The Genocide of Battered Mothers and their Children

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The “Father’s Right’s” Movement: How to Legally Stalk, Harass,THROUGH THE COURTS

In domestic law on June 2, 2011 at 6:30 pm

The “Father’s Right’s” Movement: How to Legally Stalk, Harass,and Intimidate Victims of Domestic Violence after a Restraining Order has been Issued

STALKING THROUGH THE COURTS by Janet Normalvanbreucher

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction

  • Historical Background of the Father’s Rights Movement

  • The Quest for Dominance and Control

  • Mom, Country, and Apple Pie — Why People Help Them

  • Differentiating Legitimate Fatherhood Groups from Illegitimate “Father’s Rights” Groups

    Ten Tips for Single Dads

  • IS There Bias in the Courts?

  • The “Father’s Manifesto” – A Political Platform to Repeal the 19th Amendment

    – Father’s Manifesto Signatories

  • Practicing Law Without A License — A Pro-Se Army

  • Use of the Internet to Disseminate Information

  • The Seduction of the Media

  • Father’s Right’s Advocates in High Places

  • How the Father’s Right’s Movement Hurts Men with Legitimate Disputes

  • Mein Kampf — Indoctrination Tactics of The Father’s Rights Movement

  • Brief History of VAWA and the Restraining Order

  • Are Restraining Orders Widely Abused by Women as a Tactical Maneuver in a Divorce?

  • Attacking Her Credibility

  • DOJ — Profile of an Obsessive Stalker

  • “She Deserved It” — How the Criminal Process Fails Victims

  • Malicious Prosecution and Abuse of Process in the Courts

    – Victoria D.’s story

  • Vindictive Custody/Visitation Suits

  • Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress

  • Parental Alienation Syndrome

    – if Psychologists Discredit this Theory, Why Is it So Widely Accepted by the Courts?

  • Harassment of Judges, the Legislature, and Potential Jurors

  • Lawyers Who Knowingly Help Men Harass their Victims

  • Possible Solutions:

    – Screening of Pro-Se Lawsuits, Criminal Charges, Motions for Reconsideration

    – Criminal Sanctions for Filing Frivolous Charges with State Administrative Agencies

    – Tighter Enforcement of Stalking Laws

    – Rule 11-type Pro-Se Sanctions for Abuse of Process

    – Prosecuting Groups who are Practicing Law Without A License

    – Law School Programs – Helping the Victims Fight Back

    – Lawsuits against FR Groups under the VAWA as Unincorporated Associations.

    – Legislative Action

  • A Proposed Constitutional Amendment

  •


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