The Genocide of Battered Mothers and their Children

Janice Levinson: When You Play With Wolves

In domestic law on March 13, 2013 at 12:06 am

Beware those who seek to fill ONLY their personal agendas by climbing over the bodies of the women and children they purport to protect!

A never non custodial never abused but in Massachusetts she falsely used the battered mother’s movement to claim her husband was abusive. She abandoned her children he never stopped her from taking them back. But Janice the social climber who tried so hard ….was it Janice? Richard Ducote that is. …hard.

Protective Mothers Alliance is Victim Harvesting for personal agendas.

Your blood, your story.

Their profit. Her climb to stardom, she, like Bill Windsor put battered mother’s and her children at risk.

All in a days work — just more bodies to climb over no sleep lost.

  1. You are just taking the side of the abuser. I would be afraid to joing your group bc you probably would do the same thing to me… how do I know that you would not take my story and use against me later? Or tell my kids I abandoned them? How do I know you would not take the side of the abuser, and give him more ammo to use against me, and hurt me with?

    The worst thing you can say to an abused mother is that she is not a protective mother, and that the abuse did not happen, and that she never fought for her kids… That’s exactly what the abuser says all along when he tries to control her, or tries to stop her from revealing the abuse. Where is your proof this happened? Where is documentation?

    That is what you are doing by saying all this stuff. It hurts to read it.

    • Yea, Levison and PMA has done just that to me, she as well has a secret hate group where she lists those she dislikes I know this because I was in her secret group untill I wouldnt take sides, now she blogs about me and makes up lies, Ampp has never done that to me, she is an Domestic Violent abuser an… the more I now research about PMA and Ms. LEVISON I see who victimizes whom, she has revictimized me….and many others

  2. That Levison or that PMA I never ever heard of nor has any Domestic Violent Advocate in the real world, she is strictly another little FaceBook group , Elizabeth

  3. Sadly, there are woman who abuse as well, and Levison has proved herself to be one, all the red flags are there, my opinion…..

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