The Genocide of Battered Mothers and their Children

Rock Hill FATHER arrested after several Brutal assaults to the Mother of his child

In domestic law on June 2, 2011 at 3:02 pm

After Beating the hell out of his girlfriend and MOTHER of their Child, two separate domestic violence case’s and they title this article police arrest suspect in car chase” WTF”

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Christopher McConnell

Just after 5 a.m. May 14, a woman who has a child with McConnell said he jumped out from behind the stairwell as she was returning to her apartment and forced her into the apartment, according to a Rock Hill Police report. He is accused of hitting her repeatedly before sitting on her bed and pouring tea all over her.

She fought back, scratching him, and when he went to wipe himself off she ran out of the apartment and banged on other apartment doors.McConnell followed her and hit her again until he heard an apartment door open. He fled in a gray vehicle, according to the report.

When officers arrived, the woman had some kind of liquid poured over her, the report states. She had a scratch on her face, a bruise on her arm and swollen lips.

The woman told officers that McConnell has a previous criminal domestic violence charge they had gone to court about, but she told the judge it was a lie because McConnell had threatened her, according to the report.

The chase with sheriff’s deputies began the following day about 2 p.m. on Anderson Road in Rock Hill when they attempted to pull him over. McConnell sped off, and deputies had to use spike strips to puncture his car’s tires. His car was found in a ditch on Hall Spencer Road, but McConnell ran off.

McConnell is being held at the Moss Justice Center in York on an $84,402.50 bond.



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