The Genocide of Battered Mothers and their Children

(LOUISBURG, Kan.) Timothy Lomax shot his wife, Danielle, and then turned the gun on himself

In domestic law on June 25, 2010 at 12:39 pm

Shooting Victim Leaves Haunting Facebook Message

LOUISBURG, Kan. — An unsettling Facebook message could reveal new information about what led up to a gruesome scene that left an area mother and father dead.

Authorities said Timothy Lomax shot his wife, Danielle, and then turned the gun on himself on Wednesday morning in their Louisburg home.

Neighbors told KCTV5 that the couple that was found dead inside the house had a rocky relationship. Police said they believe it ended with a murder-suicide.

Louisburg police evacuated the neighborhood just after 7:30 a.m. when they got a call about shots being fired inside the house at 219 N. Fifth Terrace. Officers from the SWAT team entered the house and found the man and woman in their 20s dead.

"They told me to evacuate and leave the house through the back door and officers were waiting back there," said neighbor Josh Loffler.

"Once we finally made entry, we found one male and one female dead," said Police Chief Ron Anderson.

On Danielle’s Facebook page, someone posted a message on June 2 saying, "I missing being a little kid, because there was never any drama, fights and the only man in your life was your Daddy."

Just before the shooting, someone in the house sent a text message to a baby sitter that said, "Come get the kids right away. Don’t want them to see what happens next."

The baby sitter managed to get the two children out of the house before the gunfire erupted.

Neighbors said they are sad for the sorrow the children must face.

"I’m a nurse, and any loss of life is tragic, but now two children are left with no parents," said neighbor Jeri Grove. "To lose both at once is not right."

Police said just a few weeks ago, they went to the house because one of the parents was concerned the other was going to take the children and not return.

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