The Genocide of Battered Mothers and their Children

Bill Windsor – His Fake Movie, his fake threats, his fake balls….. and he still cant get his rocks off?

In Bill Windsor Sexual Deviant, Homeland Terrorist, Fake,, Bill Windsor, Lawless America, Abusers Advocate, Bill Windsor, Janice Levinson, Lawless America, PMA, Protective Mothers Alliance on July 12, 2013 at 8:37 pm

Bill Windsor changed his cover photo.

15 hours ago

I’ve invited Claudine Dombrowski to meet me at the Topeka Kansas Police headquarters on the 17th at 1 pm. I doubt that she will make it as I believe the members of the so-called American Mothers Political Party only come out at night.

Oh Really??

Bills idea of inviting is like his stupid ideas of Cease and Desist thinking that ppl actually read his facebook page? and that – that is a legal venue?? really?? hahahahah

Oh Billy, the BALL-LESS, fucking wonder that you are and although you did not invite me, in fact made sure I never saw this by blocking me all over facebook …. thanks to the AWWSOME clubhouse over at the joeys I saw this. hahahaha I call your Cowardly, disgusting, fat ass out!!

I WILL BE THERE HA HA HA and so will the men with the butterfly nets, granted they will have to get a whole bunch of those nets as your disgusting fat ass wont fit in any one or 20.

Oh, and DUDE why don’t you at least leave some paper terrorism e.g. charges of accusations??? I know that will cramp your ‘god’ complex style but – just a thought.

247532_507610695971456_1991167822_n (1)


Oh my, They are coming to take me away HA HA OH NO they ARE coming to take me away!!!

Remember, Topeka has been known as the MENTAL HEALTH CAPITOL of the WORLD ha ha haha we got our rep honestly, we will put u in the funny farm ask questions later. ha ha ha ha

You will be better off just following me from the police station, It will be my pleasure to show you how to use a .45 up close and personal.

Put you out of your misery, mercy!

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