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Child Custody Dispute: Man shot his girlfriend and two others: Custody Battle Ends

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Gunman kills girlfriend and two others as custody battle ends in tragedy—


A GUNMAN angry about a child custody dispute shot his girlfriend after a confrontation outside her workplace and then killed two of her co-workers before turning the gun on himself.

Police identified the shooter as Robert Reza, 37.

Four others were wounded in a rampage that police said was motivated by Reza’s disgust over a domestic dispute involving the girlfriend, who remained hospitalised in critical condition with gunshot wounds on Monday evening.

It wasn’t known how Reza got past security at the Emcore Corp fibre optics and solar manufacturing plant in Albuquerque, New Mexico, but police said he was a former Emcore employee.

Police Chief Ray Schultz said investigators recovered a single handgun but it appeared Reza fired 20 to 25 bullets, reloading once.

Reza went through the building firing shots at several employees and leaving behind a gruesome scene of blood and shell casings across the company headquarters.

Reza confronted the girlfriend outside the Emcore plant, and his rampage continued inside, Mr Schultz said.

Mayhem unfolded as Reza opened fire, sending employees fleeing for cover as police locked down the entire neighbourhood.

It was unknown if the others who were shot had been targeted by Reza, he said.

"He acted alone," Schultz said.

"His primary target was his girlfriend at the facility. He knew her routine and confronted her outside the business."

Mr Schultz initially told reporters six people were dead, but authorities later revised the count to say only three were fatally wounded.

He said the gunman and his girlfriend had children who live in Rio Rancho and said they were taken into custody by "another agency".

Mr Schultz said she had told co-workers she planned to report domestic violence to authorities

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