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MO. Stacey Lannert –freed after 20 years for-killing her sexually abusive father

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VIDEO: Woman's Life Sentence Commuted

Woman’s Life Sentence Commuted
Stacey Lannert shot her father, then spent 18 years in prison.



12:15 AM CST on Friday, January 16, 2009

Supporters of the release of Stacey Lannert will welcome the news, after a meeting of the Missouri Parole and Probation Board earlier this week, Stacey is due to walk free from the W.E.R.R.D.C. in Vandalia at approx. 9:00am this morning.
On Monday Stacey will be a guest of Good Morning America.
Stacey will be promoting a new doll designed by herself and close friend Christine Peanick.
In Stacey’s words "I am very excited about getting this doll out there. The doll is very unique in that allows young children the opportunity to express themselves without judgment. Children are often intimidated or afraid to talk to adults about their problems and/or fears. Talking about something is the first step in the healing process. That is how I overcame my fears. I wasn’t offered an outlet for my feelings, but I want to ensure that other children are given that opportunity, even if it is through a doll. At least they will voice it, which in turn, may give them the courage needed to talk to someone else about it."
Any persons interested in purchasing a doll may do so by either visiting their website, soon to be available online, or expressing their interest by emailing Christine Peanick.
Any persons wishing to assist Stacey with financial suppport upon her release are welcome to forward donations to :
Stacey Lannert Fund
P.O. Box 142767
St Louis, MO. 63114

10:05 PM CST on Saturday, January 10, 2009

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) — Gov. Matt Blunt has commuted the prison sentences of two women who killed the men who had abused them.
"After an exhaustive review of the facts in both cases, I am commuting the sentences of Stacey Lannert and Charity Carey, who suffered extensive abuse before they took action against the men who raped them and subjected them to other horrible physical and emotional abuse," Blunt said in a statement.
Lannert has been in custody for 18 years after killing her father in 1990 when she was 18. Blunt says Lannert was sexually abused by her father for about nine years, from the time she was 8 until his death.
While the abuse issue was raised during her trial, the jury was told not to consider that as a mitigating factor. She was convicted of first-degree murder and armed criminal action and sentenced to life without parole.
Four jurors signed affidavits saying they thought the sentence was too harsh, and Lt. Tom Schulte, the first officer to question Lannert after the slaying, told the governor’s office that he strongly supported the commutation.
"The night this happened, she was 18, alone, and I told her I’d be three for her," Schulte said. "It is 18 years later and I’m still there for her."
The commutation reduces her sentence to 20 years, making her eligible for immediate conditional release. Blunt says he supports that release being granted.
Lannert initially was offered a 15-year sentence as part of a plea bargain, but she refused to sign it because she would have had to say that she killed her dad for his money.
Her case was brought to the attention of former Gov. Bob Holden at the end of his tenure in 2005 when people carried posters and pictures at the Capitol asking him to show her mercy, but Holden took no action.

Outgoing Governor Matt Blunt is to be congratulated for his courage and integrity in making the decision. His decision not only paves the way for Stacey to enjoy a productful life after years of abuse and incarceration, but also reflects his genuine belief in the plight of all victims of abuse.

Woman’s Life Sentence Commuted

Stacey Lannert shot her father, then spent 18 years in prison.

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  1. Just saw ur story on tv, I am glad u was able to get out and see u made a doll to help others of abuse there just isn’t enough people in the world that want to make a difference, I appluad u for what u r doing, god bless u, keep up the good work.

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