The Genocide of Battered Mothers and their Children


In domestic law on December 11, 2010 at 3:46 am
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Rikki Dombrowski, as shown on Guardian ad Litem M. Jill Dyke’s Facebook page.

Rikki was taken to talk to the judge (alone, no witnesses), Judge David Debenham, a couple of weeks ago, while her mother Claudine was in the midst of another judicial smackdown.  Although she had been given the right to see her daughter after years of no or limited (supervised) contact in the January 2010 hearing that I attended as a court watcher, daddy Hal Richardson did everything in his power to not allow the visits to take place.  He had 83 violations of the court order up to a point this fall…read about the case here.

Rikki is often on my mind.  Granted, not as much as on her mother, Claudine Dombrowski’s, mind.  I was also a child victim of family courts, just as Rikki is.  Just as my children are now, although I don’t write about them at all (too traumatic).

Witnesses have told me that when daddy Hal Richardson brought Rikki to be interviewed by the judge, he was acting very sternly towards her, and she was crying just before going in. Knowing that the last time Rikki was “allowed” to call her mother this past spring to cancel her two hour Sunday visitation, daddy Hall Richardson was yelling at Rikki in the background and Rikki was uncontrollably crying while she was telling Claudine she couldn’t see her that day.  That was the last phone call to take place.

My point is Rikki is one of many children in a situation like this, threatened to follow the abuser’s script or face the consequences.  In Rikki’s case, there is a child’s coffin in Hal Richardson’s living room ready for use.  If the corrupt court officials in this case actually did their jobs, Richardson would be in prison and Rikki would be with her mother.  There is a movement now to disbar Rene NethertonM. Jill Dykes lunged at Claudine in the courthouse hallway, and had her husband call to threaten her…actions will be filed on this also.   Snorting Topeka attorney Jason P. Hoffman continues to lie in court about anything to help his abusive client Hal Richardson, including claiming Claudine Dombrowski is me when he knows she is not.   No, Rikki Dombrowski is a cash cow to them.

Children like this are often a big source of income to people like this.  Snorting Jason L. Hoffman used the term “parental alienation” so much during the January 2010 hearing, I lost count.  This term, and syndromes/disorders associated with it, were invented by people (like Dr. William Bernet) who make lots of money from it, using it to sell books and sell their “testimony.”  It is well known by judge’s associations as a tool for abusers to get custody of children.  It certainly worked in this case…imbecile Judge Debenham fell for it (or maybe was paid off).

When I think of Rikki getting threatened in the courthouse hallway and her crying, I get really mad.  This is what our children are going through.  When will it stop?  The White House addressed family court cases during it’s press conference somewhat due to this case (afterall they have been reading about it here), but when is something actually going to be done?



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