The Genocide of Battered Mothers and their Children

How to make the courts work for domestic violence survivors, not for abusers‏ – CIVIC REASEARCH INSTITUTE: Representing the Domestic Violence Survivor

In domestic law on April 18, 2013 at 9:19 pm
Civic Research Institute
"A must for every practitioner who is representing abuse survivors …"*
Representing the Domestic Violence Survivor
By Barry Goldstein, J.D. and Elizabeth Liu, J.D.
Format: Casebound Book
with Gold Foil Stamp
© 2013 562 pp.
ISBN 978-1-887554-93-0
List Price: $149.50
Product Code: RDV
"This is a gift for all legal professionals and concerned community members—evidence-based guidance to improve our interventions with abuse survivors, offenders and their children." —Sarah M. Buel, Clinical Professor of Law, Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law, Arizona State University
All too often, the courts get domestic violence cases spectacularly wrong, accepting "junk" science and myth in handing down decisions that favor abusive fathers while placing protective mothers and their children in grave jeopardy. In fairness to judges, some of the mistakes are caused by the failure of victims’ advocates to present needed information to the court. We all need to do better!
This important new book helps you present domestic violence cases in the most effective way possible and provide better protection for survivors and children. You’ll discover:

# How to build a more productive working relationship with your client
  • What current scientific research is telling us about violence and victim behavior and how to use this new knowledge on your client’s behalf
  • How common practices used in custody and other courts fail to protect victims of domestic violence and how to prevail against these unfair and harmful practices

# How to focus the court’s attention on issues and approaches that promote the safety of mothers and children
“Abusers and their allies have a seemingly endless series of legal tricks up their sleeve. The publication of this book is a blow for justice.” — Lundy Bancroft, author of The Batterer as Parent
“… this book will help attorneys overcome the advantages abusers have in court and in the process help good judges learn the best ways to protect children and avoid being manipulated by common abuser tactics.”—Rita Smith, Executive Director, National Coalition Against Domestic Violence
Successful advocacy for DV survivors begins here…
  • Build a compelling case that proves pattern of abuse
  • Prepare for and respond to unfair legal tactics abusers often employ
  • Use current behavioral research—real science, not junk science—to support your client
  • Effectively work with—and challenge, if necessary—court-appointed "neutral" parties such as guardians ad litem and forensic psychologists
  • Create a "safety plan" for every victim
Order today

"Goldstein and Liu have given those who serve survivors the platform for competent advocacy."
*Margaret B. Drew, J.D., LL.M., Domestic Violence Consultant

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