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Benicia man who fatally shot his girlfriend before shooting and killing himself POLICE: details

In domestic law on April 16, 2010 at 2:29 pm

Benicia Police Release More Details On Murder-Suicide

Posted: 12:10 pm PDT April 15, 2010

BENICIA, Calif. — A Benicia man who fatally shot his girlfriend before shooting and killing himself earlier this week had alluded to his intention to take his own life in a note, police said Thursday.

Benicia police Lt. Mike Daley said the note written by Walter Little made no mention of harming his girlfriend, 49-year-old Julie Strack.

"Nothing indicated a threat to her," Daley said Thursday morning.

Police found the couple’s bodies in the living room of the home Little owned at 69 Vista Grande Ave. at about 10 a.m. Tuesday

Strack had been shot twice in the head and Little, 48, had shot himself once in the head, Daley said. Police recovered a revolver at the scene.

Police went to the home after Strack’s employer, Ferguson Enterprises in Pittsburg, notified one of Strack’s relatives that she hadn’t shown up for work, Daley said. The relative then called police.

George Brown, branch manager of Ferguson Enterprises, referred questions about Strack to the company’s headquarters in Virginia. No one at headquarters was available to comment Thursday morning.

The company supplies plumbing and building products.

Little was a self-employed handyman and recently had been selling some of his possessions, Daley said.

Daley said Strack’s family members had said Strack wanted to break up with Little and intended to move out of the home. The couple had been dating for a year or two, he said.

It’s believed the murder-suicide happened sometime between Sunday night and Monday night, Daley said. Autopsies were conducted Wednesday, and toxicology tests are pending.

"We’re following up and calling a few more people but this is pretty much wrapped up," Daley said.


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  • If you are breaking up with someone who is having significant financial problems and you know they have a firearm, for Heaven’s sake don’t tell them! Just get out quickly. This guy was losing his meal ticket.

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