The Genocide of Battered Mothers and their Children

Topeka’s BWTF receives funding 9comments[

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‘Education would be a great attribute to you before-spouting off inaccurate and ‘distorted’ statements for your own ‘personal agenda’.

2008 Family Law Documentary: Family Court Crisis: Our Children At Risk

PBS: Documentary Breaking the Silence: Children’s Stories

Battered Mothers and Battered Children file suit Inter American Commission Human Rights

Entire petition:

I am a Kansan, I am a survivor, I am the lead plaintiff IACHR aka (Dombrowski v US)

Kansas Coalition and Kansas Law enforcement are ‘hard’ copy signors to petition.

5/11/07 – Justice for Mothers: KCSDV Supports Mother’s Day Lawsuit

I am not going anywhere- I remain very active in the local changes- you are seeing and with ‘basic’ education and awareness, as we as humanity ‘evolve’ past the Neanderthal mentality.

If we move to fast for you Mr. Lessman, just let us know, we will assist you if all possible.


Claudine Dombrowski – KS. State Rep.

Family Court Reform Coalition

Inter- American Commission Human Rights

Protective Parent

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