The Genocide of Battered Mothers and their Children

Jacqueline Costadura needs your help to protect her daughter (Austin TX)

In domestic law on May 10, 2010 at 11:15 pm

Be There: 200th Judicial Court, Austin, TX on June 7 @ 7:45AM

Posted by Anne Caroline Drake

Jacqueline Costadura needs your help to protect her daughter Brooklyn from her wealthy, powerful abusive father.

Gloria Cherry, the executive director of the Texas Council on Family Violence, has set up judicial education for Texas judges on the evils of Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS). But, it isn’t going to happen before June 7.

What’s PAS?

PAS is an insidious manipulation of the legal system as an instrument of abuse.  Fathers quickly realize they’ll go to jail for physical assaults on mothers.

When they get out of jail, these guys are out for blood.  It doesn’t take them long to figure out that a much more effective way to terrorize and punish the mother is to launch a custody battle.  These monsters use their vulnerable, defenseless children like expendable pawns in a high-stakes, brutal game.

Little Brooklyn must be absolutely terrified.  She witnessed her father try to kill his ex-wife.  She knows her daddy spent only two hours in jail for attempted murder.

Because Ms. Costadura refused to drop the criminal charges against her ex-husband, he carried out his threat to gain custody of little Brooklyn.

Jacqueline Got Creamed by the System

Ms. Costadura’s ex-husband has the wealth and power to manipulate the legal system as an instrument of abuse.  He has a network of fellow PAS monsters to help him craft a brutal strategy to destroy his ex-wife.

The mothers in PAS cases, however, have no place to go for shelter from this horrific abuse.  Most mothers lack the financial resources to fund litigation.  Most judges don’t recognize a PAS strategy.

PAS cases are complex.  Most mothers get creamed by the system.  Ms. Costadura has contacted all the non-profits and legal aid organizations that are supposed to protect her in a futile quest to seek justice and help.

Alone is a very terrifying place to be in the midst of a brutal PAS assault.  PAS monsters use every weapon in their exceedingly huge arsenal to terrorize the mothers until they have a nervous breakdown.  Then, they use this as evidence the mothers are unfit.

Ms. Costadura’s only “crimes” are that she is fiercely protective of her daughter and she doesn’t have the money to fund a custody battle against her wealthy, powerful ex-husband.  She has sacrificed everything ~ including her health ~ to try to protect little Brooklyn.

Be There to Stand Tall with Jacqueline on June 7

It is time to take a stand against the injustice and brutality of PAS.   Ms. Costadura is making a statement on behalf of all mothers who valiantly fight to protect their precious children from abusive monsters.

Some of you know about Vernetta Cockerham’s victory after RitaAnita Linger, the former executive director of the NC Coalition Against Domestic Violence, packed the Yadkin County courtroomClaudine Dombrowski followed in her footsteps and finallygot a small measure of justice in her own PAS custody battle.

Texas is a rugged state for women seeking justice.  I’ve asked Gloria Cherry at the Texas Council on Family Violence to support Ms. Costadura.

If you live in the Austin, Texas area, please show up on June 7 at the 200th Judicial Court at 7:45 AM wearing purple and white.  Purple is the color of domestic violence.  White is for “silent no more.”

If you have a web site or blog, please publish this post ~ help get the word out that Brooklyn Jones needs our protection.

Look for Dawn with Purple and White Balloons

Ms. Costadura’s friend Dawn will be outside the courthouse at 7:45 holding purple and white balloons and passing out ribbons.  The hearing to modify temporary orders will start at 8:35 AM ~ please click on the name of the courthouse to link to driving directions:

Travis County Courthouse
1000 Guadalupe, 5th Floor
Austin, Texas 78701

Please be there if you can to stand tall for justice and to protect Brooklyn.  Thanks in advance!

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  1. I’m going to try and come to the hearing & bring some people.

    I’m in Dallas Tx. My family used our entire life savings to fight to protect my daughter. If at all possible, please try to hire my lawyer, Tom Burton. He’s in Houston and one of about 6 attorneys in the country who understand our situations. He’s the best chance you have.

