The Genocide of Battered Mothers and their Children

Teri C. Stoddard to Father: ‘You Will Never Get Your Daughter Back!’

In domestic law on December 1, 2011 at 6:31 am

This is delving into some major evil, as a woman who openly sides with documented child molesters and pedophiles, has threatened a father whose ex sold their daughter for $82,000. Teri C. Stoddard, the subject of numerous — and notorious — stories about her defense of NAMBLA-linked characters, told Anthony Lingle he would never get her daughter back if he continued to affiliate and align with Freedom of the Press Group LLC. She made the comments in response to this story:

Teri C. Stoddard

about an hour ago

Teri C. Stoddard

  • You will never get your daughter back!

  • Not with karma like this! You are evil!!!!

    Teri C. Stoddard

    • YOU did this! YOU sent him our private exchange!

    • I tried to warn you. REMEMBER???? Now you will have to deal with the fallout. Get him to remove it and I will remove my posts about you.

    • Anthony Lingle

      10 minutes ago

      Anthony Lingle

      • you talk shit about me and my case and i showed him what you sad about my case.

      • you will end up in jail trust me i am not playing games

    • Teri C. Stoddard

      9 minutes ago

      Teri C. Stoddard

      • I have NEVER talked shit about you. You are paranoid. And now…since you aren’t doing the right thing, I have lost all respect for you.

      • Now you’re threatening me? For what?

      • Are you going to threaten to kill me too?

    • Anthony Lingle

      5 minutes ago

      Anthony Lingle

      • no not a threaten i will have you put in jail for what you r doing to me and only me there is people you deal with that have nothing to do with me
        this is all you talking shit to me

    • Anthony Lingle

      4 minutes ago

      Anthony Lingle

      • leave me alone

Please click the link below and support this news media for naming names, truth telling and calling out the queen of pro pedo pro abusers.

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