The Genocide of Battered Mothers and their Children

Punish the Children if They Refuse to Go With the Abuser

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Societal accepted ‘norms’-Approve Abuse and Murder of Women and Children

Child abuse: when family courts get it wrong By Kathleen Russell »


claudine Claudine Dombrowski after another beating by her daughter’s father, Hal Richardson

Well, this is very Gardneristic (the pedophile-loving psychologist that invented so-called “parental alienation syndrome”)…punish the children if they won’t go to the dad willingly.  Yes, this is happening.   Could you see Claudine Dombrowski (pictured to the left) telling her daughter it is her desire to that shesees and loves her father (the father that produced the injuries in the picture, who eventually caused her to be 100% disabled)?  (I don’t think anyone could lie that well.)  Instead, her daughter’s father keeps her from seeing her mother.

The American Psychological Association is living in La La Land, or doing some serious drugs, if they believe that children in joint custody have fewer behavior issues if one of those parents abuses the other parent.  But what is more common is for abusers to get custody, like in Claudine Dombrowski’s case…..yes, they may start off with joint custody, under the “friendly parent” sharade, but they quickly work towards securing sole custody away from their victims. This is “domestic violence by proxy.”

So send the children off to the abuser, even though they beg and cry not to go.  Even though they tell you they are getting “bad touches” or being violated in some way.  Even if your children are being raped.  Off they go or you will be punished.  No matter what the children will think of you for making them go.   When will these organizations that represent Whores of the Courtrealize that children are harmed far more by being forced to be with an abuser or rapist than forcing them to love mommy and daddy, no matter what?  Shouldn’t it make sense to these people that the relationship the parent had before the breakup (or didn’t have) should mean something, instead of forcing something down the children’s throats?

Judge Tells Mom: Punish Kids For Skipping Visits With Dad

by Melissa Kossler Dutton

Oct 1st 2009 4:08PM

Australian kids who want to skip visits with dad may find themselves without video games, television or other favorite pastimes.

A judge has ordered a mother to deny her children privileges until they comply with a court order requiring them to spend time with their father.The judge said noncustodial parents need to “positively encourage” visitation and start “removing privileges if the child was defiant,” according to an article in The Australian.

The father asked the court to intervene when his children chose to walk home to their mother’s house rather than meet him for a scheduled after-school visit. The 43-year-old dad later received a call from his ex who told him the boys, aged 11 and 12, “did not wish to go with them,” according to the article.

The problem is “very prevalent” among American fathers as well,Mitchell K. Karpf, chair of the American Bar Association’s Family Law section, told ParentDish.

Judges here have the power to enact similar rulings after a divorce, he said.

“Mom does have an obligation to say you’re going to see your dad and if you don’t you’re grounded,” said Karpf, who practices in Florida.

Judges also can take parents to task for badmouthing former spouses or preventing visitation.

A Florida court once ordered a mother to tell her children that it was “her desire” that they see and love their father, Karpf said. Encouraging children to maintain relationships with both parents makes sense, according to the American Psychological Association. Children in joint custody arrangements have fewer behavior issues, do better in school and have higher self esteem, according to a 2002 study published in the Journal of Family Psychology.

  1. It is sad to know that the courts are no smarter than shellfish. In this day and age, with all the technology and services, we could not discover something that works? : verses power ‘ego’s’ money hungry leaches from the depths of the human stock who feed on depression. I think a child, if given the right avenue, would choose where and when they would like to spend with their parents. The system does not make the answers, it creates the problems that cultivate more questions with no end on the horizon. It’s a system that breaks down the family bond, and thereby produces the factors it spits out- more troubled people. So, why not notice what it really is- against both parents, against society, against everything we learned in our family-against our rights!

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