The Genocide of Battered Mothers and their Children

Listening to the Perps – Not the Domestic Violence Victims- Societies accepted ‘norm’.

In domestic law on June 21, 2011 at 2:35 am

At the same time the media fails and refuses to cover the crisis in the custody courts in which thousands of children’s lives are destroyed by the use of outdated, discredited and biased practices, the NY Model Batterer Program I work with is frequently invited for television shows and interviews with reporters if we would provide a “reformed” batterer. We always turn down these requests and explain that there is no way to know a batterer has truly changed and that in any event he would not be someone with the expertise to help their audience understand the issue.

Men in the movement to end men’s violence against women often receive undeserved praise for doing what ought to be normal. As long as men’s mistreatment of women is the norm, men have substantial unearned advantages over women and a substantial portion of the population provide misplaced sympathy for rapists

Amplify’d from
1. Take Leadership from Members of the Marginalized Group: Men are not the experts about rape
2. Rapists are not Qualified to Speak about Addressing or Ending Sexual Abuse: The many egregious, inappropriate and downright hurtful statements made by Adam Ritz illustrates why it is a bad idea to have perpetrators of sexist or other crimes based upon oppression speak to these issues. Rape, like domestic violence, is committed because of a belief system of male entitlement
Substance Abuse does not Cause Rape:
Sending the Message of Serious Consequences for Men who Sexually Assault Women:
Our patriarchal culture structures privilege to shield men from the realities of the harm they cause.
Focus on the Impact on Victims not Offenders
The rate of rape and sexual abuse on college campuses is frighteningly high
The Focus Should be on Changing Men’s Behavior: Most programs and approaches to preventing rape and sexual assault are based on changing women’s behavior, and hence collude with rather than meaningfully address the rape culture.



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