    • Thank you, thank you, thank you…
      Scared to bits.
      Thank you for our children

    • Dear Mrs. Burton,

      I wanted to update you.
      I am one of many parents here in Austin that have been shredded by this Legal Manipulation and unfortunate results for the children.
      My ex hired the entire team of Becky Beaver, John Barrett, and Susannah Stinhson. The CJ Dream Team.
      I am not well. It has been a world I never thought a parent would put another in. It is not about the welfare of the child. Now it is since I have been living in my car, and lost hope.
      I have never been in front of the judge ONCE. The contigency attorney gave my evidence of abuse etc. to my ex’s councel and never let me know what was happening until I filed a complaint. The plot thickens after I spoke with a friend who went over the orders filed behind my back and signed by judges who never met me.
      Money does buy you power. My ex finally shared with my ex if I get housing and ssi he will still file for child support and I will only have possibly 1 sunday a month.
      I have seen my daughter brooklyn a total of 4 times this year. I get sick calling her because I don’t know what to say.
      My ex told my eldest the reason he wants childs support regardless of the 300k a month he makes, is to “prove his point”.
      44, and I lost my life (brook) fighting a narcissist,abuser, and invalidator.
      I wish that someone would make a point of pushing the parents into a situation where the child IS the most important. Not money and the ego.
      Thanks again for your consideration this past june.

    • Wow, if that last posting went up, sorry for the chaotic typing and addressing it to the wrong person.

      Brooklyn Jones hardly knows me anymore. I have seen her a total of 5 or 6 times the last year.

      I now am homeless, sleeping in my car and beating myself up for being so naive.

      No, i probably should not have her now. It just should have been allowed to be done this way.

      But, hey, if you can pay 2 million for the Dream Team and get away with these people do, and know my ex is an abuser. I feel sick for children.

  2. Thanks for posting this, and thanks for the recommendation of Tom Burton.

    Jackie would like for us to remove her daughter’s photo. I’ve replaced it with my signature photo for PAS mothers.

    Thanks in advance,
    Anne Caroline

  3. Thank you for your response to the blog. I have been without my daughter for 94 days. Given 2 hours of “Supervised Visit” by someone my ex’s attorneys hired.
    There was a lot of slander, and insinuations regarding my state of mind and that of my friend. thank goodness we had a video going.
    I am praying to see my daughter again. And soon. I was denied seeing her by my ex and his attorney by playing games. He had made me move 2 years ago to keep our daughter in an elite school district which I personally could not afford rent. He compensated the child support with the difference in rent. Now he has full temporary custody orders given without my knowledge. When the rent came up the next month, he did not pay the difference and now I am being evicted.
    No notice of this was given to me.
    Now, I am staying with a friend spending my time researching the case and my options since he has hired his attorneys team.
    Please pray for my daughter. She is in a world in confusion. And probably has been told I left her.
    Thank you again.
    I did call Mr. Burton office and left a mesage on vm.

  4. Carolyn,
    Please change the part of I did not drop charges to I did. This was because I could not find one non-profit to help me because my ex’s attorney is exspensive and will run the other party into the ground financially. This attorney will use all and any dirty deceptive tactic to win. ALL her cases are sealed. She uses the same child therapist in most cases. She only gives opposing council parts of discovery, and lies about what is legal and is not. I plan on doing my own due dillegence and investigation on her and her firm. This is if I win or not. Too many people have lost their children in court because of personal relationships with the judicial system and a list of reliable witnesses who are doctors, etc…
    I love my baby.
    I have lost everything because of just pure hate. Nothing else.

    • I only cross posted the blog. thank you for the update. ((hugsz))

      • Thanks. I had to stop thinking about this 24/7. I still want my baby back. But as long as he has the money, I can only work on myself. I never saw myself as a chain smoking, sloppy, chaotic mess. I love how the courts use your current state of mind as a reason to strip us of our children and life. Well, fuck ya I am a little emotionally stagnant. My ex has had the puppet strings to my life since the day I married him. I was a fighter until I realized how the system let my daughter down. And when judges are part of the “Fathers Rights Initiatives” and allow the abuser to get away like OJ. You feel loss and failure in that your child is just a dollar sign. If these dads “really” cared about the child. Why would they spend so much money on personally destroying the mother after they were caught abusing. I am not the same from this. Sorry Chris you think your lies are untouchable. You know and Brooklyn knows. She is just waiting for her time to stand up. And she will. Sad thing is, I think, you don’t really care. We both know. How you have treated her. She shared it with the people you paid off in court. I no longer lie down and hide for you and your attorneys.

