian AdLitem, but please read Michael Lesher’s book – From Madness to Mutiny, Why Mother’s are Running From the Family Courts chapter on GAL’s. The issue is the ABA, APA and the ‘justice’ system. In my opinion, the book only touches on the real issues, and in the abuser’s hands, a road map to success.

      We all need to focus on solutions, not continue on the problem.

    • You may post the response.

  3. Please stay out of family court. If there is abuse of any kind…go to the police. My mistake was to file for divorce thinking the courts would do more. Mistake!
    Thank you to the couragous people who made this film.

  4. I have recently lost custody to my abuser after a 3 year long case riddled with bias and a lawyer who stipulated my PRR over to my ex without my understanding. My case is on Supreme Court and I am pro se after spendIng 70k in legal fees. I live in Vermont and I desperately need advocacy before this case is closed for good, please help

  5. How do I protect our kids from an abusive father,I need legal advice because I want a free divorce and want what I’m paying for example furniture and my kids.he can take the long does free divorce take?

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