The Genocide of Battered Mothers and their Children

Stacie Momany: Sorry (gagged term), the horses have already left the barn!

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April 11, 2009

Stacie Momany: Sorry (gagged term), the horses have already left the barn!

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texas-chainsaw-1974-gagged3After a week, we are finally back up.  Stacie Momany’s ex (gagged term) sought a court order against us to remove the one post we had their PUBLIC COURT DOCKET, outlining about nine years of legal abuse perpetuated by the ex (gagged term).   Also our sister site, , that posts messages for parents or children looking for each other to help them connect had to remove her (gagged term) and (gagged term) name or reference to (gagged term’s)(gagged term).   Her son (gagged term) was over the top in his excitement to find his mom on the internet.  He had not seen his mom in a while because of Stacie’s ex (gagged term) sought to end contact between mother and son.  Her son seems computer savy though, and even though her young son’s (gagged term) and (gagged term’s) (gagged term’s) Whores of the Court and the corrupt or inept judge that wishes to enable (gagged term’s) (gagged term) to continue the legal abuse Stacie has been subjected to, just try and keep (gagged term) or his little friends off the internet.   There are posts spread around the world about her.


Our last post before going down was “Does Satan Edit Your Website?”  Yes…who knew….we had to edit/delete to get our site back up.  If anyone choses to comment on this post,  just comment on the “gagged aspect” of what the corrupt courts do, and don’t mention Stacie, young (gagged term), or his (gagged term), or according to WordPress, I am required to delete.  Or just post a message of support to Stacie only, don’t mention (gagged term) or (gagged term) please.

So, even though (gagged term) has changed (gagged term)’s name, and had us shut down until we removed what has happened to Stacie and her young (gagged term) in family court, sorry (gagged term).  The horses have left the barn already.  Stacie and (gagged term) have connected, rightfully so, and nothing can change that.  Every effort that you do to continue this effort is done to hurt (gagged term).  We won’t forget Stacie, or every mom that is gagged by the Family Courts, like Claudine Dombrowski.  We are tired of the corrupt system that fails our children, fails good people ALL THE TIME, and rewards their buddies, the corrupt lawyers and Whores of the Court who come before them to do their bidding.

When WordPress took this site down, they also took down all tags to it also.  As I work to put all the tags back up, please try a “search” in the Search Window, at the top of the sidebar, if you are having troubling finding something.  Welcome back friends.

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