The Genocide of Battered Mothers and their Children

Killer Dad Kills two because Girlfriend had Custody of 9 month old daughter During a PFA

In domestic law on May 21, 2011 at 5:24 pm

Note how the media likes to blame the mom– or gave excuse that this is a ‘reason; dad went on a murder suicide rage.
Gimme a break.

The man was dangerous, obviously, thank God the mother and the 9 month old were not killed which likely would be the case had the PFA not been issued.

We need to STOP coddling these daddy’s.

Amplify’d from
 HANOVER TWP. – A day after Shaundra Langille received temporary custody of her daughter, her ex-boyfriend came to her Hanover Village apartment to kill her. But, authorities said, James Cooper instead shot and killed a neighbor and wounded two other people before turning a gun on himself.
Langille said she hid in her closet protecting her 9-month-old daughter Yasmine and the child of her neighbor,
“It was an apparent murder-suicide,”
Cooper, 39, of Scranton, and Langille, 28, had been in Luzerne County Court on Thursday to deal with protection from abuse orders each one had taken out against the other. Under the order that was put into effect for a year, they were not to harm one another and were prevented from having personal contact. Musto Carroll said that in the case of a mother and father filing reciprocal PFAs and when children are involved, the mother usually gets custody.
“We believe that may have been the motive,”



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