      • Found out the attorneys my ex hired have written over statutes and the judge just signed them all.
        Due to the money my ex likes to spend while depriving me of our child. It is hard to believe this country has a justice system. My daughter lives with an abuser, a very sick person. Yes, I am the mother they see as weak. Let his attorneys take 10 years of your life and find the best way to ruin not only his child, but her mom.




  6. Hi, my name is Megan and I’m Jackie’s 21 year old daughter. I was just wondering if any of you guys have heard from her. Nobody has heard from her in about three days and I’m just trying to take all the necessary steps before freaking out. Thanks.

  7. It has been almost a year. The accusations of being a drug and alchol addict which they never proved, only severe depression from no resources with help, and having the supervisor one not licensed by the State of Texas, only a friend of the ex husbands attorney. Lost my home, slept in car, and no access to my daughter. Attorneys and the system in Austin are not up to the trio of Superlawyers. Becky Beaver, John Barrett, and Suzzanne Stihnson. Seems my ex has spent more money on protecting himself then our daugther. Everyday is a plight feeling I have failed my daughter by not saving her from lies and an unhealthy situation. There is so much more to all this than attorneys, judges, mad parents. My daughter, everyones kids. These attorneys have lied and used political ties to prevent me one day even in this court room.
    Studies show how a mother can breakdown due to sociopathic fathers with money.
    This is not poor me, it is I am allowed to be sick to my stomach and cry beyond control, for what I lived for, has been taken away, not out of fear, but vegeance. And the system does not get the whole story when money and politicians join forces.
    Not stopping.

  8. feb 2011.
    Spoke to a friend who worked with internal affairs. He explained that our system is money controlled. My ex has spent 2 mIllion + on this case. Since last May when i first found Ann drake and all the amazing women who fight till no end. I have found I have to let go. Texas Capitol is about campaign funds and quid quo pros. Nothing for childrens sake. Evev safe place receives endowments by this attorney therefore removing themselves. I am sick now from exhaustion, running, and missing Brook. I try now to bury reminders of her. If I don’t, I start crying uncontrollably. My eldest is stressed out by the ex when she does not give him info on me. She asks that I understand. Last phone call with my ex was about how far he has gone with our childs welfare over his assault. Since then. He will not let me call her. Money. My daughter is a dollar bill sign. Becky Ann Beaver, John Barrett, and Susann Stinson. You are not protectors os the law. But greed filled. I hope this never happens to you or your family…

  9. No one would ever believe this story. I am often portrayed as an endless victim not trying to help myself. I have tried, but with the power of money being the ultimate factor in my case, I am literally broken. I can’t see my daughter without paying his attorneys supervisor for a minimum of 4 hours upfront with only 1 day of the week being an option and a window of time. My ex said he would not waive me paying for the supervisor for I should learn how to be financially responsible. I gaffed and said. So this about punishing your daughter from her mother? Is this a dad out for best interest??? No. But. His money gives me no chance to share the truth about his sick world with mail order vietnamese brides, vicodin addiction, other abuse accusations, and child neglect where my daughter had only a large male tshirt on and fleas in her hair when I picked her up from school. Ofcourse now he has 10 people taking care of her and destroyed my credit, my emotional health, and hope. Time for change.

  10. Unless we unite the cases and create a proposed bill for legislators. It may never change.
    Children should bear no price tag when it comes to justice. A

    Attorneys that plan and create a science of games, manipulation, and government relationships, contribute to the abuse felt by both the abused parent and the child.

    It is my recomendation these attorneys have suit filed for emotional damages, contempt of court, and disbarred. The government leaders involved with relation to allowing these bad behaviors to continue for campaign funds. Should be exposed for child trafficking and abuse.

    It is not over. Any parent who spends that much money and time to create alienation. Has more a court should be concerned about than what all the accusations state when they have not had counter defense in the motion.

    Please stand up.

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