The Genocide of Battered Mothers and their Children


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“ This isn’t justice. This is court-directed sadism.”

JUDGE KEVIN CRONIN, is  a sadistic pig Judge- and  he has only been on the bench for two years.  This Judge is being called out for the swine that he is.

This Judge has decades left to sadistically maul and mutilate women and children. Be OUTRAGED! Be very outraged.

INMATE Visitors:

Please email call and show your OUTRAGE

Contact info for this Judge:

    48th Judicial Circuit Court

    113 Chestnut St.

    Allegan, MI 49010

    Phone: (269) 673-0300

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  • Custodial dad has mom thrown in jail for no child support; she can’t work because of injuries HE inflicted (Allegan County, Michigan)

    • and:

      I’d say this case was freaking unbelievable, but this sort of judicial craziness just seems to be getting more and more common everyday. A custodial UNNAMED DAD had the the non-custodial mother thrown in jail for failure to pay child support, even though this mother had a medically diagnosed disability that has kept her from obtaining employment.A disability that was in fact CAUSED by the father when he assaulted her and broke her back. Not only that, the judge refused any accommodations for this woman in court (contrary to the requirements of the Americans with Disability act) and has not let her have access to her pain medication while in jail.

      This isn’t justice. This is court-directed sadism.


      Allegan County, Michigan – February 27th 2010.

      A Family court judge in Allegan County, Michigan sentenced disabled protective mother Maria Melinn to jail for 21 days in response to non payment of child support. Maria has been unable to work and thus pay child support due to her medically diagnosed disability. Maria’s ex-husband broke her back during a rage of anger. The judge chose to ignore the physician’s report that Maria is disabled and cannot work. The judge refused to acknowledge legal documentation that Karin Huffer M.S. Marriage Family Therapist. author of "Legal Abuse Syndrome" helped Maria fill out under the American Disabilities Act (A.D.A.). In addition, this judge also chose not to provide accommodations for Maria’s disability, which he’s required to do under the ADA. On November 6th 2009, Maria was sentenced and served 10 days in jail. This was for buying a pack of cigarettes in the last six months. The judge reasoned that if Maria can buy cigarettes, she can pay child support. Maria was unable to inform the judge that her cigarettes were bought by a family member, because she was so shocked. Currently, this judge has put Maria in jail again without accommodations, and without being permitted to use her prescription pain medication. Please help this disabled mother.

      If you would like more information please contact Protective Mothers Alliance International: 941-822-5592.

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      1. If anyone knows how to contact Maria, please give her this message.

        You can contact me if you would like. You aren’t the first woman this has happened to, but hopefully the last. In 1996, Kevin Cronin while working at Children’s Law Center in Grand Rapids refused to comply with my order of visitation, counseling for my children, and unannounced visitation to the documented abusive father’s custodial home. To my knowledge, there was never any issue with the support I was paying. I was recuperating from two back surgeries at the time, and my presence had nothing to do with the order, as I was an out of state resident (excuse given for nothing being done). My daughter was emotionally and physically abused that summer. Ridiculed for DAYS before finally being taken to the hospital for an open compound fx of her leg. My son had already nearly had to have his ear removed for frostbite. My story is far too lengthy for a message board. It might sound like a “rant” to some, after all. If your attorneys wish to hear it, I’m available and will tell my story under oath if expenses are paid. Particularly since it seems there is currently an investigation into the 17th Circuit Court’s failed system.

        1 Kings 3:26

      2. Oh,Brother!!

      3. Yeah you should read for the truth about Maria Melinn.

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