The Genocide of Battered Mothers and their Children

Daughter and Mother shot and killed –Ex-boyfriend’s jealousy turns deadly in Hialeah murder-suicide

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A HX of Domestic Violence!! Its not a Tragedy it is an OUTRAGE!! Its not ‘romantic’ its  the ultimate control completely–

A schoolgirl and her mother were shot and killed in Hialeah by a jealous older boyfriend, who went home and turned the gun on himself.

A schoolgirl and her mother were shot and killed in Hialeah by a jealous older boyfriend, who went home and turned the gun on himself.

Lisset Perez had not yet turned 15 when she broke up with her boyfriend, a man six years her senior who had lived in her family’s apartment. Lisset’s new start did not last long. Early Thursday morning, her estranged and jealous boyfriend, Adalberto Torres, 21, gunned down Lisset and her mother outside her Hialeah apartment, where they waited for her school bus.

An hour later, Torres killed himself in the Miami efficiency he just rented a few days before.

“How do you explain or rationalize something like this: a 21-year-old gunning down a young girl and her mother? It’s a waste and a tragedy,” Hialeah Police Chief Mark Overton said.

He called the crime scene “as horrific as it comes.” The bodies of Lisset and her mother, Vivian Albelo, 39, lay under police tarp in an open area at the Water View Villa complex for hours. An early morning rain sent blood streaming into puddles of water.

Police didn’t know how many bullets were shot. Some hit parked cars. The rain may have washed others away. It is not known what kind of gun Torres used.
Before their breakup, Torres and Lisset — nicknamed “Chai” — lived together in her family’s apartment for two years.

“My aunt accepted the situation, so Chai wouldn’t move away,” said Yunerkis Aguilera, Perez’s cousin. “My aunt did not want her to date him.”

The shooting echoed another crime of passion in Hialeah at the popular eatery Yoyito Cafe-Restaurant. There, an estranged husband stormed the restaurant in early June, killed his wife and three other women, left three more women badly injured, then shot himself a few blocks away.

In both cases, reports of physical abuse emerged after the shootings.
In the Thursday shooting, neighbors heard the shots while getting ready for work and school. Lisset’s friend Yaimarelys Roque, 23, a neighbor and Lisset’s close friend, had seen Torres — nicknamed “Pacho” — walking around the apartment complex Wednesday night and immediately thought of Lisset.

He was very jealous,” Roque said. “He didn’t even like it when she came to my house to play with my son.”
Family members and friends described Lisset as shy, sweet, very pretty and gentle.
“She was serious — too serious for her age,” said friend and neighbor Javier Lugo, 24.

Lisset had just celebrated her 15th birthday on Tuesday. Roque had bought her a small chocolate cake. The big birthday celebration was set for Sunday, when Lisset planned to spend the day at Virginia Beach with family and friends.

Family members say Lisset’s mother had come from Cuba in the 1980s. Lisset, born in the United States, was the second youngest of her mother’s five children.

She had started ninth grade this week at Westland Hialeah High School.
The news of the shooting shocked students, even teens who didn’t know her, and the school held a moment of silence in memory of Lisset.

“Anytime a young life is lost, it’s a tragedy, and our thoughts are with the family,” said Guillermo Muñoz, principal at the school where grief counselors arrived to provide support.

The couple did not have any record of domestic violence. But Hialeah police spokesman Carl Zogby said police had heard that Torres “used to rough her up, but she never reported it.”

Torres, who was born in Havana, Cuba, did not have a criminal record in the United States.
“He was very respectful, he was very friendly, he was a great kid,” said Alex Rosa, Torres’ cousin.
But those close to Lisset saw Torres as a controlling and jealous older man.
He wouldn’t let her talk to even my brother or my husband or my 2-year-old son,” said Mayelin Vizcaya, a relative.

Two days before the shooting, Torres moved to an efficiency in a peaceful southwest Miami neighborhood, at 2721 SW 29th Court. His body was found there at about 9 a.m., said Napier Velazquez, a Miami police spokesman.
The owner of the house who rented to Torres said he worked in exports and liked motorcycles.
In Hialeah, standing near the yellow crime-scene tape, Lisset’s Cuban grandmother Julia Diaz cried as she tried to comfort another granddaughter, Yalin Betancourt, who had lost her mother and sister.

“The best thing that ever happened to her was to break up with him, but at the same time, it got her killed,” said Vizcaya.
Hialeah police urged women to report domestic violence.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement reported 111 homicides in Florida last year in which the victims were the spouse or partner of the murderers. More than a fourth of those cases happened in Miami-Dade County.

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