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Bill Windsor – His Fake Movie, his fake threats, his fake balls….. and he still cant get his rocks off?

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Bill Windsor changed his cover photo.

15 hours ago

I’ve invited Claudine Dombrowski to meet me at the Topeka Kansas Police headquarters on the 17th at 1 pm. I doubt that she will make it as I believe the members of the so-called American Mothers Political Party only come out at night.

Oh Really??

Bills idea of inviting is like his stupid ideas of Cease and Desist thinking that ppl actually read his facebook page? and that – that is a legal venue?? really?? hahahahah

Oh Billy, the BALL-LESS, fucking wonder that you are and although you did not invite me, in fact made sure I never saw this by blocking me all over facebook …. thanks to the AWWSOME clubhouse over at the joeys I saw this. hahahaha I call your Cowardly, disgusting, fat ass out!!

I WILL BE THERE HA HA HA and so will the men with the butterfly nets, granted they will have to get a whole bunch of those nets as your disgusting fat ass wont fit in any one or 20.

Oh, and DUDE why don’t you at least leave some paper terrorism e.g. charges of accusations??? I know that will cramp your ‘god’ complex style but – just a thought.

247532_507610695971456_1991167822_n (1)


Oh my, They are coming to take me away HA HA OH NO they ARE coming to take me away!!!

Remember, Topeka has been known as the MENTAL HEALTH CAPITOL of the WORLD ha ha haha we got our rep honestly, we will put u in the funny farm ask questions later. ha ha ha ha

You will be better off just following me from the police station, It will be my pleasure to show you how to use a .45 up close and personal.

Put you out of your misery, mercy!

Bill Windsor Sexual Deviant, Homeland Terrorist and His Cult Group Lawless America

In Bill Windsor Sexual Deviant, Homeland Terrorist, Fake,, Bill Windsor, Lawless America, Abusers Advocate, Bill Windsor, Janice Levinson, Lawless America, PMA, Protective Mothers Alliance on June 4, 2013 at 3:41 pm
Courtesy of the joeys’ – head over and read the comments as Billy boy implodes.
Sexual Deviant Bill Windsor

So Bill tried to co-op a real reporters story on rape and incest.  Bill used it as an opportunity to seek out people to tell him their stories involving rape and incest.  He can no longer be bothered by women with custody issues, but he is more than happy to hear a detailed sordid story of rape or incest.  He sent out this plea:
I am communicating with a newspaper writer who is researching a story on spousal rape and incest. He is particularly interested in speaking with survivors whose abuse allegations were handledeither in criminal or family courts. If you would be interested in sharing your story, please email with the subject in all caps: RAPE.
Well this started a fire-storm as one woman named Jan, rightfully gave the direct contact info to the real reporter doing the story, telling the lemmings to bypass the creepy old man trying to get in the middle.  Bill then lashed out at her Lawless America Hey Jan, go away. You must be one of the sickos.
Then her friend Lynn stuck up for her saying that she said nothing that was either on the order of a liar or a sicko.  So bill then lashed out at her saying all kinds of sexist and delusional things, Bill asked for stories about rape, but instead he exposed himself as being a liar and a perverted fraud:

  • Lawless America Lynn, you are a liar and a slanderer. Go away. Cease and desist the slander and stalking. I have helped many true victims, not you liars. No one named Lynn Buss has ever em ailed me nor is there a Lynn Buss in my database. You are one of the pathetic liars out there.

    54 minutes ago

  • Lawless America I am asking anyone with information about Jan Halley or Lynn Buss to contact me. I want to expose these people.

    51 minutes ago

  • Lawless America No, Ardith Cunningham. Lynn Buss never emailed me anything. She appears to be a serial liar…as you likely are. You say you know, well, put up or shut up. Paste the proof right here for all to see. I won’t ban you for an hour to give you the opportunity. You have libeled me with your comment here, so I demand an immediate apology and retraction. Absent that, I shall see you in court.

    46 minutes ago

  • Lawless America I didn’t lose a damn thing. You are a libeler, slanderer, and liar, and your associates are the same. You aren’t in my email or database either — just another scumbag in my opinion. You have 50 minutes. Show us the proof you hav4e "right there on your computer."

    42 minutes ago

  • Lawless America I am sick and tired of all the women who lie their a$$e$ off. Anyone with information about Jan Halley, Lynn Buss, and Ardith Cunningham are encouraged to contact me at I am interested in speaking to former spouses or significant others in the case of some.

    39 minutes ago

  • Lawless America You are a real sicko, Ardith Cunningham. You are a liar, a serial liar, and I look forward to pursuing you and all the liars in court and with law enforcement.

    32 minutes ago

  • Lawless America Horse manure. I don’t know Lynn Buss. She’s a liar. The only thing I care about with her is exposing her as a liar. If she has an ex, I want to talk to him or her. My experience is that anyone who would lie about contact with me will damn sure lie claiming abuse. It’s a disease among a bunch of you that severely damages the efforts of honest women who have been abused.

    27 minutes ago

  • Lawless America Ardith Cunningham is probably a fake identity being used by someone like All Lie

Janice Levinson – Using the Blood of Battered Mothers and Children for Her personal Gain – Protective Mothers Alliance

In Bill Windsor, Lawless America, Abusers Advocate, Bill Windsor, Janice Levinson, Lawless America, PMA, Protective Mothers Alliance on March 24, 2013 at 6:15 pm


Janice Levinson

She Will Lure You in and Mercilessly Slaughter You and Your Children

Stay as far away as you can from this very evil very deadly – as in she freely will give all your personal information to you and your child’s abuser.

Obviously she is a fake always has been. I know she knows and so does Massachusetts in that this woman actually did claim abuse when none was there. FALSE ABUSE allegations that those who have been abused must over come because of people like her.

She set her husband up… she NEVER lost her children, HE NEVER kept her children from her….

Janice used the blood of REAL battered mothers and their children for her own personal gain and selfish agenda.


Beware….the Propaganda of Deception Janice Levinson. Protective Mothers Alliance and her Partner Bill Windsor Lawless America.



State Of Deception: Janice Levinson and Bill Windsor’s Propaganda

Explore the Nazis’ sophisticated propaganda campaigns and their legacy.

These two (Janice Levinson and Bill Windsor) are about all you need in hurting people.

Just like Bill, Janice in their sick twisted narcissistic minds try to turn tables back. Classic projection and delusional mind screwing. State of Deception.

Both do not care how many bodies they climb over, who they hurt or kill to get to their *perceived* top – whatever that might be.

I will not post that evil bitches blog.
But take a look over at joeys for the full article on the latest hell they are causing for more people.

Hitler and his sympathizers.
Bill Windsor and Janice Levinson

Huge "shout out" to the folks at joeys!
courtesy joeyisalittlekid
Bill’s Blogs Are Trying to Attack Us

***Rolls Eyes up and back***

I have avoided this blog, but I guess we can no longer do that.

"Sheri Westover, a protective mom was recently attacked on Facebook…this is truly horrific, the Joe-PPers (Joeys + AMPP) actually write a letter to the children she has not seen in years, bashing their mother, calling Sheri a racist and openly supporting her alleged abuser and telling the children “we hope you are placed in a good home“."

Ummmm, what?  No we didn’t.  We don’t even know who she is….or care, much less start writing letters to her children.

Read the rest here….

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